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Author Topic: Looking For Fun Stories and Really Hot... | Light to Extreme | M/F, F/F  (Read 1897 times)

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Online AriamellaTopic starter

Pockets. Title baited you, huh? Got 'em, chief.

Hey, hello, I'm Mella. I'm one of those college/uni bitches that write as a hobby while I cry over my student loans. No, I'm kidding, lmao. That being said, flexibility is kind of a must for me since I'm a designer and I don't have a set schedule. I'm open to writing anything and everything; essentially what I'm looking for are creative, detailed partners who value collaboration and consistently bring ideas to the table. Proficiency in the English language generally gets my literary gears going, but writing is meant to be chill, so I won't be bothered by the occasional mistake or whatever.

Before you go on, you should probably read my O/O's.

If you don't want to read it, it just goes through all the basics: I like when partners add to the story, I like when things are spelled correctly, I dislike keeping/following post length requirements (good writing is good writing, regardless of whether it's 200 words or 2,000 words), and I don't really have any crazy terms or conditions. So basically, I'm looking for a roleplay partner that's pretty cool and just as chill as I am. If that's you, go ahead and send me a PM!

I'm open to writing both M/F and F/F. Plots are below this initial post, if that's what you want to see. Don't worry, I get off on reading some good plots, too.

Historical Fiction
Dark Romance
Non-con / Rape
Incest *
Femdom **
BDSM ***

* Siblings, cousin, or step-family only. None of this weird parental daddy/mommy issues shit.
** Gentle femdom is my thing. I'm not about ballbusting and cocks in cages.
*** I'm okay with BDSM during sex scenes, but I don't really like playing the passive, slave role.

( 1 ) :: Thread roleplays, please.

( 2 ) :: Passive submissive females characters aren't really my thing.

( 3 ) :: I can give a couple replies a week. Maybe more but no guarantees.

( 4 ) :: I don't really care when you reply, and I don't care if you drop. You're always free to return!

" Unto New Eden " | Delirium147
( modern dark fantasy | corruption | humiliation | orgies | ritualistic sex )

" The Spirit Board " | Silver Silence
( modern paranormal | dark romance | non-consensual | corruption | psychological thriller )

" Birth of Venus " | VeiledDesires
( historical | Italian Renaissance | romance | drama | mystery )
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Online AriamellaTopic starter

Re: Fun + Literate | Light to Extreme Roleplays | M/F, F/F
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2018, 05:50:02 PM »
spacerlolR E P U T A T I O N

I N F O:   M/F | professor x student | modern | open
T H E M E S:   romance - seduction - forbidden relationship - jealousy - wit/charm

She was one of the brightest students in her program of study at one of the best universities in the country. She had a partial scholarship, some impressive internships lined up, and was considered by many to be an example student. But college didn't come free, and that was her secret. Away from public eye, she was an adult model, posting her amateur videos and pics online, and getting men to pay for her Premium Snapchat and Facetime "dates." It was easy money, and she was always careful to keep her identity a secret. But what happens when she gets a PayPal payment and a message from someone she happens to know – her professor?

M O R E   I N F O:
MC is a nude model and cam girl, posting videos and pictures under a pseudonym, and she makes money off her Premium Snapchat and ad revenue from PornHub. She uses the money to pay for an expensive but prestigious university (Ivy League, Berkley, etc.). One night she gets a payment and a Snapchat add from someone she recognizes as one her professors (YC), although he isn't aware that it's her. It'll be a nice game of cat and mouse, trying to figure out who she is, and then eventually developing a relationship.

spacerlolD I R T Y   L I T T L E   S E C R E T

I N F O:   M/F or F/F | boss x employee | modern | open
T H E M E S:   romance - hidden lust - seduction - secret admirer

Writing the "Women on Sex" magazine column was supposed to be easy. "We want something provocative. Sensual. Something captivating," they had told her. And what was more captivating than writing about real life? It was almost daily that she fantasized about her boss. Fantasized about slipping into a secluded conference room, being stripped down to her lacy black thong, laying down on the table while her boss went down, down, down... That was the kind of thing people wanted to read. So what if she was using her sex fantasies for her professional life? It's not like anyone would find out anyway, and no one knew how far her fantasies reached.

M O R E   I N F O:
This one can go either M/F or F/F. If it's M/F, I would write as the employee, while YC would be the boss. If it's F/F, this can go either way as I don't mind playing either role. The idea is that MC uses her sexual fantasies about her boss to write the "Women On Sex" column for a well-known magazine, progressively pushing the boundaries on how detailed she can get before her boss guesses what she's writing about. I'm imagining it to be witty, charming, and fun.

spacerlolO C E A N   E Y E S

I N F O:   M/F | old flame x southern belle | historical (American 1860's) | open
T H E M E S:   romance - cheating - old flames - drama - falling in love

The Civil War had left America in shreds. Families torn apart, loved ones lost, and for the South it meant the start of a whole new life. She had never imagined leaving her Virginia home, but with the family plantation in ruin and her broken engagement, she had nowhere else to go except to live with her cousin in New York. And her cousin was likely to encourage her to enter some sort of loveless arranged marriage that she didn't want. But when she arrives, she's surprised to find out that her former fiance had married her cousin. Living under the same roof is sure to stir some old emotions...

