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Author Topic: I (M/F Characters) want YOU (M/F) to help me tell a story!  (Read 556 times)

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I (M/F Characters) want YOU (M/F) to help me tell a story!
« on: December 15, 2015, 04:26:53 AM »
Availability Status: Busy as hell!
I've gotten several great responses! As such, as of 12/20/2015, I may not be able to get to further responses to discuss play as quickly as I'd like. Still feel free to send me a message, but I'm mostly going to focus on what I've got going on already. Thanks!

Hello, Elliquiy!

My presence on this forum is very much a work in progress, but I figured I'd go ahead and get a few ideas out here to start testing the waters. If you want some general info on me and my preferences, check out my profile (Ons and Offs?), which I have begun to fill out and populate with basic OOC-oriented information. It should cover the basics about who I am, as a roleplayer, whereas this post is going to cover what I'm looking for! Let us delay no further!

Note: I'm going to start off by saying that I generally prefer playing opposite feminine characters. Whether that's a woman, a girly boy, a transfemale, or something else doesn't particularly matter. But I have a hard time being attracted to masculine males. My preferred pairings, in no particular order, are Male(me) x Female(you), Female(me) x Male(you), and Female(me) x Female(you). Male/Male scenes are hit or miss for me, but you have a pretty good shot if you're playing a feminine male. Other pairings are negotiable. If you can swing that, keep reading!

Freeform Roleplay
When most people think of roleplaying, this is probably what they're thinking of. Indeed, it's the style of play most of us are likely familiar with, and with which I have the most experience! We're talking decades here; at least two of them. I tend not to have any particular ideas for freeform roleplay these days. Instead, I typically find someone who seems to work well with me, and we come up with something together. This can be something based on your ideas, where I fill in some gaps with my thoughts and character(s), or it can be something you and I develop from the ground up.

If you're interested in some basic freeform play, all you need do is ask. I have several established characters, and I can create new ones as needed (albeit with less background). I'm open to a variety of original, real-world, and canon settings and characters, though my personal characters are generally all original creations. Freeform play, for me, tends to wind up being somewhat more overtly sexual, instead of focusing more on action, adventure, storytelling, and that sort of thing. Nothing particularly wrong with this, since that's what most of us are here for, but if you're looking for something with more narrative, continue reading.

In freeform play, I have a serious soft spot for contrasting characters. I tend to enjoy playing normal, average human men and women who are thrown in to extraordinary settings. It's not a requirement, but it will get my attention pretty quickly!

Guided Storytelling
More focused on narrative, plot, and character development. I'm still experimenting with this kind of play, so anyone who signs on fully acknowledges their status as a guinea pig. I cannot be held responsible for electric shock, spontaneous orgasm, burns and blisters, cybernetic malfunctions, or sudden and irreversible dimensional shift. Play at your own risk!

You will portray essentially the lead character in these stories. Think of them like text-based adventures. There's an overarching story going on that you'll be partly unaware of, so a part of your participation is in unfolding the story for yourself. Interactive fiction, combined with improvisation and roleplay! While you'll mostly be reacting to my cues, the real point is that you (as a spontaneous, imaginative person) might react in ways that I don't anticipate, challenging me to keep the story going as intended! These stories have beginnings, as well as endings. There is a point when they are, indeed, over. But that doesn't mean there can't be sequels, if it works well enough!

Here's one my preliminary ideas for a guided story roleplay:

The World's Most Insignificant Bank Heist

Your role: Allison. 35 year old, recently-released ex-con. Bisexual leaning toward lesbian.

Allison wakes up in a half-way house on the morning of July 2nd, 1995.

She's spent the last 18 years in prison in connection with a string of bank robberies that ended with the shooting of a police officer.

Today is her first day as a free woman.

We've all seen the movies and TV shows, from gritty documentaries to late-night skin flicks, about life inside of a women's prison, but not very many people can truly say that they know what life is like after release. It's a cold and bitter reality, one that often doesn't get enough attention.

Your role is that of Allison. 35 years old, she was imprisoned at the age of 17, and spent more than half her life behind bars for her role in several bank robberies. She was also charged as an accessory in the shooting death of a police officer, who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and tried to respond to the last of the robberies. I have several ideas for her, as a character, but I'd like to keep things pretty open for my partner to define. Only a few bits of her past, her age, and her sexuality are set in stone. The rest will be determined in play and discussion.

