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Author Topic: The unravelling of the Madsens  (Read 6304 times)

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The unravelling of the Madsens
« on: December 11, 2015, 01:33:20 PM »
Rarasoh Madsen was sat in her small box room, being the youngest she lost the game of rock paper scissors to her brother when they first moved. She remembered the memory well as she sat with her feet resting on her desk as she skimmed through the medical file she had stolen from the nurses office.

13 years old stood in the upper hallway screeching that since she was the youngest she had infact deserved the bigger room, however with Cameron being the oldest he deserved the space. So the genius brother decided that the odds were better off at deciding. Slapping her fist against her free palm the words rang out. "One. Two.. THREE!" Her scissors against his rock, she wailed her sound of disappointment the sun casting down at her from the hallway window causing her wail to match her angelic golden glow of the soft waves casting down the length of her back. "NO FAIR! Best of three.." Her rock, his scissors.. She was triumphant until his scissors matched her flat hand mimicking the paper in the game. She had lost, fair and square so ofcourse he got the bigger room.

Back to now.
The now black haired 17 year old girl flicked the page open of the medical file, the voices arguing in her mind when she heard a faint tap at her closed door in a panic she set the file beneath her homework and lowered her feet to the plush rug beneath her chair and turned casting an emerald stare to the closed panel of wood ignoring the rain hammering at her window.

"What?! I'm busy.."

The irritation was evident in her tone, was it too much to ask to have to solitude in this house? Clearly she was asking for more than she deserved as her bedroom door remained shut for the few seconds. She stood with a disgruntled sound as she moved towards her door and swung it open leaning against the doors edge staring at the figure with a perked brow, he knocked so he was learning what a closed door meant. It was a start.

"What now?"

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Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2015, 01:45:45 PM »
Cameron the 18 year old All- American football player. Had everything he could ever want. He had the fastest car, most popular boy in school the most attractive of girlfriends. But something was missing, he was miserable.  Making his way back to his own bedroom he just sighed. He  couldn't tell Rara what was on his mind.

A few years earlier

It was the championship game of his sophomore year. Cameron dropped back to pass when two defenders were on him in a matter of seconds,  he woke up a day or two later in the hospital. No one around. No one around but Rara.  He just looked up at her with a smile. "You don't have to stick around sis. Go hang out with your friends." "I'd rather stay with my best friend. " She muttered with a smile. It took every bit of strength he had to reach out and give her a hug but he did. THey were inseparable from that moment on.

Back to now

Cameron had been sat in  his room, plugging his guitar into his loud tube amp, plucking the strings as he made sure it was tuned trying to  distract himself. He and Elizabeth had been fighting for the fifth time this week.  He just sat his headphones around his neck, zoning out into the tones he had been creating.

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Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2015, 01:57:41 PM »
Rarasoh had combed a hand through her raven dark curls, somewhat glistening a hint of midnight blue in the vague artificial light above as she cast her gaze slowly down to Sophia feeling the needy tug of her shirt created by the nine year olds hand. It wasn't the sibling she had hoped, she had heard something wasn't quite switched on in her brothers mind and yet he hadn't talked to her yet it was concerning but pushing her thoughts to one side she just grumbled down to her younger sister. "What's up princess?" Her hand running over the young childs head soothingly, tucking a strand of golden hair behind the girls ear hearing the pained whine in the little girls throat Rarasoh would kneel down to eye level and sigh softly "Cam being grumpy again?"

Sophia took a moment before nodding softly, chewing on her thumb nervously in the way she did herself index finger stroking the longe ridge of her nose whilst she took a shuddering inhale of air before eventually answering with words. "I want to play catch but he wont come out his room.. Why is he always in his room?" She'd ask with a tilt of her head which always pulled at the heart strings. Emotional blackmail, she hated it but she was just a child. Brushing past the younger sibling she gestured Sophia into her room and sighed "It's raining out, why not play angry birds on my phone while I go talk to him ok?" The girl nodded and relief washed over her, for once Sophia didnt argue and she was now free to march down the hall and attempt to open his door. Locked. Of course it would be.

Raising a hand, she curled her fingers into her palm and banged noisily on the door even kicking at the lower panel. "CAMERON JAMES MADSEN! Stop brooding and play with us!" There was a hint of laughter in her tone and yet she was beyond annoyed, she had just reached the problems listed in the medical file that she so easily acquired from school and now she had to do damage control and perhaps babysit. "Or... I'll tell dad your doing things you shouldn't and quite easily get that lock removed from your door!"

Offline Cameron Madsen

Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #3 on: December 11, 2015, 02:07:33 PM »
Cameron unplugged his amp hearing Rara at the door. Opening the door for her to enter with a smirk. "Play with you? What are we seven again?" He asked with a deep chuckle. Pulling his beanie off of his head he revealed his light brown locks that had a tint of red in his barely lit bedroom. Flicking on the lights he just glanced her over with a sigh. "As much as I'd love to play. Beth and I are fighting again, should probably go play boyfriend of the year with flowers and chocolates."

