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May 27, 2018, 07:22:54 AM

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Author Topic: A nice simple warm up... (F seeking M)  (Read 839 times)

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Offline Chloe ChristmasTopic starter

A nice simple warm up... (F seeking M)
« on: December 25, 2015, 04:48:28 PM »
Since I have come during the time of vacation for the approval group I'm looking for some casual rp that could lead into more of the main site once approvals wake back up in the new year. I have an idea I have been playing around for quite awhile now, even tried making it into a book a few November's ago but then my muse went on coffee break and is just now getting back with me. Maybe she was trying to tell me something?

World background:

The world has accepted the fact that there is being like werewolves, ogres, fire demons, frost demons, talking toads, witches... ect. But while people have accepted it, it doesn't mean that they are welcome with open arms. They are placed as a class of citizen under "Others". Those who can get jobs do and sometimes easily. In fact a fire demon was just given a medal of honor and a job for saving some kids from a house because she was able to draw the flames into her. Saved those firemen too... Ogres are great as body guards, door guards, bank vault guards...basically guards. Werewolves have been "accepted" onto police forces under SPECIAL K9 units.

But while most people like to play nice there will always be the ones who can't follow the rules and one could see a under world organization filled with humans and others.

Character Background
Me... Small town bookworm who works in the children's area of the city library. Not that smart but fun with the kids and pretty. Childish sense of humor at most times and quite a flirt with a bit of prankster mischief. 90% human with a dash of elf thrown in from generations ago. Was granted human license when came of age.

You... Officer of the law, straight narrowed, stern, no one can shake you from your duties. A level 2 alpha werewolf on the force, one of three of the cities special K9 teams, one of seven K9 teams in total. As a human your a bit bland in the looks, as a wolf your sleek and grey with a bit of brown. As your were form your tall, intimidating, and scary as hell. As part of the police force you wear a band about your arm that tracks form and has some magic on it to make sure your clothing doesn't get ruined by shifting.

Base of Story
You were running late, coffee spilling every where, dress shirt that just wouldn't iron, a shoelace that had to just pop. Then to the store for a replacement and having to wait behind someone who just had to pay in small change, can't get mad your in uniform. Then it hits you a scent that just makes your heart flutter when you suddenly get dragged to your senses that some woman is at your feet and laving your unlaced shoe. She gives a wink, tosses the opened laces back on the belt and just seemingly disappears into the store. If you had time and your brain hadn't blue screened you might have been able to follow her.

Now at work and you have been sent with your partner to watch of a large bank deposit. You see her again...and then things start going boom.

So anyone interested? I'm also up for some other suggestions. Thanks.

Offline Longwaywest

Re: A nice simple warm up... (F seeking M)
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2015, 11:58:22 PM »
Hey Chloe!

I'd be interested in writing with you! Might be a great way to get used to all of this while we wait to get approved. I wrote a little intro here:

I'd be happy to talk about plot ideas if you are! Not sure if I'm the one to steal the exceptional idea you already have up here, but I'd love to explore some other things if you are. Any other big interests or itches you want to scratch spring to mind?

Offline Chloe ChristmasTopic starter

Re: A nice simple warm up... (F seeking M)
« Reply #2 on: December 26, 2015, 04:31:30 AM »
Hello Long

You know you kinda posted as if you are already in a session right? But I'm open to other ideas if you are. I understand I'm a little specific with the one I currently have. I guess it's meant to be quite long term. :/ I was hoping to have it be filled with suspense and the Rad om news piece throwing in a game changer. Their story just happens to happen in the middle.

What idea would you like to persue? I know we are limited to PG13 as of right now and from what you posted it doesn't look like you would embark on those scenes anyways. Which is fine. Let me know. :)

Offline Emerystceltic

Re: A nice simple warm up... (F seeking M)
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2015, 05:23:33 PM »
Hi there i'd be interested in being a part of this role-play if you haven't already found someone to fill the role