M O R E   I N F O:
MC is a southern belle who goes to live with her cousin up north after the American Civil War. When she arrives, she sees her cousin married to YC, her former fiance. This would be unknowingly done, as he had left the South to fight for the Union Army during the war. Both thought they would never see each other again, and are equally surprised to see each other. There would be a little resentment on both sides because they each consider the other to be at fault for ruining the engagement, but it eventually turns into a sweet, long lost love.

spacerlolA S C E N D I N G

I N F O:   M/F or F/F | mercenary x rival | sci-fi | open
T H E M E S:   romance - space opera - love/hate -  action/adventure - witty

They didn't call her "Bloody Rose" for nothing. While she looked like a seemingly normal human, sweet and seductive, she was actually one of the most feared mercenaries. Strategic and cunning, she'd made more than her fair share of enemies. And so it came to no one's surprise when she's finally captured and brought to one of the biggest police forces. But rather than kill her, they make her an offer she can't refuse: work for them and be pardoned for all her crimes. It should be an easy enough job for such an accomplished mercenary, right? But as time goes on, she's finding not everything is at it seems in this journey through the galaxy.

M O R E   I N F O:
Both MC and YC would be mercenaries captured by an intergalactic police force. In exchange for pardoning their crimes, they employ them to help solve a series of hefty but related crimes committed across the galaxy. Eventually they uncover someone's insidious plot to take over the galaxy. I'm imagining a love/hate relationship between them. Very fiery and with a lot of heat and passion.
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Online AriamellaTopic starter

Re: Fun + Literate | Light to Extreme Roleplays | M/F, F/F
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2019, 12:03:22 AM »
spacerlolB E S T   S E R V E D   C O L D

I N F O:   M/F | male employee x female boss | modern | open
T H E M E S:   love/hate romance - gentle femdom - old flames - revenge - cheating

She never forgave him for what he did to her. They'd dated all throughout college, even going to graduate school together. They'd planned their whole lives ahead... the picket fence, the perfect little babies, growing old together still in love. Forever, he'd said. There was a ring to prove it. But then he went and cheated, shattered her life—their lives—for that one night of passion with some girl at the bar. No, she never forgave him for that, and now that she was his boss, she was finally going to get revenge. it was high time he gave her the respect she deserved, and what better way to get it than ruining his life, the same way he ruined hers?

M O R E   I N F O:
MC and YC used to be engaged until he cheated on her. Years later, she's hired at his company in a higher position than he is. From there she begins to get her slow revenge on him; using him for menial jobs, telling embarrassing silly stories at work meetings, and then seducing him into a sexual relationship in which she's the dominant partner. I'm looking for gentle femdom, so it'll be more of him being submissive in the bedroom and her encouraging him to please her, and not so much of the BDSM. I'm not into extreme humiliation or punishment, although there'll be a lot of teasing, ruined orgasms, and sexual pleasure given to her. What starts out as revenge could turn into a more loving relationship.

spacerlolT A M I N G   F I R E

I N F O:   M/F | family friend x party girl | modern | pending
T H E M E S:   bondage - age difference - orgasm/pleasure control - calling him daddy

Drinking, smoking, fucking. Those were the only things she wanted to do, going out every week to find a new club and a new guy that she'd probably blow in the backseat of his car before never contacting him again. Life was easy. Life was wild. The only hindrance was her single mother, as her father had died when she was young. And with her leaving for college, her worried mother lets her go on one condition: she has to live with her late father's best friend, who promised to help look after her. To "help get her under control," her mother had said. If he thinks she's going to go down without a fight, well, he better think again.

M O R E   I N F O:
The premise is pretty simple: MC is a wild party girl going off to college in a smaller town, and her mother makes her stay with an old family friend, YC, to help keep an eye on her. Her mother is pretty fed up at this point and thinks that maybe her daughter needs a more stern figure in her life since her father had died when she was young. So of course MC won't follow any of his house rules; she drinks and smokes inside, and eventually he catches her fucking someone in his bed. From there he decides to discipline her sexually, through a Dom/sub dynamic. I'm looking for a partner who's okay with his character being called daddy during sex.
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Online AriamellaTopic starter

Re: Fun + Literate | Light to Extreme Roleplays | M/F, F/F
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2019, 12:41:17 AM »
spacerlolD R U G S   A N D   M O N E Y

I N F O:   M/F | cartel leader x runaway | modern | taken
T H E M E S:   dark romance - drama - drug/substance abuse - violence - murder

Being the girlfriend of a drug dealer was easy. It was just about looking pretty, giving good sex, and most importantly, making money. She was used to the life of luxury, designer clothes, parties and cocaine – the "rich man's" drug. Little did she know her world was going to be turned upside down when she mistakenly witnesses the murder of her boyfriend by the drug cartel he worked for, and now that they want her dead too. She's on the run with nowhere to hide, but a chance encounter with the leader of a rival cartel sparks an idea: she wants the power and resources to get revenge for her boyfriend's death, and this is where she can get it. All she has to do is get him to trust her.