He made his way out of his bedroom, seeing Sophia sat on Rara's bed playing angry birds on her phone. Glancing to his own phone without a single text from Beth although she had posted a picture of her and her "best friend" on facebook 5 minutes prior. "So I'm thinking we break out the board games?" He asks as he made his way over to the game's closet grabbing the small step stool that reached the topshelf. "Who's down for Sorry?" He asks as he grabs a stack of board games the length of his arms allowing him to barely peek over it.

Cameron turned his phone off all together, handing it to Rara. It's been a while since I hung out with you two, hasn't it? I'm sorry." He says with a heavy sigh, carrying the heavy stack of games down the stairs, laying them on the floor.

Offline RarasohTopic starter

Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #4 on: December 11, 2015, 02:21:09 PM »
Rarasoh knew that whenever his door was locked Elizabeth was normally the reason, head cheerleader in school, popular, big in all the right places and not surprisingly a crappy attitude to match. She hated perfect Lizzie more  than she hated raisin cookies and such a horrible thing in a delicious piece of dough was dispicable in her mind so thats the best comparison she had. Lost in her thoughts she soon snapped out of her blank daze once the many board games rattled in the cupboard "Sorry, what? Oh.. Right. Yeah, Sophia misses you and Dads working late.." She wanted to pull him into her arms, tell him he deserved better and yet she just clutched at his arm pulling him to one side a sympathetic glisten holding to the emeralds within her features.

"Cam.. Damage control can wait. Just let her realise she's an idiot." She offered him the warmest of smiles she could manage even if it didnt seem sincere, the constant roll of her eyes signalled her disdain everytime her name was even mentioned. Settling down on the floor next to Sophia she couldn't help but smile as the girl was still glued to the small screen "Soph.. Come on."

"But Rawwwr... I'm beating your score." There it was, the childish wail of -dont disturb me-  oh how she wished she could get away with doing that at the age of 17. Wait? Beating her score? Nope, noway that wasn't happening. With a wolfish grin she placed her palm over the screen and shook her head slowly "I dont care.. You wanted to play with us, so we're playing and you know I hate board games."

"Try and not throw the board.." Sophia was now laughing staring right through her, that happened once during monopoly because Cameron was cheating and being a horrible banker, however swap the b for a w and you have the insult Rarasoh had called not so sweetly up the stairs as he ran away laughing throwing the money in the air as if he was the richest man in the world.

Offline Cameron Madsen

Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #5 on: December 11, 2015, 02:31:09 PM »
Cam smiled at Rara with the first genuine smile he had had in ages. "I would say we'd play monopoly. But that was awful last time." He says as he set the stack of board games on the table, letting Sophia pick which game she wanted to play.  Seeing his laptop light up with a message from Lizzie. Closing the laptop hoping Rara didn't see it, carrying it upstairs before slinking back downstairs with a sigh.

Sitting down next to Rara, brushing his hand against her own, he smiled a bit brushing his thumb over the back of his sister's hand as he waited for Sophia to return with the board game she chose. Eyes fixed on Rara and her phone. "So we know how shitty my love life is, let's hear the details on yours."  He asks as he stared in anticipation, popcorn away from it being humorous. 

Before she could answer, Sophia returned with Clue.  "Clue?!" Cameron just nodded, "I'm okay with Clue. Rawr?"  He sighed with a laugh. "Remember Rara. The object of the game is to SOLVE the murder, not get away with one. Keep the weapons in game this time yeah?"

Offline RarasohTopic starter

Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #6 on: December 11, 2015, 02:53:06 PM »
She scowled towards her brother upon hearing his question about her love life, there wasn't one she was apparently the school psycho and yet for him to learn that would mean she's been lying about more than she'd care to confront right now. Rolling her eyes she simply dropped her gaze to Sophia setting up the board game "Nothing new to report Cam." Rarasoh anxiously chewed on her lip and just groaned a sound of response upon his pointless teasing, Ok she was terrible at board games what did he want? For her to call the board game police and report a sore loser? Taking turns and throwing tantrums both her and her younger sister she finally dropped her head back against the seating of the couch having exhausted family time into the ground. She would stroke her fingertips through her sisters hair wondering why she ever dyed her own so dark, rebelling against her crumbling family? Sticking her finger up at the world? There was no way to get her hair lighter now, not a hope in hell would it be an easy task.

Once more she had been lost in her thoughts when Sophia finally dragged her back to reality, "When did it get dark out?" That was a fair question, sitting up right she glanced out the window and then to the time. Not that late however it was winter and it was confusing when time flies past and you start to wonder what day it was nevermind the time. "I dont know.. Though I hope dad drives ok, its pouring." Suddenly she was near dangling from the ceiling as the power went out, reaching for her phone she lit up the screen and pointed the faint light around the room. "Ok.. More than pouring. The whole street is out."

