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So those who read my introduction will know I said that I don't often go for things that are non fandom, but to quote my favorite TV show: "Times Change old friend times change" and there are some plots that I have done over the years that I want to try again in new ways and with new partners, so for the first time i'm bringing out a request thread aimed completely at non fandom plots *gasp!*

As always my two rules will apply to these plots, I don't write MxM, and no pregnancy.

I'd also prefer if all images used in threads were drawn, there was a bit of a story as to why i make this choice, but yeah real images for RP make me feel uncomfortable, and I'm less likely to pick you if you come to me with an image of a model saying you want to play her/him.

I only rp over threads or PM.

All Characters will be 16 at the least always willing to raise character ages.

Hydrophobia. ***
Characters Male or Female
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*roles are reversible*
MC is a member of the schools male or female swim team, a regular athlete who's arrogance and attitude rarely get them anywhere in social life. They are also suffering from failing grades, and this year the school is planning a trip to a tropical island for the senior class. They have been told that in order for them to partake in the trip they need to raise their grades or be left behind.

YC suffers from Hydrophobia, while she is smart in classes she has a fear of a different kind the boat ride to an island completely surrounded by the ocean is basically her worst nightmare.

The two characters meet and realize rather quickly that they have something they can offer the other. Tutoring in school for learning to get over fears and teaching them how to swim, and so an uneasy partnership is made that will eventually lead them to romantic feelings.

tags: Slow romance, Aquatic, swimwear, modern age. MxF or FxF

The Arena:
Characters: I will be GM for the world around your character with this idea.
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Welcome to the stadium a place where slaves are brought to be made queens, or be tortured in front of a crowd of thousands. Slaves are sent to this place when they are deamed worthy of a good fight, or if they are some how being punished. If they manage to win ten consecutive fights they are free to go, and given a wealth well beyond their dream. If they loose they are often tortured and raped by the beasts or warriors they come up against.

YC is a slave, who has been brought here for one reason or another to fight in the pit. Each fight she will be given the option of three weapons to fight with, and three armors to wear, the wrong choice could mean painful repercussions in the fight.

The stadium uses magic to change it's appearance and self clean after each match, so no fighting ground is ever the same, and of course the matches get progressively more difficult. In addition slaves can gain sponsorship's which can either help or hinder their progress, these powerful people can enforce additional rules that can help or hinder the various slaves.

Tags: Non Con, Fantasy Creatures, Blackmail, Violence, possible snuff.

Casino Staffing **
Characters: MC and YC
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This is the one plot where I would really like you to use the image above for your character.

Our characters are young Neko's out in the world without a job or shelter, up until they are hired as staff at a Casino. The two of them have only ever relied on one another, and yet they have found themselves in an impossibly difficult job where the odds are constantly being stacked against them thanks to their managers racist attitudes.

This is a story about how the two of them learn to cope in a setting where everyone is out to get them, from being sold to various customer's to being harassed, the only consensual sex will be between the brother and sister, any and all other activity happens through blackmail, prostitution, harassement or strait up sexual assault.

Tags: MxF, Incest, Neko's costume play, and Harassment. Consensual and non consensual.

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I see this all the time, and I've always wanted to try making one, these are just random sexy images to get your brain ticking Warning NSFW
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