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January 22, 2019, 12:40:04 PM

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Author Topic: Sentinel: World Divided (Modern Fantasy Sandbox)~LGTBQ Friendly~Still Recruiting  (Read 2079 times)

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Offline Chiarra

Thanks ^_^

Offline Chiarra

Player Name: Chiarra

Character Name: Nora Watson

Race/Lineage:  Kitsune/Human

Concealment: She uses her shifting powers to hide her ears and 2 tails.

Sex:  Female

Physical Description: Nora is 5'2 and slender with nice small curves.  It's obvious she takes care of herself, taking pride in her looks.  She tries to dress in a way that makes her look tougher than she really is because on the inside she's really a push over.

Age:  100

Role: Civilian

Occupation: Is an employee at Bram's Juice Bar

Living Arrangements: She has a small apartment within the city.

Sexual Orientation:  Straight

Ons & Offs:

Place of Birth: She was born in Highland City

Personality: She's sweet and cares about the people she's closest too.  Piss her off though, she knows how to hold a grudge.  She normally puts on an act and tries to act tough, especially since she wants to cover up the emotional scars from her child hood, but anyone who's close to her knows that she can easily be broken.

History: Nora is half kitsune and half human.  Her mother was human and barely knew her father when she slept with him, given it was a one night stand.  She barely even knew his name.  She hadn't even known that he was a kitsune, which she regretted her entire life afterwards.  She had never trusted the nonhumans who lived in her home city.  Not since all the trouble they had caused, and now she could add to the fact that one had tricked her into bed (or so she tells herself) made her even more distrustful of them.  So, when she gave birth to a daughter and found out she was a kitsune, it broke her heart.  She loved her daughter, but had a weird way of showing it.  Fearing that others would harm Nora, or take her away from her mother, she did her best to shield her from the world. 

She would only allow her daughter to use her shifting powers, to make her look more human, but she never told her about any of her other powers..  She had to let her go to school of course, but she restricted her daughter in having a life.  She wasn't allowed to have friends, much less go to their house and bring them over.  If she socialized in school, that couldn't be helped, but it wasn't allowed to go that far.  She also forbade her daughter from using her powers, afraid they would corrupt her.  She had done all this to protect her, out of love, but to Nora she thought her mother hated her.  So, she hated her mother in return.  She felt like her mother was ashamed of her, after all why else did she have Nora hide away?  She wasn't allowed to have any friends, wasn't allowed to be herself.  She knew nothing of her father, did he know about her?  She always dreamed about finding her father one day and finally having a parent who loved her. 

But even 100 years later, with her mother now dead, she had no one.  When her mother died, that's when she found her freedom.  She wanted to stop hiding herself, but she knew that her mother was right on that account.  People weren't too fond of supernaturals so she keeps hiding.  She seeks to learn more about kitsune's, since her mother hadn't allowed her too as well as  learn any other skills she may unknowingly posses.  When she was on her own, finally, she had decided to go out and meet people, to finally make some friends.  Among these, was a man named Bram.  They had slept together a couple of times and he gave her a job at his juice bar to help her get on her feet.  So, now she was one of the bar tenders, mixing drinks and serving it up.  She did her job well, not wanting Bram to regret his decision in giving her this job, plus the tips really helped her out too.

Family: A father that she doesn't know.

Special Abilities: Fox fire, fox lantern, and shifting.  She only knows she has shifting powers for now though.

Special artifact/item: None

Martial Skills: None, but she wants to learn them.

Offline LimitlessNikkie

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*wonders in and looks around* Any more new blood?

Offline Kiric Rand

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hum..... forming a concept in my mind now :P

Offline Lady SakuraTopic starter

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Awesome! Let me know if you have any questions.

Offline Untamed Skies


New changes have come to Sentinel: A World Divded. Starting with a appearance overhaul we've worked to simplify the game as well as open up more roles to any interested new parties. Starting with a new Character Sheet, as well as new roles open (with more on the way) for the Anarch group.

In regards to the Anarch Groups, we are now allowing players to create their own group causing trouble within the city.

As we go towards the new year we have many roles still open and available.

3 Assistant Director Positions Education, Operations, and Mystique
We also only have 2 Anarch's in the game currently and would love anyone who might want to provide a bit of trouble for Highland's City
We are also accepting roles within the city. Hospitals workers, the Mayor, Police officers, civilians, anything far and wide that might find themselves caught in the growing conflict.

Finally Highland's City is celebrating Cinco De Mayo which we're hoping will be a good opportunity to allow a quick and easy way for new players to mingle with old players and create relationships.

As always if anyone has any questions, concerns, or ideas feel free to share them here or to pm both Untamed Skies and Vampire Mistress Sakura. We hope your holidays were pleasant and we look forward to kicking off the new year with some new faces.