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Author Topic: LF: MxM Original Medieval Fantasy & SciFi RPs  (Read 334 times)

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LF: MxM Original Medieval Fantasy & SciFi RPs
« on: December 05, 2015, 06:45:58 PM »
Hello! I'm Otter, and welcome to my search thread! I'm still fairly new here, so unfortunately, I don't have much for anyone who wants to post-stalk me (I do have two RPs on the forums in their wee stages. Feel free to glance!). That also means I don't have too many plots to offer just yet, but please take a look and see if anything suits you. Cheers!

I like to keep these pretty short and sweet, so I'll get straight to my rules:

  • My main plots are for Medieval Fantasy. I only have one Sci-Fi so far, but if you're interested, feel free to check it out. I'm reworking my Post Apocalyptic and Modern Fantasy plots at the moment.
  • I don't care about your gender. Just write well and communicate!
  • I can RP over: Forums or PMs. Email and GoogleDocs are also options.
  • I like a balance of sex and plot, and I like romance.
  • I can do D/S (though I have little experience/willing to explore) or just simple top/bottom, or no labels. I play subs and bottoms, switches, and the aforementioned no lables. Be forewarned: my subs are not very sub-y. They tend to be strong-willed, contrary, and challenging in the face of any type of control. Their submission has to be forced or earned.
  • I'm kind of an inconsistent poster due to my job and life. Understanding is necessary.
  • I'm ditcher-friendly myself, but if you want notice, I can do that.
  • If you'd like a sample of my writing, just ask! I've been RPing for something around 10 years. I should be able to dig up something for you!
  • I REALLY like partners who pay attention to things like: word choice, sentence flow and structure, continuity, etc etc. A balance between a few paragraphs and possibly one page of writing for length would also be appreciated.
  • I'm sure you'll notice some themes in my plots and pairings. If you don't see anything that you like but think one of your own plots might interest me, please feel free to present it and I'll give it consideration.
  • Please visit my profile link for Ons/Offs and the little blurb with them before reading any further.

Below are my detailed plots and then something I call “quick plots.” “Quick plots” are just a few sentences long, meant for us to just jump into and see how things go.


My character in each scenario is A, unless otherwise noted for either.


Vessel of the Goddess C R A V I N G
(Contains Mpreg)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Characters A and B grew up in the same little religious village, practically attached at the hip since they met. Their closeness as they grew was particularly noted by A’s father, a minor official sent to be the proctor of the town, and for good reason, for the boys’ friendship was quickly turning toward a romantic lead. When war breaks out, B is not actually old enough to be recruited, but with a few greased palms, A’s father has him sent off anyway.

The war, as it turns out, is a corruption of the land, spawning monsters great and small, savage, and unending. Soldiers lose heart and desert, villages build great walls to hide behind and make the most of small, cramped living, and religion becomes the last refuge of hope: it is told that one who bears the mark of the Goddess will bring forth a savior to stop the corruption and save everyone.

Years later, the army is as broken and scattered as the villages. B's squad has finally dissolved, but not after he’s made a name for himself as a warrior, and he makes straight for home. He finds A, who has become something of a close-to-home ranger, defying his father at every turn. Reunited, it isn’t long before their relationship reaches its natural conclusion despite how the years have changed them. But after spending the night together, A finds a strange new mark on his belly. Worse, the monsters seem now to be attracted to A. The two decide to strike out alone together, B acting as A’s protector, while they figure out what to do next.

Marching Season C R A V I N G
(Contains Mpreg, Non or Dub-con, Human/Monster pairing)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Marching season is almost over, and the humans are preparing to hold onto their captured lands or return home for the winter. The war between them and the monsters has been long, but the end is in sight, and the humans are winning. Their victory is partly attributed, much to the monsters’ envy, to humans having a high fertility rate. Once a monster is dead, then, it’s unlikely there’s another to replace it any time soon.

The monsters are aware of this, and none more so than B, the monster king. He knows he’s losing the war, but he and his cadre have a plan. Cut their losses, but capture a squad of humans to use as their breeders and escape into hiding, evolving their species to have shorter human life spans but the resilience of human fertility. And as it happens, B has his eye on a particular soldier he’s already met in battle. A is strong, clever, and gave B quite a scar. B thinks he’ll make the perfect breeder to give him an heir, and he’s even willing to bargain A’s freedom to get what he wants… even if he plans to never release him.

A, meanwhile, suddenly finds himself the leader of an angry group of captured soldiers. Finding a way to navigate cultural differences, keep everyone from killing each other or getting themselves killed, and building enough trust in their captors to make a decent escape plan is more of a job than he’d ever thought he’d need to accomplish. But they just need to make it to the next marching season.

Follow Through Taken!
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A is a shapeshifter, incredibly rare but not unheard of, who has managed to live his life in hiding until he met the prince. After the prince saves his life, A swears the prince his loyalty, and there is no man he considers finer to have done so. The prince is kind, gentle, fair, and handsome. When war breaks out, A doesn’t hesitate to accompany him into it, where A’s secret shifting power is a powerful and useful secret.

B is the prince of the enemy kingdom. Skilled in battle, he leads the armies in his father’s place despite not agreeing with the war at all. He knows it is his father’s last grab for power, for the king is ailing, paranoid and hungry.

By chance, the two princes meet. They are immediately smitten of each other and begin clandestine correspondence and trysts. B confides in the prince his disagreement for the war and the state of his father’s health. The two forge an alliance, agreeing to marry one another as soon as B has inherited and bring peace to both their kingdoms. A year later, B's father passes away, and B's first order is to put his plan to action.