Rarasoh slowly stood to her feet pointing her phone down so she could see where to place her feet she peered out the window and frowned, "Whole block even." Sighing heavily she jumped as Sophia coiled around her legs and even let out a startled gasp. "Rawr.. I dont like the dark." She understood the girls fear too well, she hated the dog too but at the age of 17 it was ridiculous to admit to such a childish issue atleast Sophia had that excuse going for her. "I know pumpkin.. I dont either. Cam?" She  turned her gaze over her shoulder and bit her lip lightly in thought. "Any ideas?"

Offline Cameron Madsen

Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #7 on: December 11, 2015, 03:02:57 PM »
Cam just frowned hearing her revelation of her love life, swallowing the excitement in his voice, before he had a chance to reply Sophia was taking her turn. Cam hadn't corrected her just watching her go. "I guess I'm Colonel Mustard then? Damn it."  He waited for it to go around to his turn.  He just watched the two curl up on the couch, with a proud smile watching the two.

Looking out the window as a bolt of lightning hit not four feet from his house, Cam near jumped out of his skin, within moments the world fell completely dark. Looking towards Rara, grabbing what he thought was her cell phone. I'm going to grab the candles from the closet. "Can you keep an eye on Sophia?" He asks with a heavy sigh. Hugging both of his sisters. 

Kissing both of their foreheads he grabbed  a handful of candles from the  closet bringing them out. "YOu don't have a light by chance do you Rawr?" He asked setting htem on the table with a smile, trying to call their father on his cell phone with no avail. "Think the cell towers are down too. This is one hell of a storm." He groans  Making his way to the kitchen, grabbing he and Rara a soda, handing Sophia a juice box. "That way we don't need to be in and out of the fridge.

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Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #8 on: December 11, 2015, 03:18:37 PM »
The two girls were stood infront of the window lost in the magic of the storm, once they predicted the time in which the next flash would occur they soon felt relaxed, at ease with the weather until Cam wrapped his hand around her own. Her heart near thudded through her rib cage and she snapped her gaze towards him fast enough to allow a pop to sound itself in her neck. "What? Oh.. Phone.. Sophia. Yeah." Handing him her phone she wrapped her arm over her sisters shoulder and held the girl close as their brother made his way upstairs, chewing anxiously on her lip she just sighed watching to drops of rain race down the window before merging into one.

Upon hearing the faint husk of his tone behind his question she licked her lip nervously and fished her lighter from her pocket, holding the lit flame towards him in a silent answer. "Actually.. I do." She mumbled dropping her attention to the side ready for the lecture which surprisingly came from the younger girl. "Ewww smoking is gross. It kills people you know with like cancer and stuff. Do you want to.. Do you.." The little girl couldn't finish and even Rarasoh flinched hearing the tears in her sisters voice, the way the pain cracked through her words, the way her hand was squeezed by the smaller one. "No.. I.. Look you'll get it when you're older. Stuff just.. Listen to me. Just because I'm doing something doesnt mean you should Ok? Sometimes you start something and realise it's harder to stop.. I dont ever want to find you doing something I do.. If you want to copy, copy Cameron."

She sighed heavily the lecture weighing heavy on her mind as tears pushed their way to the front of her orbs, her lip quivering idly. Damn it why did Sophia have to say those things, she was a demon when it came to blackmail or emotional turmoil and it showed in the way Rara just sagged her shoulder, taking the drink from her brother and waited for the candles to be lit before she snatched up her lighter and near raced down the hall so she could disguise her tears in the rain. "Can.. You.. I'll just five minutes." She didnt wait for an answer before she raced towards the garden, lighting up a cigarette in the shelter of the shed and stepped out into the hammering rain. "God damn it Soph.."

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Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #9 on: December 11, 2015, 03:34:21 PM »
Cameron  curled his arms around the youngest sibling, kissing her cheek. "Trust me, Rara would never do anything to hurt herself. SHe loves you, she loves me. We're stuck with her Soph." He smiled as he pulled up Spongebob on his phone, setting it into the little one's lap.  "I'm going to go make sure Rara's okay. If you need anything just yell. I'll be right outside. "

He thought better of it, instead just sitting next to her, watching Spongebob with Sophia on the small screen.  He stood to his feet, blowing out the candles. "Soph, grab your jacket... we're going for a ride. Like when you were little, remember?  Dad would load us into the truck and we'd drive down see how far power was out down the block. We'd go check the rivers. He'd stop at the ice cream parlour with the generator and grab us all ice cream so we had something to eat."  Sophia giggled excitedly. "I was waiting for you to ask."

Cameron lead Sophia to he jacket before, grabbing Rara by her wrist just outside. "We're going for a ride, like dad used to take us on.  Stop at the little ice cream shop." Cameron took his jacket off, curling it around Rara's shoulders. Smiling as Rara got into the passenger seat, backing out of the driveway, driving along the riverside. "Holy SHIT!" He says as he points at a big tree fallen blocking off a side tree. Sophia gasps. "Cameron! THat's a naughty word!"

