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May 22, 2018, 01:01:49 PM

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Author Topic: Plot-like Ramblings: The Clean Version  (Read 687 times)

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Plot-like Ramblings: The Clean Version
« on: December 22, 2015, 12:04:02 AM »
Welcome to the world of “I haven’t named it yet.” That is not to say that it is void or ephemeral. Indeed it is vast and varied, covering multiple ages, and states of being. It just isn’t named. I would love to play there with anyone here, solo group or otherwise. I am currently working on a system that will work for this. The latter ages can probably be run with d20 or something similar as well.

That being said, I am too paranoid to create a world-building thread for it just yet. There is a published story from this world at Smashwords. I’ve also gone through all the copyright suggestions of mailing myself copies of notes and completed stories, but I’m still not comfortable posting my world on the internet just yet. This post is a step in that direction.

First things first. Stories written in this world will not be erotic in nature. There will be adult themes and such, but the canon books are not intended to contain erotica at this time. I have considered doing spin-off or companions novels that contain the erotica, but that is because I just really like erotica.

I am dividing my world into ages for the sake of keeping this next part simple. If you are interested in discussing a story in any of the Ages listed send me a PM and we’ll discuss characters and such.

The point of this process is to fill in the secondary characters in my story. I am not looking to play any of the major characters at this point. However, I admit that I am willing to accept the possibility of working with main characters if I find one or more partners that really mesh with me and/or the story. If I love your characters or ideas I will request to use them in my books, and compensate you proportionately to the success of the books.

Without further ado, the ages:

Earth, Modern Urban fantasy

I have considered making books in this age more of a Teen Fantasy/Romance. In my head, I believe that the story aligns with that genre enough to work.

This is the world that you and I live in. To the majority of people that is all that it is and ever will be. To a select few people, nothing could be farther from the truth. For two thousand years the world has been progressively become more and more aligned with the natural forces that are constantly studied and observed as ‘Science’. Before that however, the world was strongly aligned with another set of forces that are now considered magical forces. These forces serve the same function; to create and sustain life.

Two thousand years ago after another set of wars had decimated kingdoms and set humanity back another millenia, a single figure emerged to end the cycle of power and death. The creature approached the twelve most powerful people in the world and convinced them to trade in their lust for political power for a legacy of magical power.

(I’m getting long-winded, I’ll jump to the writing part.)

Today (anytime Modern), twelve families are the only people that know that magic even exists in the world, and all of it rests equally in one family member’s hands.  They are mere shadows of what their ancestors once were, but they still hold the power to devastate continents and rule the world.

Except they can’t, because that would break the rules:

A Scion cannot openly seek or promote power over others.
A Scion cannot unintentionally cause physical harm to a human being.
A Scion cannot intentionally harm a member of another Family.

Scions cannot break the rules, as in they don’t have the ability. The rules are up for discussion.

Character ideas

Anisa, Head of the Patel family. Anisa signed the original pact. She is ancient. She resides in an impossible to find desert fantasy land, where she works to save women from the harsh realities of the world. (Anisa’s purpose and personality are pretty well set, she is reserved for partners who have worked with me before on this project or any other RP.)

Anyone living at/visiting Anisa’s hideout.

There are 9 families that are open to be playable. I have ideas for most of them, but I’m not satisfied with any of them. Anisa’s age is not common among Scions. I am only willing to have 1 other Scion with an abnormal lifespan, unless it’s just an awesome idea.

Impressive people. People who’s lives will lend well to the anarchy that is to follow.

I have a very foggy idea about a couple who live two lives simultaneously. Both of them would live in the modern world, and at the same time in a mythical world that exists outside the ‘timestream’ of the real world. (Think Arthur’s Avalon) This would be bordering on main characters if it works out properly.

The modern age ends in an apocalypse of sorts.

It all goes to Hell

This age contains three novels, Time of Chaos, Time of Change, and Time of Gods. Those names are not really set in stone though. This age span approximately 500 years.

Actions taken in the previous Age have led to an apocalyptic event, an Extinction Level Event.

Time of Chaos
Assume that the laws of physics have lost their permanence. They are similar to jello, they have a shape to maintain, (a functional world) but whenever something touches them they change shape, violently.

Magic, is what touches the laws of physics, and now anyone can use it. It’s like a muscle that no one even knew they had, but suddenly works. With training it can be used intentionally, but it is a reflexive muscle.

Chaos ensues.

Someone has to survive. Maybe it’s a Zombie apocalypse enthusiast. Maybe it’s a shelter-building, gun-collecting, tobacco-chewing redneck. Maybe it’s secretary with a letter opener and a vivid imagination.

Our characters have to find a way to survive in this world gone mad. If you irritate your best friend, she might accidentally hit you with a tree. And if she does, and you survive it, your day is actually going to get worse, quickly.

This is the least defined of my ages. It also contains the most potential, in my opinion.

Time of Change

So you survived the end of the world. Way to go. After a few years of crazy, the great hero managed to gather four elemental beings and re-orient the axis of reality, beginning the process of bringing solid laws back to nature. The laws of Magic. Then he paraded around killing tyrants and creating a single kingdom in the center of the known world, where he ruled in peace.
Actual Story Spoiler, You probably shouldn’t read this.
Then Eric killed him, because seriously the Hero was a dick. Now Eric is the King, and he’s much less of a dick.

So now the human population is in the millions. Almost everyone lives in a sprawling kingdom that houses every climate on earth, and caters directly to each individual’s needs. Why? Because everyone is an insanely powerful magic user. Everyone has complete control of their physical being and can affect the world around them to varying degrees.

Death is no longer a thing. How can you die, when you can just rebuild your body? Plus there’s nowhere for your soul to go anyway. It just sticks around and does what it wants.
Life is no longer a thing either, at least new life isn’t. There are no births. No matter of copulation results in the creation of life. There are a few people out there who have supposedly created new creatures and species, but that is not new life it is just a re-allocation of life. It’s also considered universally evil. Because of this prick named Artur (that’s not a rumor, he was really a prick)

The Epic Fantasy Stage

My story, Elin’s Descent, resides in this Age.