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May 23, 2018, 08:17:56 AM

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Author Topic: Darkness  (Read 325 times)

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Offline YzzaTopic starter

« on: December 05, 2015, 12:07:11 AM »
Hello everyone,

  I am looking for a partner for a specific rp idea which I will list below, but first basics about me. MY O/o are on my profile but other information that you may find important is that I can post up to several times a day but may take a few days of from time to time but i dont demand that you be able to do the same. If you post less just let me know so I am aware. When I do post I like to try for the 2 to3 paragraph range, depending on the story and/or conversation. If two characters are in deep conversation the I dont do as much as it either seems like my character is having an existential crisis or just wont shut the fuck up. Also I do enjoy detail, specifically pertaining to what the person is thinking and/or background. Now, most importantly, I do this shit for fun and not to get a hard on about how great a writer I am so if you cant deal with the occasional (occasional not common) grammar or spelling mistake then thanks but no thanks. With that said I dont do 'text speak' or anything else but standard english and dear god i hope you do too. Now that is most of what I can think of so one we go.

The basic story is as follows. There is a powerful immortal creature, either daemon or fae, that is basically darkness embodied and is likewise empowered. This creature has be alive for a long time and may have even been born at the beginning  of time and so has a nice little ruler-ship carved out for himself in a world that is fantasy, high or  low is up to us both and what we want in the story specifically. He has and has had a great many children with pretty much any and every woman who caught his eye and those half deamon children are on their own rather powerful and long lived but ultimately not immortal. Darkness has many women with whom he has a variety of relationships with but one sticks out, a woman whom he intends to make his least till their daughter is born. Thats right yay  incest. He immediately falls for his own daughter, my charecter, and decides to make her and not her mother his queen but seeing as she is an infant he has to wait a while. Fast forward and somewhere around 18, or her version of it, is where the story starts. Now I also figured that daemon may want to take over the world so that could be going on and, if the partner wants, the plan could be to have lots of super powerful incestuous (and thus super twisted) mostly deamon babies with my charecter and so  have generals for the war. Other shit can be thrown in like elves and elvish ancestor for my girl or other stuff. If this sounds good pl;ease PM me.