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Author Topic: ♦ Once Upon A Twisted Time... ♦  (Read 828 times)

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♦ Once Upon A Twisted Time... ♦
« on: December 21, 2015, 03:37:49 AM »
Once Upon a Twisted Time...
My previous ideas thread was getting a little long and dated. So, as I really like the idea of twisting up fairy-tales, I decided to move these to their own little place on E. Separate, though just as loved.

Current Availability; Craving something twisted!

A Little About Flick
My internet is diabolical. I have a dongle, it runs out and sometimes I can't afford to top it up. I have three children. A career and a demanding fiancť. These things mean that I can be unreliable. When I'm here, I'm here. When I'm not, there isn't much I can do to get here. Though I am happy to hand out my email so that you can keep in touch even when I can't get on E!

I'm a good writer, (in my opinion) and like writing with somebody that can surprise me. I expect a moderately high standard in return, though length of post doesn't matter to me as long as we're having fun.

I also have a habit of biting off more than I can chew, which means currently I'm limiting myself to two role-plays only.

I write either female or male character sufficiently, and have absolutely no sexual limits.

The Ideas

Let's delve into my love for the distortion of much loved Disney fairy-tales. Please don't let that put you off, I assure you all is not what it seems. Take a look, they might surprise you!

All of these tales are pretty much interchangeable, and have various settings from Steampunk & ye olde times right the way through to modern day. I'm willing to adapt any, to any era or land really. Want to delve into darkness with me? After all, sometimes the old stories are the most fun to distort.

Basically, my goal is to have a fairytale encompassing every single taboo I can possibly think of.

Glass Houses

Kinks; masochism, non-con, submissive female, adultery, public, risky, reluctance


Ella's tale isn't your traditional Cinderella tale. Though parts of it are true. She was locked away at a young age, to serve her family after the death of her father. However times were hard and she was very beautiful. Possibly the most beautiful woman in the Kingdom. So when it came out that the Prince was looking for a bride, her stepmother wasted no time in dressing up her step-daughter and dragging her by the castle. The Prince fell madly in love with her the moment he saw her. He had to have her.

Unfortunately this prince was far from charming, he was abusive and cruel. Murderous. His reputation spread far and wide so that nobody wanted him to marry their daughters. So when Cinderella's step-mother agreed, the offer was snapped up and they were married within a month. Who cares if she was a nobody? She was beautiful and had nobody to rescue her.

Her family were made rich off her misery.

Cinderella endured years of punishing abuse, her ladies kept quiet as they would powder over her bruises day after day. Her only reprieve was her father in law, the King, who had a soft spot for her. The prince knew he couldn't go too far, his father couldn't know about his more..unsavoury habits else he'd be disinherited. And so he was careful.

On the night the King died, Cinderella knew she couldn't stay another day, she couldn't be crowned Queen and she couldn't wait for her husband to be set free. And so she fled, she escaped the castle, and ran. Ran from the city. Ran from the Kingdom. And kept running until she was safely across the boarder. However with a search for the lost queen raging, how long can she stay hidden? And how long will she survive on her own? And how long will it take for her to start missing exactly what her husband used to do to her?

Possible Ways to Play;
Whether you're a guard who's been sent to retrieve her, a younger brother of the new King trying to restore your family, a random stranger who finds Cinderella and helps keep her safe or something else entirely (there's so many possibilities), I'm sure we can have a lot of fun playing around with her belated happily ever after!


Beautiful Temptation
{Beauty & The Beast}

Kinks; beastiality, female submission, slavery, ownership, humiliation, imprisonment

Beastiality is pretty much what I want from this, I want the classic Disney Beast, all fur and claws teeth and enormous, tense muscles. Huge beyond compare. Frightening and borderline feral. Yeah it might be warped, but hey, Iím okay with that. Tentacles and disfigured humans need not apply.

Belle is the most beautiful girl in her small town, and not only does she know it but so does every single man and woman in town. Manipulative, cunning and gorgeous itís near impossible that she doesnít get exactly what and who she wants. Every single man in the village falls over themselves to win her over, as well as a few of the not-so-single men. Much to the horror of their wives. Belle, at the tender age of seventeen, is quickly earning herself quite the reputation.

Her poor father, who since the death of her mother has done everything he can to keep his daughter in check, is fast running out of ways to stop the teenager destroying her own (and his by proxy) reputation. Itís only a matter of time before theyíre shamed away from their home and his entire career as a genius inventor goes up in smoke.

Having stumbled home late one night to find the village hero, Gaston, alone and rather inebriated with a very sceptically-clad Belle he realised he needed to take drastic measures. Seeking out an old crone in the woods, rumoured to be a witch, he got lost en route and ended up at the gates of an enchanted castle. Upon entering and taking shelter from the vicious outside snow-storm, he was almost slaughtered by the Beast.

