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Author Topic: A Vampires Quest (Seeking A Male Vampire)  (Read 480 times)

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Offline MissRozielTopic starter

A Vampires Quest (Seeking A Male Vampire)
« on: December 25, 2015, 07:42:41 PM »
Before time was recorded on paper and stone, creatures walked the planet with immeasurable power.  these beings who now live as gods, loved just as deeply as any human, and because of that grieved and became enraged and capable of enacting vengeance on those who had wronged them.  even if that vengeance was acted on a creature with no concept of what it had done.

It has been millions of years, Millions of life times, all in the span of a blink of an eye.  Caroline Lane live quietly, unassuming and plain in every way she doesn't go out of her way to avoid attention, because, that would be attention grabbing on it's own.  instead she simply lives as long as she can as peacefully as she can, before, again, the curse claims her.

Once a beast, a hunter, She crossed a creature f great power when she killed his beloved defending her cubs.  his rage blind he'd killed her instantly, and hated, Unhappy with her simple death her brought her back again and again. and soon developed the idea to curse her, life time after lifetime, the creature that had killed his love would live, would suffer, and then die.

Torture, torment, Misery.  there was no escape, not even death because once one body died, She was reborn to new suffering, new torment. In these many life times She has learned many things and at times when she can, works to prevent darker forces from hurting Humans, or anyone else for that matter.  because there a fine line between an animal following instinct, and true evil.

in her lifetimes she stumbled across a man, one who had been a child on the first meeting, saved from a Vampires fangs.  but not soon enough,  he was turned and so she'd arranged him a safe home to live.  occasionally coming to see him and see how he had grown. Then she stopped coming, years later the Nu wh care for him would explaine she'd been caught killing a night creature and hung as a murderer.  No one really understod what lurked in the dark.

so he'd lived, He first lived ofr her because it was what she'd wanted, then, for himself, as he grew and found pleasures in the ways of the world, how it changed and grew.  watching people seeing darkness yes, but also light.  potential...

then there she was again.  at first he thoughtf himself mad, several hundred years had passed and the girl couldn't have been more then fifteen, but there she was a dark haired girl with a scarred cheek and striking eyes that where bright aginst a dirty and tanned face.  those eyes he couldn't forget. So he baught her, with no idea what to do with her.  taking her to his ship and making her do chores, an odds and ends girl, and, he let her live.  Was it repayment for the woman who have saved his life?  not even he could say, but he kept the girl.

time passed and he grew curious, in passing she would say things that he could have over looked, if her hadn't known the inflection, the half smile, the side long glance of a woman hundreds of years dead.  finally he asked, and she told him she was that woman, but when he asked how she shook her head 'It won't matter soon, because I'm happy, it'll come, and you won't remember.. this must have been a fluke," she had said calmly then smiled and kissed his cheek before going about her duties.

It wasn't until a week later he understood, when, during a storm she was lost, securing lines for others her's had come loose,  fate?  design?  or another crueler hand?  He didn't know, but she'd been a strong swimmer, they searched and searched, but never found her, or her body for that matter.  so he lost her and understood.  so he lived, again, changing over time, the worlds potential changed to him, and darkness became easier to see.  More so every time she crossed his path, a Courtesan in Japan, a Freedom fighter in Ireland, a prostitute in London.  Each time her life seemed to start going well something would happen, She'd die she'd Be killed by a jealous lover, Slaughtered in battle, Murdered by a madman.  He'd found her with out even knowing her, a child body emaciated and piled with so many others in a plague ridden village. A Accused Pirate Hung with so many others.  so many deaths, so many lives.  what was the point why did it keep going?  how could it end?

this story can go several ways though I have two in mind now

Living in Modern Seattle he meets her again, though her name now is Caroline, he knows it's the same woman who saved his life all those years ago and she knows it's him, they grow close and things seem ok, She's lived longer then any other life time and the hope is that, finally finally they'll have peace.  and then she dies again, but the incident that causes her death also involves a young pregnant woman, who gives birth to the new life He takes the child as his own when the mother dies in a moment of thoughtlessness but now he's stuck with her what does he do?


When He meets Caroline he's determined not to let her die, having given it a lot of thought he chooses to change Caroline, Hoping that, as a vampire she won't die the way she had s many times before now he has to teach her how to live as the very creatures she's been destroying for so long.

Anyone interested? maybe you have a different idea f what happens with them? PM me and we'll see what happens.

Offline MissRozielTopic starter

Re: A Vampires Quest (Seeking A Male Vampire)
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2016, 01:24:50 PM »