Bimbo & Infatuation Play [Seeking F]

Started by pleaseteaseme, December 13, 2015, 10:07:51 AM

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Howdy! ;D

Thanks a lot for taking the time to stop by and read my thread.

Before going any further may I say I don't have any qualms about the real life gender or orientation of anyone I play with, if you're willing to play the female role in this then I am happy to play it with you. I also like a little detail in my stories. I'm not asking for pages of text, but please no one liners.

I've not a specific plot outline ready for this topic, more a few seeds in the form of ideas that might be good to build on, however I'm also willing to build on any ideas that you may too have.

- A girl who is totally infatuated with a boy and just falls under his spell, doing anything she can to impress him and gain his attention. Her infatuation with him leads her to constantly trying to '1-up' herself, always trying to be better than the last time he saw her. Even when he tells her that he likes her, he thinks she's pretty it's not enough, she wants to be sexier still, forever eager to be everything that he could ever want and more. What I'm really looking for is to play out that period of time where she tries to start making her move, however because of her rather intense crush she's not exactly thinking all that rationally about things. Maybe she dyes her hair in a bid to gain his attention? Starts liking different hobbies and music so to try to have some connection with him? Starts working out at the gym? Maybe even just randomly showing up at his house with a really bad excuse as to why she's here, and to when he asks how she knows where he lives. She of course wants him bad, she wants to be all he wants, all he deserves and whilst he does start to notice her the more she goes out of her way to attract him, I'd like the story to be about her trying to entice him, trying to gain his affection, and then seeing what she will do so to keep it.

- Girl confesses her desire to live her life as a bimbo, and her friend/boyfriend does all he can to help her out with that, secretly/not so secretly enjoying every moment of it.

- An older woman just out of a long term relationship falls for a younger man and is taken down a path that a woman her age probably shouldn't be considering walking down.

Themes I'd like to include and incorporate in such a RP (though not required!) are:
- Bimbofication
- Doll/Barbie type appearance
- Misogyny (gentle), he'll not hate her, more just be a little old fashioned in his outlook of her place being below him.
- 1950's housewife type of relationship where she has her place, and it's her duty to pamper and take care of him. By this I mean the mindset, rather than actually dressing/acting like it's the 1950's!

If you're interested then please do drop me a PM as I'd be delighted to send some ideas back and forth! I love to communicate with my partners, and I always enjoy creating a new and exciting plot.

Thanks again for your time.



Updated and refreshed this craving a little.


Still seeking ideas along these lines.