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Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #10 on: December 11, 2015, 03:46:27 PM »
Rarasoh had given up on her cigarette as it was already soaked before she took even the first drag, throwing the wasted stick into the hedge she just stood allowing the rain to pour down on her sticking her hair to her face. She laughed softly realising she must look like she had just crawled out of the tv when the seven days were up, losing herself in the static of her mind she just stared along the dark street shaking her head softly. If Cam knew she was the reason his girlfriend picked yet another fight there'd be world war three in the house hold and he wouldn't be talking to her either, dropping her attention down to her feet she chewed on the sore that was forming on the centre of her lip and closed her eyes softly until Cams hand had wrapped around her wrist and soon she found herself sat in the passenger seat of his car dripping wet.

Blowing the rain drop from her upper lip she stared through him smiling faintly at the mention of ice cream, just watching him drive. It looked so easy and yet she couldn't picture herself behind the wheel she just couldn't. Barely able to seeing four foot infront of her she wondered why he would even risk something like this when she near jumped out the car at his sudden yell. She was laughing now, actually laughing near hysterically at Sophies response, pretty positive she had already heard her little sister beginning the innocence of cussing but not quite. Uttering phrases like Damn it and screw you and soon it'd be shitting hell and fuck off. "Yeah Cam.. Thats a dollar in the swear jar."

She nudged her brother and soon her sour mood was no more, grabbing the aux cord she plugged it into her phone and picked something soft for the sake of Sophie. The acoustic version of my understandings whilst she pinched the fabric of the of mice and men shirt peeling it forward from her skin. "How much is in there now.. I think I put in 100 this week."

Offline Cameron Madsen

Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #11 on: December 11, 2015, 03:57:48 PM »
Cam just drove to the lit up ice cream shop, grinning as all the lights had been on with a laugh. "Without fail." He pulled into one of the many parking spots, reaching back to grab an umbrella, curling both of the  sisters under the umbrella with a smirk, scooping  up Sophia in his arms, curling a hand around Rara's reassuringly. "You were strong today, both of you. I'm proud." He says as he leads them into the ice cream parlour. Taking a seat at a booth. "Want to eat it here or just grab it to go?" He asks as he took his shirt off, making his way to the bathroom to ring it out.

He just casted a gaze to Rara belatedly upon making his way outside of the bathroom, slipping his shirt back on. "I don't have a dollar for the jar. How about an IOU. I'll buy both of your ice creams and we'll call it even?"   He laughed as Sophia laughed excitedly. "Fine by me. He won me over with ice cream."  He stood next to Rara, eyeing the menu over her shoulder.

"Do I want a banana split or a fudge sundae?" He tilted his head at the menu, "Both?"  He sighed as there still had been no answer from their father. Typing on the screen. "I think something's wrong with dad." He slides his phone into her hands with a heavy sigh.  Taking his phone back he deleted the text. "No school for anyone, drive around all night?"

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Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #12 on: December 11, 2015, 04:17:18 PM »
She flicked a doe like stare towards him, her lips twitching into a smile one that made her seem normal. Less unhinged, with wide eyes she remembered about the file hidden beneath her homework and slowly shook her head if Cameron had seen what she had stolen he'd have mentioned something. Wouldn't he? Stepping out from the car she couldn't help but stare at him in wonder as she squeezed his hand softly soon shoving her hands in her pockets with a wince. "It's just a storm Cam.. I'm not 7 anymore ya know." She muttered shaking her head slowly, sitting in the booth and scanning over the menu "Get both. Me a sundae.." Smiling brightly she pulled Sophia into her lap brushing the wet hair from her sisters face and blowing a raspberry on her cheek smiling only brighter at the delighted laughter. "Mint chocolate for me!" She squealed excitedly and slid down next to Rara cringing at being sat on wet denim.

They had been racing the drops down the window and soon Rara snapped her fingers in mock disappointment as her rain drop lost, lifting her gaze back to Cam when he returned she smiled "Eat here.. It's light." She laughed lightly and eyed his phone, her features growing pale as she read the words. Nodding once she stood to her feet and leapt over the booth and outside "Two minutes! I'll try." Dialling the fathers number she paced back and forth in the rain, ring ring, ring ring. Voicemail. Again. Ring ring, ring ring. Voicemail. Tapping her phone worried, against her palm she quickly tapped in his bosses number and waited.. And waited until..

"Hello, officer Stevens." Yes! Finally, calmingly she stood in the rain and her words came out a panicked mess as she was near ready to cry with the worry building within her. The sob catching in her throat as she began pacing once more. "It's near 9.. My dad, Madsen is normally home.. I know with the storm but he always answers his phone to say goodnight to Sophia. Can you.. Radio him or something?!" She reached up a hand and tangled it within the sopping mess of her hair as she kicked at a puddle waiting for him to get back as the sudden silence indicated he had gone to do just that. "Miss Madsen?" She near smacked her head off the lampost with how fast she jumped to attention as she nodded quickly, she soon remembered he couldn't see her. "Yes! Yes! Anything?" The silence was too long, no.. Not daddy, anyone but him! "Rara.. I'm sorry but I'm not getting anything either."

