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May 26, 2018, 03:34:17 AM

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Author Topic: F for M. Heavy on plot and relationship development. Maybe some erotica. Fantasy  (Read 339 times)

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Offline ChantalTopic starter

Oblivion (temporary title)

World: semi-medieval fantasy, loosely based on the novel (and series) "The Warded Man", but my partner doesn't need to know it. I just want to be fair and not take all the credits for myself.

Her name is Kayena. She is an apostle - a member of an ancient, holy organization devoted to defend humans against demons. She is over 30 years old, very experienced, skilled and devoted to her task. Like every other apostle she travels from town to town, village to village, protecting people against more powerful demons, carrying a sword with holy marks, which gives her unusual strength while fighting with demons. She wears mainly hardened leather armor, what allows her to be quick and agile enough in fight. The armor covers all her body, also she wears gloves, but from time to time some holy marks tattooed on her hands can be seen. Like every other apostle she is perfectly healthy and looks unusually young for her age - old apostle is a rare sight.

I think he is someone more into gathering knowledge, maybe librarian, maybe scribe, historian... Or maybe he is someone else? Tell me or do not, maybe he doesn't want her to know?  Obviously he is not weak or delicate or completely defenseless, no. Just his focus is on different things and he is not trained in fight against demons. He is about her age.

They met some time ago - weeks maybe or days - and travel since then. She doesn't really know why he wanted to accompany her, and at the same time he doesn't know why she agreed. Yet they travel together. She is rather nice person, tough and not very delicate sometimes, but kind to him. He never complains when their next inn turns out to be moss and stars.  He never gets into her way, when she does her duty, but also never speaks of leaving her.

There are rumors about the town or village on a distant west, far behind river Wrathful, which gives no sign of life for the last 1-1.5 year. Was it wiped out by demons? No one knows, so Kayena and her companion travel to this direction for some time already, as she needs to find out what happens there.

Expectations from the story
She has a secret, maybe a couple, who knows. He has a secret as well. They both are determined to travel together, maybe because of these secrets or maybe not. I do not plan erotica here but it is possible, if the plot turns out this way. Apostles rarely travel in company (maybe because people are afraid of them?), she was not an exception, so it is unusual situation for her, but her order doesn't request celibacy.

I want a lot of action, revealing secrets and developing, deepening the relationship between the characters.

I would like to discuss the world, demons, details about her order and their common history with my partner. I have some ideas, especially about her order and demons and the religion, as it is all tied up, and I will be happy to share them, but the rest requires a brainstorm. :)

Expectations from my partner

- Please come with the idea for your character. Why does he travel with her? He could fell in love with her, yes, but do not reveal this to me. I want to discover this along with my character. :)
- Please read my O&Os. I dislike weak characters, so you have to make him strong and interesting, even if she is the one more skilled in fight, so the easiest way is taken. :)
- Enthusiasm. I you are like "this idea sounds ok" I am not looking for you. If this story tugs a string inside you, if you already have multiple ideas how to develop your character, I want you. I need you.
- Creativity. I don't want to introduce every new event on my own.
- Communication. I need to know that you ENJOY the story and love the fight between our characters as much as I do.
- Communication. Yes, again. If you don't like something, tell me, I can change my post. Please.
- Bouncing NPCs. The fact I introduce a sister or a friend doesn't mean you cannot lead them in your post. I love sharing NPCs. :)
- Some smiles, not necessarily as " :) "  :)

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