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July 17, 2018, 03:05:38 AM

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Author Topic: Family Relaxation (Incest, Free Form, All Welcome, need 3 more gals to start)  (Read 5326 times)

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Offline rachels270692

Player: rachels270692
Name: Annabelle (also known as Anna or Belle)
Age: 40
Sex: Female
Family Role: Mum of family 1
Appearance: Annabelle looks like she is in her 20s, she has ages well with smooth pale skin, and deep blue eyes. Her hair is dyed black with a hint of blue, she was born blonde but hated the colour. She stand at 5ft 7 with a swimmer built, she has a tattoo over her shoulder blades on the left side an white angel wing, and one the left a black demon wing. She has her ears priced as well as her belly button. She has a long scar down her back, which is half hidden by her tattoo.
History: Annabelle was 21 when she had her first child, she had been with kakihara from the age of 19. They was married when Annabelle was 20, she loved her husband so much but at the same time had a hard time outside the house. A lot of people was mean to her because of her looks, thinking she had work done or just mocking her. She took to spending more and more times with her kids, who she grow very close to over the years. She comes across as very shy and dose not do well meeting new people, she has a habit of hiding behind her husband. She is kind and is always willing to help people, she is playfully and a bit of a tease. When she was a child her own mother had beat her with anything to hand, the worse had left a long scar down her back which now was a pale white it was hard to see. When she was 18 she got a tattoo done over her shoulder blades half to cover the scar, but also to remind her that life was not always easy. She had run away from home at 15, living with friends to stay away from her mum. She fell for kakihara when she first meet him, but had been to shy to go up to him so one of her friends had pushed her into him.  (just an idea still open to change if someone dose not like it)
Casual Ons: Reading, singing and dancing, on-line shopping and games.
Casual offs: Yelling, mean people, fighting and bad smells.
Sexual Ons: same as mine
Sexual Offs: same as mine
Fears: Angry people, fighting and pain

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Later tonight I should have the game underway! As far as I see everyone is accepted!!!!

Offline rachels270692

cool can not wait :D

Offline wander

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Still here and eager and ready to bring the twins.  ;D

Offline SlipperySue

Looking forward to it.

Offline kakihara

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Offline sketcherella

Can't wait!

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Delay in the start my loves!

Real life is messing me up.  I'll have something up tomorrow I promise

Offline SlipperySue

Disappointed but understand, real life is a bitch like that.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Offline SlipperySue

Slight amendments made to my character sheets on the OOC thread, to help fix the characters in time and space.  Especially the motivations of Karla, but also to be more clear about the on's and off's without reference to my O&O list.

If in doubt ask me in PM or on the OOC thread.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

OK all there will be a 4th family, just father and daughter.  It will be smokeyes and i.

Offline Smokeyes

Name; Tyler
Age; 17
Stas; 5'7"  54kg , Lithe and very fit , she associates curvey women as slutty, so she deliberately keeps her self slender but not skinny. 32'24'32
School;Scholarship student to a Music Academy,she boards during school term ,going home during the holidays.
Interests; Music (Cellist), Martial arts,brown belt in Tang soo Do,Rock climbing,  thrillers , murder mysteries and horror novels. Computer games.(secretly smokes occasionally );
Dislikes; Any woman trying to move into the family circle. Brassy women.RomComs,

History; Tyler has a very ingrained Electra complex, and it has been evident even when  she was quite young, she was forever criticising her mother , from her cooking,her house keeping or lack of it. Accusing her of preferring her job to her husband,Tylers father. Tyler was always there whenever he needed anything doing and behaved perfectly when he was around, they always had a tactile and loving relationship, her tomboyish personality  giving them even more common ground. . As she became older and her sexuality awakened her attacks on her mother became more and more personal until the situation was untenable.
It took very little time after her mother was gone for her to step into the lover role and willingly so. From her point of view there had always been a strong chemistry and sexual tension. She has always assumed her father saw things in much the same way. And that her mother had been an obstruction to how things should have been
Not exactly ecstatic at going to boarding school , she also knows these opportunities come along once in a life time.

Family Role ; Only daughter of a single parent family, thats how she likes it and thats how she wants it to stay. God help any woman found in her fathers bed.

Sexual On's- Similar to mine (a little less extreme)
Sexual Offs-Skat
Dominant women

Fears; only one . Losing her father either literally or to another woman
« Last Edit: February 24, 2016, 02:56:03 PM by Smokeyes »

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Smokeyes, go ahead and post your character in ooc thread so everyone can start the ooc up.

Also everyone I'll be working on the ic thread, please prepare your intro posts. Work ideas out from when you first find out about the note and the resort leading up to you pulling into the main parking area.

Offline rachels270692

hehe saying that chreestarfer you have not put your people up :P

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

my CS are up, working on intros now

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Main thread IC is up!

Id like for everyone to get one good intro post in before a free for all.  Remember, do your intro post up until the point of you walking into the main building at the resort.