Dominant F/Futa for female subs (potentially dark)

Started by adeleturner, December 15, 2015, 04:44:56 PM

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Hello everyone,

I'm back after a very long hiatus and I'm eager to start a new game or two. I'm really only interested in thread games at the moment, and I'm only looking for female writing partners, so please respect that. I have several ideas floating around, but all of them involve me playing one or more dominant female or futa characters up against another player's female character or characters. Most of my ideas will fall into slightly darker categories, with the D/s relationship either being nonconsensual, or in the very least involving some level of humiliation and/or degradation. I do have some ideas that are slightly more on the romantic side, but I will probably be saving those for another thread. So, with that out of the way, let's get things started.

The necessities:

Female writing partner playing a female character
Story + smut (no reason to have to choose only one)
Must be open to vaginal, oral and anal intercourse
Relationships will be D/s, with me playing the dominant character*
I will play either female or futa characters
Active OOC communication (I'm chatty, and I love to plan)
Detailed character backgrounds and descriptions
Must have reference images for all characters**
Thread-based only for now

Absolutely no

Annoyingly unintelligent characters
Underaged characters

You have failed this city

This story is one that I've tried planning several times now, without much luck. Basically, you would play a heroine that is ultimately defeated by one or more of her longtime rivals. Public humiliation would play a large part of this, and there would even be the potential for the adoring public to turn against the heroine as well. For an idea of what I'm looking for here and the sort of villain I would play, you can check out this F-List profile I've created: This particular villain is futa, but like I said, I'm open to playing either futa or female.

Step into the ring

I was having a lot of fun with this one before my partner had to leave it, but I've long wanted to play an Ultimate Surrender type scenario. If you are unfamiliar with the site, we would play two wrestlers in an adult fighting league, where the loser must submit to the winner entirely. I'd strongly prefer someone who is willing to play two characters: the fighter and her girlfriend, with the girlfriend finding herself pulled from the audience and made part of the show. I would play a more experienced opponent as well as the ref and any additional fighters and audience members that may be required.

Less detailed ideas, my preferred role in bold

Cartel leader vs FBI agent
Vampire vs huntress
Step-mother and step daughter
Monstergirl vs adventurer
Biker gang vs cop
Businesswoman vs business rival

Ideas of your own

Feel free to contact me if you are generally interested, but have a different scenario you'd like to pitch.

*One exception here: I'm willing to do something dice-based, with a significant bonus for my character, so that my coming out on top is likely, but not inevitable
**Look, all cards on the table, I have a neurological condition that affects the right side of my brain. It is extremely difficult for me to visualize characters without some sort of visual aid. Hell, even in my dreams, people are all blurry. Anyway, I'm open to both illustrated character images and photographic ones (models, actresses, etc.), with a preference for the later at the moment. But so long as we are both using one or the other.

Look for some visual inspiration in the near future.