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Author Topic: Sith Protocol - M lf F  (Read 777 times)

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Sith Protocol - M lf F
« on: December 23, 2015, 01:53:46 AM »
Hello there! Thanks for clicking on this thing! I'm very pleased to have gotten your attention, and hope to keep it in the next minute or so, while you read through this post of mine!

 I'm seeking a Star Wars roleplay set during the events of The Old Republic MMORPG. In this game, I will play a Sith Lord, who is in the process of completing a mission assigned to him by the Imperial Council; his orders are to seek out a Hutt crime lord who is hiding in his lair. The disgusting slug knows information the council has deemed vital to its war effort, and is not willing to take no for an answer. As such, the young Sith heads off to confront this Hutt.

Upon arriving, he is not surprised to find the creature less than cooperative; after a short conversation, the Hutt sets his guards on the Sith Lord. After a brief and pointless skirmish which leaves half a dozen dead, the Hutt plays his master stroke, and drops the Sith to his doom. Down in the pit beneath the Hutt's throne room, he finds himself surrounded by the remains of prior victims. A Rancor approaches, maw open wide, intending to feast upon the Sith. Undaunted, the warrior effortlessly severs both of the Rancor's hands with quick strokes of his lightsaber, and then finishes the creature off with the force.

Now desperate, the Hutt sends his remaining troops to head off the Sith. Their blasters and blades are worthless, and roughly thirty minutes after arrival, the Hutt and the Sith meet, with corpses all around. No longer interested in bartering, the Sith slaughters the slug, only to turn his attention to the last few survivors of his wrath. The Hutt's slaves, chained to the walls, are asked for the information the Sith seeks. One of them answers in a satisfactory manner, and the Imperial warrior leaves to retrieve the data from the Hutt's computers.

Upon his return to the throne room, he frees the cooperative slaves, and contacts his superiors. After a short conversation and some much deserved praise, the Sith moves to leave for his ship, only to find a single slave remains present; the others left as soon as their chains ceased to bind them, but this woman remained. She explains that, without help, she will just end up back in shackles within a few weeks at most... And this assumed she was not blamed for the Hutt's murder, and killed. The woman attempts to barter with the Sith for him to take her with him...

Here is where what I desire ceases to be a full, solid plot, and becomes far more malleable and up for discussion. Who is this woman? Why was she a slave? Who does she need protection from, and why? What are her skills? What is her name? All of this and more are of importance to this story, and all of this and more will be answered at some point. From there, the game expands further. The Sith Lord will no doubt transmit his found information to his masters, but what then? I have some ideas, but none of them are set in stone.

What I seek in this game is an interesting story, full of excitement, adventure, and sexy, kinky fun, with at least some of it revolving around this rescued slave girl. What does she have to offer the Sith for his protection? Maybe she's a princess, stolen away from her home years ago, and able to reward him with wealth, power, and her planet's allegiance to the empire. Maybe she was a technician, captured by pirates and raiders, and unfortunate enough to be sold to a Hutt. Maybe she was born a slave, and has nothing to offer except the sweetness of her voice, and the warmth of her body. Whatever she can offer is liable to end up a plot point at some point. Hopefully.

So then, now we move on I think. The game's base is established, its foundation simple and easy enough to build upon; what remains to be mentioned is the smut side of this game. In particular, there are three things I desire to be included to the exclusion of all other sex elements. If any of these three things are offs for you, then its likely we will not get along for this game.

These three things, in no particular order, are dubious consent, helpless and vulnerable women, and power gaps.

I like my partner's character to be naive, and while not necessarily weak, she's certainly not in her element. She's alone with the Sith aboard a ship, deep in space, and she realizes he's looking at her the same way the Hutt looked at her. Then she realizes that he's moving towards her. Maybe she tells him to stop, though she's so nervous at that point that her voice is shaking and stuttering and lacking in force. Maybe she's so excited that all she can do is mumble something. The end result is the same; he takes her clothes, and then he kisses her, and then he makes her kneel.

She never actually agreed to the above of course. She didn't ask him to kiss her, she didn't say he could strip her, and she certainly didn't volunteer to suck him. But then, she didn't say no either, despite having plenty of time to do so. She didn't explicitly resist, and that just drives me nuts. I love that aspect, and its one of my favorite things in a game.

The power gap is a bit more difficult to describe, but essentially is an obvious element. Even if she was a Princess, such a title means nothing in the depths of space, when she is alone with one who could so easily force her. He has authority in the context of their relationship, and very few, if any, consequences should he abuse it. I also imagine my Sith would be older than your character, which adds another element of power. Because he is an agent of the Sith Empire, he has power there as well. This is easily applied, and fits in more with Dubious Consent and Vulnerable Women. Maybe she likes his power. Maybe it scares her. It doesn't matter, so long as she bends to his will in the end.

I want to make it clear however; I'm not looking for a game wherein the Slave girl is a victim. She should eventually, if not from the start, come to like the company of her new Lord and Master, and perhaps even seek more of a romantic relationship. I want, at worst, her cries of "No!" and "Stop!" to become gasps of "Yes!" and "More!"

An additional element is I would greatly enjoy it if my partner were to play an alien character, as opposed to a human. This is not a mandate of course, but it would be nice. I suspect it might be worth mentioning that truly alien creatures like Trandoshans or Talz are not what I am looking for. A regular human is just fine, should one prefer to play as one.

I roleplay exclusively through the forums, so those who are interested in games elsewhere... Well, I'm sorry to say that we likely won't be compatible.

Well then! I think that should suffice what I'm looking for, and I suspect its time to wrap up this request; I can't think of anything else that needs to be said, other than that I am eager to hear other Star Wars based plots and games, provided they involve the three elements I listed above. Thank you very, very much for reading this far, and please send me a PM if you find yourself interested in this game! If you have questions for me about this game, then I will eagerly answer them! Take care, and may the Force be with you!

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Re: Sith Protocol - M lf F
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2015, 02:08:26 AM »
Still taking applicants! Monthly allowed bump!

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Re: Sith Protocol - M lf F
« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2016, 08:48:24 PM »
My desire for this game has been rekindled! Bump!