The news of the war’s end, however, does not travel fast enough. In a last skirmish, A’s prince is caught on the end of a blade, and by morning, he’s dead. But they have guarded A’s secret well. Knowing the prince’s brother is the next in line to inherit and is a warmonger worse than B's father, A burns the prince’s body and takes his image. He will marry B and resume the role of his beloved prince, whose only wish was to stop the war and marry the man he loved. And as long as no one finds out A’s secret, then peace can remain.

Like Days of Old  C R A V I N G
(Incest between half-siblings. Possibly Non or Dub-con, depending how we play it.)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A and B met very briefly when A was a teenager. It had been a rare occurrence that B was allowed home, being the bastard son of the king and not generally welcome due to the queen’s jealousy. A, the crown prince, had initially been happy to meet his brother, but that was quickly overcome by how uncomfortable B’s staring made him. Luckily, the meeting was brief, and B was soon shipped back off to wars across the sea.

At least until B became a popular and successful general--and then made himself a threat. Spurred on by an assassination attempt against him, B makes either fast allies or quick subjugation and builds himself his own army. It takes him not long at all to travel back home and take over.

The king and queen are quickly dispatched, but A is a well-loved young man. B is not so ruthless to kill A, who had little to do with the assassination attempt or any ill treatment, and he’s not so stupid as to kill him and make him a martyr, especially not when his advisors have a very neat solution: have the siblings marry, like in days of old, and have A help unite the nation from the wounds B has caused.

But A is not convinced that B has his best intentions in mind, and there are still plenty at court who would be happy to help put A back in power--or see him dead.

Clipped Wings
Note 1: The dragons in this have about the intelligence of dolphins/whales/elephants.
Note 2: This plot is also a little more open-ended. We can go action heavy, character development heavy, or both.
Note 3: Honestly, I can play either A or B on this one. I have lots of ideas for how this world/riding/breeding and caring for dragons would go. Just ask!
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
As part of an alliance treaty to help in their war, a country’s new ally is being given a colony of dragons for breeding and training new riders. A is a young breeding manager, chosen to help due to his skill, and he’s more than willing to try to make a name for himself there and put in what he can for the war effort.

B, a rider, retired just before the war ended--but not by choice. A fierce battle has left him maimed, and while it's been a year, he still isn’t used to his injury or the fact that he can no longer ride. After a long period of depression, he’s called back into service. As a veteran, he can still teach others. Anyone with experience is too valuable to waste when a war is on, and anyone actually able to ride can’t be wasted back home. B’s name is still held in great esteem, so in a show of friendship and encouragement, he’s shipped off to help train the new riders as well.

B is less than happy to be confronted with A as a partner in training a bunch of stuck-up lordlings. Dealing with them as well as any potential spies, raids, and sabotages is just adding insult to injury. Things were much more straightforward on the battlefield.

{{Coming soon!}}

{{Coming soon!}}


The Grit of Dusty Gears
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A snuck out to the farthest outer rim planet colony he could manage. It’s like the Old West out there, and he never planned on becoming a cowboy, but it’s honest work and he didn’t mind doing it to lay low. He just needed to escape the Company. The Company practically owns him, what with his classified body mods, and he’s done a few things he’s not so proud of. Not that the colony people know that, and he really intends to keep it that way.

But his quiet life is disrupted when outlaws start raiding them. And he can’t just sit by while the home he’s built for himself is wrecked to pieces. So a group of men picked up their weapons and tried to take the bandits on. They won, but only A, a young man, and a miner return. The young man is shaken and silent. A made sure he wouldn’t say a word about what he’d seen.

Turns out the outlaws were hired by a rival, though, and the Company takes a serious interest in their developing colony--for once. With the old sheriff dead, the Company hefts their weight and sends B, an "organic" without any body mods but serious skill, to be the new authority in town. He’s instantly liked. A fresh, handsome face with a clean, competent record, a rigid sense of morality, and caring and gregarious attitude. He also wins everyone over with what A considers a sob story: B has no body mods because he has the Company spend them on his younger sibling to be able to live. The colonists are ecstatic. There are already more bandits on the way. A has to make a decision--risk exposing himself to B, who will surely turn him in if he knew who he was to care for his sibling--or defend the home he’s made for himself.


My character is bolded.

Prince x Hunter (Shifted!sex is a possibility, pending the type of monster.)
    In a fit of revenge, a shapeshifting hunter begins terrorizing a castle town. At least until the king offers his son to anyone who can kill the beast--the ultimate revenge target for the hunter. Except the prince might be hunting as well...
    The king has promised his heir’s hand to anyone who can find and kill the beast terrorizing the castle’s city. The problem is, unbeknownst to all but himself, the prince is the beast.

Captured Elven Healer x Warlord/General/Etc.
    A warlord is sacrificing his health to accomplish his goals. Chance brings him across an exceptional healer whom he captures to keep him alive.

Prince x King’s Elven Slave
    A human prince fought his hated father’s war to conquer the elves. Upon returning home, he finds the elven prince has become his father’s slave. Under the guise of lust, the prince might just be able to plot his father’s murder with the elf--with a little bargaining of course.

Rebellion Leader x Bodyguard (Contains Mpreg)
    A land is ruled over by a cruel and capricious prince and king. A rebel leader has risen to try to take it back and has finally gained something of a foothold. With increasing fervor to find him, he needs a bodyguard. Especially since, as time will tell, he’s pregnant.

If you'd like to RP with me, please PM me.

Otherwise, good luck on your own search! c:
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Re: LF: MxM Original Medieval Fantasy & SciFi RPs
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2016, 09:21:45 AM »
Updated with a few plots, including new genre, and taken plot.