However, upon explaining why he was there he caught the Beastís attention. They struck an accord in which Belle would come to the castle, the Beast lacked company and the girl could hardly get herself into trouble in the presence of a monster and naught else but woods and enchanted servants. Reluctantly and at a loss for any other options (save for death), and quite frankly hoping it would scare his daughter into some form of decency, the inventor agreed.

Within a week he tricked Belle to the castle and left her there, entrapped, claiming it was for her own good. Trapped; a prisoner of both her fatherís desperation and a well-played trick by a far too clever Beast. You see, there was only one way to break the curse and it happened to be the sacrifice of a girl on the eve of her eighteenth birthday.

Belle thinks that all the cunning and beauty in the world might not get her out of this mess. 

Ways to play;
I think this one is pretty much straight forward, Belle seduces the reclusive Beast in a bid to win his affection and perhaps her freedom. Itís going to be a love story of course; itís Beauty and the Beast. My all-time favourite Disney story. Whether that love saves her life and he makes the ultimate sacrifice for her, to remain a beast, or vice versaÖwellÖI guess weíll see!


Wickedly Wonderful
{Alternate Beauty & The Beast}

Kinks; beastiality, female dominance, slavery, ownership, humiliation, imprisonment

As above, beastiality is pretty much what I want from this, I want the classic Disney Beast, all fur and claws teeth and enormous, tense muscles. Huge beyond compare. Frightening and borderline feral. Yeah it might be warped, but hey, Iím okay with that. Tentacles and disfigured humans need not apply.


Belle is hard work, everybody knows it. She does what she wants, when she wants, the men in her small village fall over themselves to please her. She's a disgrace, a harlot and her father is desperately ashamed of her. He wants a chance at love, to remarry, but nobody will even look at him whilst his daughter is around. Everybody whispers about her, the fact that she's too beautiful, that it must be witchcraft. He has two other daughters too, daughters which are overlooked because of Belle. He makes a decision, to do whatever he can, to pull his family out from underneath scandal.

As coincidence would have it, the next week, a traveller arrives in town with a request, which is spread far and wide through the country. A distant King is looking for a bride and is willing to pay handsomely to the family of the chosen women. Though he warns her not to, in spite of his better judgement, Belle's vanity has her apply, and of course, win.

As she bids goodbye to her now incredibly-wealthy father and sisters, she sets off to become Queen of some forgotten and distant land.

Little does she know what she's in for. Then again, neither does the cursed Beastly King who's awaiting his young, beautiful sacrifice.

Ways to play;

Belle is dominant, that is the only way this story will play. By the end of the story I want her to have reduced the Beast to little more than a trained lap-dog. Ruling his former Kingdom with a rod of iron. The curse reigns eternal and being a part of it grants her eternal life also. There may be love, but there is no submission from her.

Whether or not she is actually a witch, we can decide between us, though it would certainly help in the power struggle!

Exact parameters of their relationship, also to be decided.


The Hunt
{Red Riding Hood}

Kinks; violence, beastiality(?), pregnancy (?), dom/sub, outdoor

As long as there are monsters there will be people born to exploit them. Red and her boyfriend have the perfect setup, in a steam-punkesque world filled with cities, science and superstition it doesnít take much to cultivate a reputation and Red certainly has one. Known far and wide as the most effective werewolf slayer in the land she is never short of work or requests, and the deadly work doesnít half pay well. With coin in her pocket and a trade behind her thereís isnít much the women canít do. She travels the country, making her living with exploitation and lies.

Except slay werewolves, you see, werewolves are very rare things and one of the few left happens to be her boyfriend.

Itís a simple set-up.

Almost genius in it's simplicity.

He terrorises a village, they send for her, she slays the wolf and the problems go away. Nobody ever asks why the wolves heads she provides are a lot smaller than the monster that has been terrorising their town, and sceptics are soon drowned out when the next full moon comes around and there is neither sight nor sound of the monster.

What can possibly go wrong?

Ways to play;
I can see this going many different ways, my main idea was that they meet a real werewolf slayer and have to go on the run. Or that somebody finds them out. Perhaps they find more werewolves and Red and her boyfriend are ripped apart.

However you fancy playing, this RP is guaranteed to be 'ruff! (I apologise, that was terrible...)


{The Little Mermaid}

Kinks; underwater, innocence, virginity, female submission, young, beastiality (potentially, yes again)

One day Ariel washes up on the beach, half dead, she is rescued by a kind stranger who nurses her slowly back to health. With no memories, she stumbles into the world trying to uncover more about herself. Secrets. Why she doesn't fit in. And why she's so terribly afraid of water. It's understandable, she almost drowned, but how? Why was she even out in the sea? Where was she going? Where was she from?