I will take command of the world, and most of the NPCs. The basic story, without giving away too much, centers on Allison's almost compulsive desire to go back and rob the one bank she never got a chance to: The little farmer's bank in her hometown in Oklahoma.

How will she deal with the job bagging groceries that her P.O. has assigned to her, and Laura, the teenaged assistant manager who seems to be starving for a role model? She'll have to contend with her lazy, but persistent probation officer, Miles Cook. People from her past, including friends, family, fellow released inmates, and even her former partner in crime may show up in her life. Her ultimate goal, if she can figure out how to do it, will be to rob that damned bank. But will she even be able to work up the nerve to return to the hometown she abandoned as a teenager?

Feel free to shoot me a message if you're curious about the format for this style of play!

Untitled Film Noir Style Detective Caper

Set in 1940s San Francisco, this story (under development) will star a dashing detective, a troublesome dame, and a case that could finally get our hero's face on the front page of newspapers across the nation. Potentially played out in serial format. Stay tuned for more!

Dungeonmaster Play
This format seems to be increasingly popular, and as with many things, if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing! I've been wanting to try my hand at this sort of thing for a while, and have had only a few successful stabs in the dark at it. I'd love to partake in something more substantial here on Elliquiy, if I can find the right kind of person who's willing to help me create and experiment with some systems I've been thinking about!

Besides generic fantasy, adventure, and other settings, I only have one substantially developed idea in mind for something like this.

Working in the Real World
18 years old and poised to graduate, (Insert Your Character's Name Here) is at the top of the world. Decent results on standardized testing mean that (he/she) may not be pulling in the big scholarships, but there are at least a few partial scholarships on the table. Mom and dad, always supportive of (his/her) goals, are sure to come through and fill in the gap, and loans are always a viable last resort! Or so (he/she) thought...

This scene is designed to be highly customizable. Your character is an 18 year old high school grad, and the game starts on the first day of summer. From your family's financial status and background, to your character's own personality and goals, you have several choices to make that will define how the game starts, and what kinds of skills and possessions you start with.

The premise is that, for whatever reason, neither your parents, nor student loans are going to fully cover the cost of your education. Instead, you've got a few months time to figure out a way to bridge the gap. I'm not going to make any suggestions here, but suffice it to say that your options range from the clean and wholesome, to down and dirty. Your character could just as easily earn his/her way on a street corner as he/she could behind the wheel of a taxi cab. A few key stats will be gained, lost, and tracked, as well as factored in to the choices your character makes. Your charisma may charm, your quick wits may earn you a job you nearly missed out on, or your sexual prowess may win the day with the manager of the fast food joint you're stuck in. Your choices won't be truly infinite, but I'm going to try to accommodate a wide variety of options.

In the end, maybe you won't want to go to college, anyways!

As always, there is more to come!

Contact Info
I will, of course, respond to any PMs directed my way. That should be your first point of contact if you want to discuss something with me.

If desired, I can probably get my hands on just about any chat or IM client you prefer to talk things over there. But I would prefer to keep roleplaying right here on the forums.

I work nights, so my availability is limited on the weekdays. I sleep from late morning to late afternoon and I'm around a little bit before I leave for work by 6pm Eastern Time, and I'm generally home by 6am Eastern Time and available for a few hours afterward. Occasionally, I don't have to start work til late, so I may be around until as late as 10 or 11pm. Unless I'm dead tired, I can (and will) make posts on the weekdays on a limited basis. I'm free practically all weekend, so expect much more activity from me between Friday night and Sunday night.
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Offline RolueVasReisa

Re: I (M/F Characters) want YOU (M/F) to help me tell a story!
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2015, 01:42:22 AM »
Hey man i'd love to work on us creating our own rp =)
basically as you say freeform rping. I'd love to see what characters you have. In accordance with Blue Moon, Eli's sister site, all my characters are on there
I would love to see my characters as i posted all of them on there and maybe work on a story with you =)
I also have my own custom settings basically sci fi like settings with one being a huge super space station for al lkinds of pleasure and entertainment (Within reason) And a custom sci fi universe combining elements from all sci fi franchises out there

Anyways yeah I like to writ alot I like story action combat romance and sexual stuff in my rps but i can do both whether it is full fledged comitted romance or just a sexual fling i mean i can do anything tht the partner wants and whatever we agree upon =)