M O R E   I N F O:
This would be set on the Texas/Mexico border, focusing on cartel activity. YC would be the cartel leader or second-in-command who decides to spare MC because of her knowledge and experience with a rival cartel. She would start as something low, maybe a drug mule or drug runner, eventually working her way up the ranks as YC sees promise in her. He would train her in cartel politics, and she would use that new power to take revenge on the rival cartel.

spacerlolT H E   M A S Q U E R A D E

I N F O:   M/F or F/F | businessman/woman x journalist | modern | pending
T H E M E S:   corruption - sexism - non-con - orgies - exhibitionism

Everyone's heard about the conspiracy theories of the wealthy elite: the Illuminati, exclusive sex parties, private rituals, and Bohemian Grove. Some people have even tied it to acclaimed director Stanley Kubrick's death, shortly before the release of his final film, Eyes Wide Shut. Conspiracies flew around about his attempt to uncover the elite, and he was murdered for it. This was the stuff she wanted to discover and write about. She sure as hell didn't care about writing about another Kardashian cover story or which celebrities were getting divorced. She wanted to write a hard-hitting exposé on what really went on during the lavish parties for the world's elite. Going undercover sounded like a good idea at first, but she quickly finds out she might be in over her head...

M O R E   I N F O:
MC is a journalist who wants to uncover the real secrets behind the rumors of the extremely wealthy. She wants to know what goes on at those secret meetings, exclusive clubs, and elite parties where the press are strictly forbidden to enter. For her investigative journalism, she weasels her way to getting close to YC, who's a wealthy businessman (or woman). Will she fall victim to the corruption? I'm looking to include sexism; we can even do mild racism if that's your cup of tea.

spacerlolT H E   S P I R I T   B O A R D

I N F O:   M/F | ghost/entity x human | paranormal/occult | taken
T H E M E S:   non-con - corruption - psychological terror - exhibitionism - humiliation

It started a few weeks after her college graduation. She was finally done, had her own apartment, and had a job offer finalized at a prestigious company. Her housewarming party went along great, too, except for one thing: drunk and feeling adventurous, she agrees to let her friend set up a Ouija board. "It's just a game," they said. "Nothing is going to happen." And it is all fun and games, until they ask the spirit what it wants. It spells her name. But it can't be real, right? It starts with shadows in the corner of her eye and the feeling that someone, or some thing, is watching her. And then comes the vivid dreams, mysterious bruises around her neck... And why is her body always sore? Maybe the Oujia board was real after all.

M O R E   I N F O:
MC would be the human and YC the ghost, but I'm willing to switch roles for this one, so it could also be a male human and female ghost. Ideally this would be a steady build-up, as she slowly realizes that something did indeed come to haunt her from the Ouija board. The ghost/entity would become stronger as time goes on, from shadows to appearing in her dreams, to eventually becoming corporeal. MC would fall into this psychological paranoia over what's haunting her, calling "experts" to get rid of it, which only angers the ghost more.

spacerlolP R E T T Y   H U R T S

I N F O:   F/F | con-woman x stripper | modern | taken
T H E M E S:   dark romance - misandry - revenge killing - torture/violence (toward men) - rape (toward men)

They had met at a high-class club in Vegas, where one worked as a dancer and the other just a visitor in town. A con-woman, looking to steal from the high rollers that frequented the place. They knew the risks of being on the seedy Vegas strip in the late hours of night, and like many others, they were taken, drugged and prepped to be sold in the sex trafficking trade. But through quick thinking and a miracle, they both escaped their captors, hoping something would come out of the report they filed. But as the months pass and more women disappear from the Vegas streets, they take it upon themselves to take down the sex trafficking ring, one sick man at a time.

M O R E   I N F O:
Our characters would be bad-ass women who find, track, and kill members of a high profile sex trafficking ring. They would be sweet and romantic with each other, but sadistic and cold to the men they torture and kill. The ideal partner should be okay with sexual violence, blood, sexism (misandry), rape (of men), and threesomes including men. This one is actually pretty intense, so be warned. There'd be insults flung back and forth, including racial, as I'm looking for at least one non-white female lead.
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