She's a witch {Potterverse}

Started by DemonessOfDeathValley, December 17, 2015, 12:14:20 AM

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A young woman by the name of Euphemia Dreary is sixteen years old and she's nothing more than just an obligation to what's left of her family. She's a servant in her own home and she's always blamed when anything strange happens. As if she could actually cause snow to fall in the house! It's quite impossible. Though, there's something about Euphemia that no one else knows. She's actually a witch. She never knew it until the day she was running for her life and just happened to run into this funny little pub. And it's there, that her life changes forever....

This will of course be a plot driven story. My character is a 16 year old witch with no training and she will need the help of a mentor. A female or male will do, someone who can teach her the ways of magic and shelter her from her horrid muggle family. This person will also eventually be a love interest once their relationship is cultivated.

If you're interested, please pm. I do want to play this out here on the forum.

~Approximate response time - 1-7 days plus ~ Muse cooperative~