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July 21, 2019, 01:36:41 AM

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Author Topic: Hey There! How You Livin'?  (Read 1420 times)

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Offline LongwaywestTopic starter

Hey There! How You Livin'?
« on: December 25, 2015, 11:46:57 PM »
At the start of a really good story we have two primary ways of getting our readers involved and engaged in our textual illusions. We can methodically and evocatively build a world directly in front of them. Cast them out into a dark and stormy night and let their lived experience carry them into a mood, an environment that sets on them on their way and carries them through the plot to come. Alternatively, we can cast them into the story in the thick of the action. We can, after an evening of uneasy dreams, awake them in their beds to discover that they have been transformed into a monstorous vermin.

This is going to be neither of those things. It won't even be something in between. I'm mostly going to blather on at your eye holes with a list of things that may or may not interest you. Hopefully I can do that in a charming enough way that you won't hate me.

Welcome To The Thunderdome

As I'm sure you've probably surmised, my name isn't Longwaywest. That isn't even a believable alias! If you want to call me Kevin, you can feel free to! Alternatively, you can call me pretty much whatever you want. I might not respond to it, but maybe I will. The world is funny like that. Once we surmount our initial nomenclatural difficulties you'll find I'm just a hobbyist writer with a medium sense of humour and a bad habit of using too many words to convey a simple point.

I'm looking for a few people to roleplay with because I love writing and that's what people do here! It doesn't hurt that the vetting process seems to be fairly intensive, the community seems very supportive and the writing seems to be top notch! As far as my qualifications, I can spell at least as well as the built in spell check, I more or less understand what subtext is why Freud might have misapplied it when trying to describe human sexuality and I have been known to grammar on occasion.

Now that I've finished up the most self-deprecating cover letter of all time, I suppose I should explain how I do things and why in the world you might want to write with me? Is that cool? Am I doing this right?

I'm all about piecing together a broader story that finds a way to talk to some sort of thematic or character driven truth. Apparently I also talk like a film school drop out, but I'm sure that will star to wear off with time. That explanation also leans a bit towards the non-specific, so I'll try and elaborate a little bit.

Want to explore our own special little piece of history? All of the sexy clothing and elegant houses and esoteric turns of phrase can be quite fun! But why don't we take it a step further? Make the characters emblems of the things you want to explore from those time periods in a believable way. Extremely complex familial inter-relationships? Struggles between a poorly defined church and state? Class struggle? Why not. The world and all of it's times (both past and future) make a hell of an oyster.

When Are You Going to Say Something Titillating? You Bore Me

Well... That was pretty rude. I was building up to something more interesting but you know damn well I can't put anything titillating in this forum. Stop trying to get me into trouble. It's terribly unchristian of you.

So, What Are You? What Role Do You Play?

When it comes to writing power dynamics this particular train takes two very different types of rails to grand central station. Does it take both routes on every journey? Of course not. But service on this rail line has been known to find beauty on both the D-line as well as well as occasionally relinquishing control and taking a more mutual road.

I'm always open to having a discussion about this and usually have no problem working out something that is to the enjoyment of both parties! I will say that when it comes to trying to find a more aggressive partner you may well be better off riding with a different ... train company? This metaphor really got away from me. I have nothing normative against it, but it is generally a real fun time killer for me.

Basically. I'm probably not going to be your ... guy from Fifty Shades of Grey? There are some great people on this site who will do that for you though! If you're looking for someone who wants to write with your characters on an equal footing where the plot advances because that is what the characters want in that moment (or it will get them what they want) then I'm your guy.

Play cat and mouse! Who has the upper hand right now? I don't even know
Powerful women? Hot damn it.
Are you mischievous? A natural trickster? Cheat to win? Get at me