She endeavours to find herself, and uncovers, eventually, the truth. She is a mermaid, and not only a mermaid but royalty to boot. But she was bad, and broke her father's laws, and as punishment she was cast away from her people, exiled from the water by her Sea-God father.

Slowly Ariel formulates a plan. She believes she was wrongly cast out and slowly realises that it's her father who is corrupting the seas. With the help of the sea witch who helped her reclaim her memories, Ariel begins to put together a plan to take the ocean for herself.

Who will believe that not only do Mermaid's exist, but she's descended from Posiden himself, destined to rule the seas however she see's fit?


Distorted Relfection
{Alice in Wonderland}

Kinks; virginity, babyfication (?), young, blood play, violence, submissive, extreme masochism, group sex, distortion, magic


Poor Alice has always been trouble, it was the voices that started it. Her downward spiral into a drug dependency. For years she lived in a fantasy land, where rabbits had pocket-watches and the evil Queen of Hearts tried desperately to kill her. Imagine her surprise when she awakes from her dream-world, medicated, off drugs for the first time in her adult life, confused and disorientated. Unfortunately she doesn't wake up in a familiar room, surrounded by welcoming and forgiving loved ones.

Alice awakes in a cell. Strapped down. Isolated. With blood on her hands.

Lost in a world she doesn't know. Told that she's a bloodthirsty, depraved killer. Nobody will listen to her, nobody believes her. She's medicated and her protests and pleas are put down to little more than the ramblings of her deeply disturbed psychosis. She's all but forgotten about, in her tiny, white cell. When there's an uproar, one of her favourite psychologists, the one who was kindest to her, has been found dead. Dead with a small, red lipstick heart painted on her cheek.

People tell her that was her calling card, something she left on every one of her victims. Or at least, what she left of her victims. But how could she have gotten out? How could people think she'd done it? She had been sedated, strapped to a bed and locked behind an impenetrable door? Deemed too dangerous, she was locked away in further isolation, in highest security mental institute for the criminally insane the world had.

Alice doesn't understand. She's lost, confused, and if you didn't know who she was you'd struggle to believe she was capable of the heinous acts of her past. That doesn't detract from the fact that she's stark raving mad though, constantly talking about jumping through looking glasses and seeing grinning cats everywhere. Nobody has been brave enough to get close to her, nobody can break through her hallucinations and convince her of what she's done. Of reality. And her desperation is only increasing.

Approach with caution, or she might just drag you down into Wonderland too, kicking and screaming.

Ways to Play

I envisioned the secondary role here going to a psychologist. There are many ways his motivation could be focused however. She's a young, beautiful girl who's infamous across the planet. A warped serial killer who everybody wants to see hung for her crimes.

What are your motivations however?

Does the psycologist want to further his career, forge a name for himself with papers and books on such an untapped, golden chalice of experience which will no doubt earn him money as well as reputation?

Is it because he really wants to help her? This beautiful, broken young woman, if he can just get through to her, then maybe he can save her!

Perhaps you're as bad as she is, and see in her the perfect partner to your crimes, after all, it takes crazy to love crazy. Are you the Harley Quinn to her Joker?

Or the biggest potential twist of all, you're from Wonderland and it's your job to wake Alice up from this wicked nightmare before everything goes to Hell in a hand-basket.

Whatever the case, if you fancy descending with me on this surreal trip through Alice's disturbed delusion's, message me :)


Whilst she Sleeps
{Sleeping Beauty}

Kinks; absolutely whatever your mind can conjure up, the more twisted and deviant the better for this plotline


Death-haunted, quietly reckless, Aurora is a young, struggling university student who takes a job as a 'Sleeping Beauty'. The Sleeping Beauty Chamber is the rich patrons dream, the women they hire are hypnotised for their shift and put into a pliable, sleep-like trance in which they deliver erotic obedience and absolute submission.

Though it pays extremely well, this unsettling job starts to bleed into Auroraís daily life and she develops an increasing need to know what happens to her when she is asleep. Unfortunately nobody is willing to talk. And she'd signed a binding contract which prevents her from knowing anything that happens within the walls of the establishment.

She can't ignore it though. She needs to know what's happening to her. Unfortunately the deeper she digs, the more trouble she appears to be finding herself in.


I don't have any set idea in my mind as to how to play this, I know her character, but I'd like to work with somebody to decide upon the rest! How this plays out, what's really going on and what happens to her are all up for discussion and planning.
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Re: ♦ Once Upon A Twisted Time... ♦
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2016, 01:37:42 AM »
Updates -

19th May 2016: I've updated & rewritten a few plots & changed availability.
20th May 2016: Added kinks to each plotline!