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Author Topic: Current Craving: MxM pairings :)  (Read 516 times)

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Offline CuddlyCunt01Topic starter

Current Craving: MxM pairings :)
« on: December 03, 2015, 11:48:10 am »

So I am dying to find another partner willing to play some malexmale action with me ^.^
The bold in each pairing will be the one I would like to play.
These are my O/O's if you are interested. :)

Setting:  Ninja realm
1) One drunken night, Sasuke and Naruto go drinking with the guys. Well, they get pretty drunk together. While they are walking stumbling to Naruto's house, they decide to have some small talk. Naruto carelessly admits he's still a virgin and wants to explore his sexual side. One thing leads to another.. ;)

2)-Naruto sleeps with a banished Uchiha. They now have made it a routine. Now six months have passed, They make a decision, Stay together as lovers or as enemies?

Setting:Federal Era
1) Inuyasha grieving after losing Kagome, tries to jump back in the well and follow her back to her own time, but ends up somewhere he never expected. In another dimension, where He dies and the love of his life is Sesshomaru! Now he must make a decision try things out with Sesshomaru or go back to grieving about Kagome?

2) Sesshomaru goes everyday to visit Inuyasha on the tree, he was sealed to. But one day, he finds him not there anymore! Unexplained thoughts came to his head as he tried tracking down his little brother. But, of course reality stepped in. He saw Inuyasha's interest are with some human named Kagome. Angered by rejection, he made a quick decision to play the bad guy. But as time went on, he soften up a bit enough to team up with Inuyasha to defeat Naruku. Now Kagome has left him. Will this be Sesshomaru's chance to show Inuyasha his love or be too afraid of rejection he just takes him by force?

Original Plot
Pairing: Average Whore & A Football Jock
Name: Keith Lock
Nickname: "Kinky Keith"
Age: 19
Looks: 5'10, long brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, toned, muscular arms

Scene: Keith was your average kind guy of guy. He is in college and grew up in a loving family. He came out to his family and they accepted him willingly. But he has a secret. He's called Kinky Keith for a reason. He likes having sex and lots of it with random guys. He's willing to try everything in bed within in reason, of course. He's reputation was made in highschool school when he was found tied up with some jump rope while getting fucked by some guy. It spread through the school like a wild fire. He was made fun of and got bullied. But he put up with it and was smart when it came to his studies. So he got a scholarship and went to college for free. His reputation was followed when some classmates when to the same university with him. He didn't mind anymore. Just meant more yummy men would come crawl to him. That was until he ran into his worst nightmare. Jayden (YC) and Jackson Parker, the brothers sent from the dept of hells. They teased him relentlessly and mocked him for being such a whore. Jackson was the worst out of both of them. It seemed they went to the same school. Now Jayden also has a hidden secret, He's in love with Keith. But too afraid to come out, he keeps quiet and watches Keith from a far. But what happens when Keith is forced by Jackson to give Jayden a "special" birthday present to him.? Will he willingly accept or will his conscious get the better of him to make things right?

Jayden Parker (YC)

I would like him to be this guy. But if you had another guy in mind. That is fine too.
Note: This could go in numerous ways. So I'm willing to be flexible. :)

Alright that's all for now! ^.^
I'll keep you updated! Hope you enjoyed! :)
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