Rarasoh just hung up and placed her phone in her pocket and shook her head at Cam through the window before stomping on the rippling reflection of her frame in the puddle "FUCK!" She near screamed and ran her hands over her face, he always answered his phone. What was she going to tell Sophie? Ever since mom.. She shook her head, no she couldn't think like that. Smiling faintly she made her way back into the parlor and chewed her lip as she just sat back down. "Thats another 20.." She barely heard Sophie, instead she gave a warning look to Sophie and sighed instantly guilty. "Daddys staying at a friends tonight Soph.. It's too dangerous." She spoke calmly and typed to Cam. "Nothing.. Not even on the radio."

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Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #13 on: December 11, 2015, 04:29:29 PM »
Cam sighed as she slipped out with a sigh, running a hand through Rara's sopping wet hair.  Ordering his ice cream, and then her own. "Matty, I'm going to need you to put mine on hold, keep an eye on my sisters for me. I'm  going to look for my dad he's not answering his cell phone." He drove from the ice cream parlor, racing from the parlor, he called their dad's boss. "Any idea where he was last."

"Yeah... Cam. Last I heard from him he was doing a routine check of the nine block square when they started losing power. Start at avenue q end at 5th street. If he's anywhere that's where he will be."  Cam just nodded at his phone. "Yeah... thanks so much." Cam made his way to the location where his dad was said to be. Driving from up the road. Texting Rara with a sigh. "Not here." Cam made his way two more blocks down. Continuing to drive.

Three blocks down he found a cop car with a sigh. "Rara... I found something." The cop car was wrapped around a tree. He just frowned at his phone, making his way up to the car finding his dad laying  in the driver's seat checking his pulse he called for an ambulance. "No...  Dad. NO GOD DAMN IT." He called Rara with a sigh. "Sophie around?"  He just groaned as he waited for the ambulance to show up. Leaning against the car, tapping his fingers nervously against his leg.

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Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #14 on: December 11, 2015, 04:40:27 PM »
Worry had  glued itself upon her features, if something had happened to her Dad and Cameron went off to find him in this weather the same could happen to him, she couldn't have that. Not after mom... No! Stop thinking like that.. Her mind screamed at her as she glanced over to Mattie with a reassuring smile, she shared her sundae with Sophie and smiled. "Want Cams too.. We skipped dinner." Sophia gave her the biggest stare that was screaming of a begging yes, Rara just nodded to Mattie and chewed her lip anxiously. Something wasn't right, it was just eating away like Sophia and the ice cream and she couldn't stop staring at her phone suddenly she was on her feet having a word with the owner under hushed whispers.

"Can she stay here with little Ali? Just for the night.. Cam took the car and I can't just sit here. What if Dad gets home and noones there to tell Cam?" She was pacing from one foot to the other chewing on her thumb, the rain dripping from her hair hiding her tears quite well as the man nodded uttering that it was no trouble at all. The tall slender girl skidded back towards her sister kneeling next to the booth trying to sound excited. "So Soph.. You like Alison and Mattie right? What if.. You stayed here tonight for a sleepover, where's the power and Mattie can protect you from the boogie man? Yeah? Sound good!" Sophia nodded excitedly through her wince, brain freeze. Typical. She gave her sister a big hug and promised with all her life that she'll pick her up when the weather cleared tomorrow just as Cam text her. Jumping to her feet and close enough stormed through the door dialling his number as she ran through the rain. "What?! No.. Uhm.. I... Sophia right, no. She's staying with the Carlsons because there's power.. I'd rather that than stay up all night.. We cant have her worrying. Cam.. My guts right isnt it? I'm not worrying for nothing.. The storm, that tree.. No! Not that tree! CAMERON!" She was now kneeling in a puddle praying to a god she didnt believe in, swallowing hard she couldn't have him listen to her heaving in the storm.

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Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #15 on: December 11, 2015, 04:53:26 PM »
Cameron sighed with a heavy heart he had to tell his sister that he found their father without a pulse. He was waiting for an ambulance to just confirm what he already knew. "Rara... it's not looking good." He said as he wiped his tears from his eyes, shaking as he shoved his hands in his pockets just glaring at the wreck. Unsure of what to have her tell Sophia he just sighed. "How are you guys doing?" He asked as he heard the sirens round the corner.

