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Author Topic: Fallout 4 (Fem Lone Wanderer/Hancock) Romance?  (Read 1377 times)

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Offline MissMoonchildTopic starter

Fallout 4 (Fem Lone Wanderer/Hancock) Romance?
« on: December 21, 2015, 01:10:14 PM »
I'm so interested in this idea that I'm willing to step out of my comfort zone and offer to play on the forums here. I usually like other, off site, means of rp simply because I'm a very visual person and tend to like to share pictures and other media. I have a duplicate of this request in the non-forum side of things. Anyways, I have a very specific idea after getting further into the game as well as surfing images and such hehe

So to give you an idea of what my lone wanderer is like and where I want to start I'll go ahead and lay out those ideas.

If you don't know who Hancock is in the game you may not want to read some of these ideas since it will contain spoilers for some of the main quest and for the side quests involved in getting Hancock as a companion.

Pre-War (no spoilers really)
Mary was a real go-getter and loved her husband Nate and their baby Shaun. A pretty blonde, she was a beautiful new mother enjoying life in suburbia with her own practice. 

She's always been practical and was often accused of being too blunt. Mary was aggressive, something that made her and Nate the perfect couple. He was a former soldier and she had loved the way he looked in a uniform.

After leaving the Army they had thought they were really settling down. While things were going nuts all over the world, they weren't really feeling the impact of those things as they lived comfortably just outside of Boston.

In the courtroom, Mary was a tiger. Never intimidated, and always idealistic, Mary had an excellent reputation around town. Among her friends and her husband she was known for being a lot of fun, sometimes a tad loud, and not afraid to have a few drinks on the weekend or go shooting with her husband. The smart blonde jumped at the chance to ensure her family's safety when the guy from the vault company stopped by.

When the sirens went off all she could think about was getting her family to the shelter. Everything was so crazy going into the vault. Everyone was so scared and traumatized by the fact that the world they knew had just ended moments before the elevator dropped them into Vault 111. Mary was just thankful to have her baby and her husband, safe and with her.

When she climbed into the decontamination pod, nothing seemed weird to Mary.

Little did she know...

NSFW peek at Mary
hehe we're all adults here and I think that Brittany Palmer is so gorgeous so I thought I'd just share this here!

ooh ooh and these two!

Mary's o/o
So for Mary it's been a couple of months maybe since her husband died or something like that. She's been dealing with it all in her own way and Hancock will be the first lover she's had since her husband. I'm thinking the following list of on's and offs are what she was into before the war, and so it may or may not be what she does with Hancock. Obviously, what she does with him will be up for discussion right? :D

All the usual vanilla sex stuff, handjobs, oral (giving and receiving), rimming (giving and receiving), hair pulling, risk of pregnancy, cum facials, receiving anal sex

Multiple Partners (MFF, MFM), choking, spanking, verbal abuse

After the War (spoiler alert)
No seriously, spoilers inside!!! If you're aren't far into the game or haven't played it yet you probably don't want to read too much of this!!!
After witnessing the death of Nate and seeing her child taken by the bald man, Mary was hurt like she'd never been hurt. When she managed to find her way out of the vault, Mary spent a day or two there in sanctuary with Codsworth just trying to get her bearings.

It didn't take long though for her to start making her mark. She hooked up with the Minutemen, started pulling in communities, and started learning about the world she lived in. Mary had always been adaptable and so she rose to the challenge of surviving in the wastes.

She tracked down Kellogg with the help of Nick and Dogmeat and put a bullet in his brain. She's continued the hunt for her son which took her to Goodneighbor to learn how to find the Institute with Nick's help once again. It was there though, that Mary met Hancock. A ghoul and the mayor of the seedy little town, there seemed to be more to him from the moment they first met.

The wastes had changed Mary, a lot. She had started wearing war paint and was never without a weapon or armor. Yet as she helped Hancock expose a thief in his midst she felt a connection with him. They started having drinks when she was in town, or from time to time they'd pop some mentats and talk about construction projects for one of her settlements.

I'm a little torn from here as to whether I want their romance to spark after they start traveling together or if he starts traveling with her because of the feelings they have. I know the game has them traveling first but I feel like we can play with that a bit if we want. I'm open there.

Mary's Post War Look
Here are a few pictures of an awesome build that I want to use for her look after the war. I stole this look so I can't claim it but needless to say I've altered my own character to match after seeing this.

Full Armor + Hood (not my image)

Full Armor, better look

No Hood, full armor

No Armor, Just leathers

In her armor with her lover
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Offline MissMoonchildTopic starter

Re: Fallout 4 (Fem Lone Wanderer/Hancock) Romance?
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2015, 07:41:26 PM »
I just wanted to share some of the fan art I did in my non-forum thread. I also added a picture of her (post war).

I'm bored so I thought I'd share some pictures of Hancock!