"Yeah, Cameron Madsen, officer Madsen's son. Yep, we're a blood match why?" He shook his head. "No.. I can't do that. What happens if something goes wrong? THere's only a twemty percent chance he'll make it anyway.  Who will take care of my sister's if something goes wrong? I can't risk it. I just. I just can't. I'm sorry. I have to do what's best for my family." Forgetting he was on the phone with Rara he just winced. "I'm sorry Rawr. I'll leave it up to you. WHat should I do?" He sighed as he sat on the ambulance waiting for her word.  Tears poured down his face feeling like the biggest asshole on the planet for a moment.

He just tapped his fingers against his thighs nervously, scratching his thumb over his index finger with a heavy groan. Brushing a few more tears off of his face, he laid his head against the wall of the ambulance.   

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Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #16 on: December 11, 2015, 05:15:57 PM »
Shaking but unknown if the cause was due to the news or the weather Rarasoh simply gritted her teeth and swallow the next heave that built in her throat, she couldn't throw up not now.. Not yet, squeezing her eyes shut she exhaled a breath and sighed. "I just said she's at Matties for the night.. She doesnt know anything." It was all she said as she froze hearing the sirens, more of them. Shaking her head she waited for a reply when she heard something else.. The truth, no.. No, not now. Dont. You cant throw up here Rara.. You cant. It was too late, hunching over she whined her body twitching from the inside out as she just heaved her ice cream into the gutter at the side of the road, sobbing through her retching she just shook her head slowly and stood.

Rarasoh pulled her shoes from her feet and just walked barefoot holding the phone to her ear and walked, walking some more she just breathed down the phone unable to understand the choice laying out before her in big red flashing letters. Choose. She couldn't, her brother or her father.. One, other or both of them leaving her to raise Sophia. How could he expect her to make such a choice?! She nearly screamed down the phone, but with a deadened, distant tone. "You can live with one kidney.. Yes, I bloody heard you utter asshole!" She shrieked down the phone, shoving the dead phone call in her pocket and slammed the door shut once she reached home. Glancing about she nodded in sarcasm as she saw that the power was back, doing the typical Madsen thing, she pressed play on the stereo system and turned the volume to full and just sat on the stairs bouncing her foot.

Throwing the soiled shoes towards the washing machine she just stared at her blue feet from walking in the cold storm, it had taken her an hour to walk home and yet she made it barely in one piece. The music, it wasn't loud enough so she raced up to her brothers room and grabbed his amp and the aux adapter plugging in the stereo and grinned oddly as the stares vibrated beneath her. Unable to think or rather hear herself think she just drowned in the blaring music unable to concentrate past the thudding bass.

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Re: The unravelling of the Madsens
« Reply #17 on: December 11, 2015, 05:27:34 PM »
Cameron hopped up into the ambulance. "I guess we're doing this then." Sitting down on booth in the corner, feeling his dad's low pulse in his hands he just teared up harder.
"I love you pop. I know we don't always get along,  I know I rebel against everything you've ever put in front of me but I appreciate having you as a father. I know why you do what you do. I'm sorry for even hesitating. I know it was selfish of me." With a hard breath his father choked out a simple. "No... no it wasn't." He just shrugged at the male. Moving to kneel next to his bed. He frowned lightly, stroking his thumb over the male's hand.

He texted Rara with a sigh, we're on our way to the hospital, they're prepping me for surgery. "I love you, tell Sophia daddy and I both love her okay?" Cam laid down across a bed of his own they had barely enough tools to operate in the ambulance, it was sketchy but time was a factor.'

He awoke several hours later, his dad in a wheelchair next to him, stroking his hand over his own. "LOok who's up sleepy head." "Rara know we're both okay?" "Nah, I figured you should be the one to tell her. YOu two have always been so close." "Dad. I can't grab my phone, someone needs to let her know that her father and brother are both okay." His dad sighed,  pulling  out Cam's phone and calling Rara.

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Somewhere within the night the storm was slowly coming to an end and she had fallen asleep in the most awkward position on the stairs, the amp screeching highly with the faint buzz of static her phone vibrating against her thigh caused her to jump with a start and bump her ass on the bottom step of the stairs. She forced herself to stand and flick off the amp and eventually held the phone to her ear with a yawn, the tired rubbing of her eyes leaving a disgruntled grumble in her tone "Hmmm... What?" She automatically lay down on the couch and tucked one arm under her head whilst resting her phone on her ear and slowly closed to her eyes humming whilst it became obvious she was falling back to sleep.

"Cam.. She's at Matties, I'm sleeping. Rough day.." With a snoring breath she rubbed her eyes and then ran her palm over her nose before grabbing for the covers she'd pull over her head if there was any to pull at. Huffing she sat upright and stomped up the stairs to grab a robe of sorts, a fluffy one, an over sized one.. Cams! She slipped into his room, grabbed his robe and pulled into it "What.. Oh right. How's dad, sorry... I'm tired." She sighed finding that an understatement.

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Cam just smiled as he heard her scamper about, laughing as she repeated what he already knew. "Everything is fine Rarasoh. Take a nap, we're not released until later this afternoon."  He sat up with a frown thinking it over. "Soph ate my ice cream didn't she?" He asked as his stomach grumbled and gurgled wanting nothing more than his ice cream in that moment.

He hung up after their conversation with a sigh, standing to his feet he made his way to the bathroom as he shrugged out of his gown, stepping back into a pair of all black skinny jeans and a tight band shirt that pressed snuggly against his stitches causing him to wince. Winking at the nurse as she walked by. "I think it's time for my sponge bath."  She giggled and ran off blushing.

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Rarasoh just hummed down the phone and set it on her table, pulling the hood of Camerons robe upon her head she curled up back on the sofa curling up into the plush, fluffy fabric and fell back into a comatose state of sleep. Her thumb slid past her lips as she sucked on the digit anxiously as she whimpered in her sleep, rolling her body over and hitting the floor with a thud. Instead of going upstairs to bed she just grabbed a cushion and pulled it down onto the floor and beneath her head where she continued sleeping for a few more hours, the constant buzz of her phone waking her up with a groan. She just couldn't sleep in peace could she? Sighing she pressed her phone to her ear, wincing at the loud vibrating against her ear, actually answering the call this time she yawned. "Y'Ello.." With her eyes remaining closed she sat upright and rested her back against the couch, splaying her legs out infront of her grunting as she kicked the leg of the table.

"I..Is daddy home?"

Sophia.. SOPHIA! Jumping to her feet now suddenly awake she swore loudly her knee hitting the corner and grunted behind a clenched jaw as she shivered in her still damp clothes. "I.. Uhm. No sweetie, can you ask Mattie to bring you home?" Sighing she dragged herself into the kitchen and made herself the biggest cup of coffee she could find, hm-hming down the phone as she sipped the caffeinated liquid. "See you soon."

A few moments later she answered the door still rubbing her eyes with a yawn, leaning against the frame and stroked her hand over Sophias head as she walked inside. Smiling at Mattie tiredly almost as if he wasn't there. "Rough night?" She nodded, dropping her tone to a whisper as she explained the events that only occurred a few moments ago, eyeing her sister with a startled shout. "NO! Dont.. Press play. Its beyond loud.. I.. will explain soon." She thank Mattie again nodding to his apologies and waved him off before shutting the door. Rara knelt before her sister and sighed heavily, "You know how I dont like to think sometimes.. And you know by how loud my music is?" Sophia nodded weakly, chewing on her thumb. "Yeah, because it hurts you to be in silence.." Rara nodded softly setting the small girl on her bent knee gently. "Well.. Daddy was in an accident, because of the bad weather. He's ok because your hero of a big brother gave him a kidney.." She was treading carefully, too careful. How do you explain this to a child? Rarasoh was only 17 herself and even she barely understood and yet she was given a nod allowing him to continue. "Well you see, when I give you medicine it makes you better.. and you're ok now aren't you? Well thats what Cameron did for daddy.. So they are both ok but the doctors just need to keep watch just so they can make super sure they are better."

"So Cammie gave Daddy a kidney? To make him better!"

"Yes! That's right... Think you can be brave for me when we go see them later? It'll be scary, I'm scared too but just squeeze me hand super tight and smile like I do when I'm scared. Think you can do that?"

"I.. I.. Think so. But is it not bad to hide how you feel.. Because people think you're ok and they can't give you medicine."

A tear rolled down Rarasohs cheek as she just held onto her sister, they were all growing up faster than they needed. Sophia was only nine.. She didn't need to know any of this, she was a child and yet Rarasoh smiled.

"It is bad.. Yes, very bad but sometimes. People need to pretend they are ok so everyone else can be ok.." Standing Sophia to her feet she nudged her upstairs and sighed shakily "Go get ready.. And grab your two most favourite teddy bears in the world. They keep you safe at night so maybe you can let them keep daddy and Cam safe too yeah?"

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Cam just growled at the doctor as he made him get back into bed. "Come on man. I'm fine. " The doctor shook his head. "You just had major surgery, get back into bed Mr. Madsen." He did as he was told with a heavy sigh. Waiting for Rarasoh to show up. He wrapped the warm blankets around him as he grew cold. A nurse came over, lifting his shirt with a groan at the dressing. "It's about time we change that. Ready?" Cam just nodded as she lifted his shirt. Ripping the bandage back, cleaning it out as  a clean one was replaced.

Cam just smiled at the nurse. Texting Lizzie with a sigh, "I'm having a bad day, can I see my girlfriend to maybe make things better? I'm stuck at the hospital" She texted back with her roll of eyes apparent in her text message. "I don't think so, I have better things to do than play nurse to a guy on my birthday. " Cam just sighed, "It's not your birthday. Your birthday is in August." Twenty minutes later there was still no response.

Cameron forwarded the message thread to Rara. Unsure of what even to say with a frown. Curling up in his bed trying to take a nap as he waited for his sister to show up. Growling at the constant entrance and exits of nurses preventing him from sleeping.

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When Sophia came down the stairs in clean clothes, she helped her sister put on her shoes and smiled at the stuffed animals and took a breath crouching down infront of her "Now Sophia.. Dont let Daddy know I'm letting you do this. But you're angry I know that because I am too. He went to work, knowing the weather and he didn't call. We're not angry at him but we are angry. So while I get ready.. Go in the front room and scream. Personally I like to scream the word fuck. Our secret?" She grinned widely seeing her sisters hesitance and walked upstairs to changed into some clean, dry clothes. Laughing softly as the word fell so innocently from the childs lips, hopefully it'll take away some of the nerves for her seeing their father and brother in hospital.

She grabbed her ipod and shoved it into her pocket and made her way back downstairs, the hospital wasn't that far away and so she thought they could do with the walk. Holding her sisters hand she headed them both out the door and locked it behind her. "Feel better princess?" Her sister nodded and bit her lip gently, squeezing Rara's hand tightly she could tell her sister was terrified and angry with the world. First mom, then Dad and now Cam.. Sophia must be thinking Rara was next in line. She needed to quit smoking it was all the little girl ever asked of her, so leading her sister to a trash can she pulled the pack of cigarettes from her pocket and showed sophia the packet. "I'm not going to be next.. I'm not. I promise. Starting today.. I'm going to show you." She threw the packet into the trash and smiled at the proud smile the girl gave her and lifted her small sister on to her back, piggy backing her to the hospital.

"Cameron and James Madsen please."


"No.. Assassins. Ofcourse family you utter fu.."

Smiling apologetically she just walked to the directed room and set Sophia down on her feet, crouching down before her and adjusting the stuffed animals in her sister arms and straightened out her jacket. "So snuffles and wiggles will protect them while they get better.. And I. Will protect you in their place. You can sleep in my bed until daddy and Cam get home and even then.. My door is always open ok?"

"But sometimes its closed.."

"Not for you."

She held up her pinky and entwined it with Sophias shaking her hand before walking into the joined hospital room with a weak smile, "I swore today! Rara let me because I was angry!"

"Damn it child.." She laughed softly sitting between their beds and setting Sophia on their dads bed with a smile, squeezing both their hands she bounced her foot. "I let her swear once and I quit smoking. Fairs fair."

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Caleb couldn't help but smile hearing Rara's words, "You quit smoking?" He asked almost too excited.  "You stay off smoking and promise me that you're going to forever.  I'm setting the bottle down." He says as he weakly held his pinky up in a lot more pain  than he anticipated once the pain killers had worn down  to nothing. His hand squeezed Rara's rougher than he had intended with an apologetic look into her eyes. Looking to the nurse. "Visiting hours. DOn't apply to these two. They stay as long as they want. Understood." He just smiles as both nurses nodded. Looking to Rara with a smile, before glancing to the stuffed animals.  "What are Snuffles and wiggles doing here?"

The little girl lit up with a smile. "Rara said that they'd protect you and you need them more than I do. I hope they make you as safe as they've made me." Cameron glanced up to Rara with a smile. Sighing happily, he just looked at a textless phone. "Did you get my text string?" He asks with a sigh, wincing as he thought about Lizzie and it caused him more pain, causing him to rise out of bed. 

The nurses came running over with a glance to Rara and Sophia. "We're going to have to ask you to back up." Cam grabbed Rara's hand, as if he'd never see her again. "No... Please."

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She eyed Camerons raised pinky with a bite of her lip, she couldn't make promises since she'd be doing the house chores and the Sophia tasks on her own while they rehab'd, shaking her head slowly she glanced down to her feet "I.. Can't promise that right now Cameron. You, Dad.. Soph. Me.. I cant." She smiled wincing as his hand tightly, roughly squeezed her own. Both Rara and Sophia smiled softly to the nurses and smiled proudly at her sister with a soft giggle, she was older than 9 mentally it was near scary at how fast the events were causing everyone to grow up. She turned to her dad for a moment and gave him a glare of didn't I say to call sick? Well now you ARE sick. Shaking her head she turned back to Cam and nodded softly, she saw Cameron trying to stand upright and she gently rested her hands on his shoulders when she felt the nurses hand against her chest.

She whizzed her gaze to the nurse and glared. "He's my brother! If anyone is going to keep him in bed.. It's me." Ignoring the nurse she looked to Sophia and smiled softly reassuring her that she was indeed calm before she sat on the edge of Cams bed, taking his face in her hands she smiled. "Cam.. Listen to me, you have to stay in bed and remain calm. Fuck Lizzie.. She's not here and we are ok? She's just shown you how selfish she is.. Hell its not her birthday. So dont worry about it. Cam, please.. Just lie back down?" She whimpered softly stroking her thumbs over his cheek before biting her lip and snatching her hands away but remained sat on his bed pleading for him to lay back down. "Cam.. Please.. If not for me, for Soph.."