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Author Topic: Unisax's Roleplay request M/F, M/M ( F seeking M)  (Read 889 times)

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Offline unisaxTopic starter

Unisax's Roleplay request M/F, M/M ( F seeking M)
« on: December 01, 2015, 05:52:01 PM »

Open for Role plays, future RP discussion, and world building.

Hi everyone!

I'm Unisax but if that's too much of a mouthful I also accept being called Uni, Sax, or Rae. I have an avid love for all things fantasy and dragons are awesome. I'm 23 and have been role playing for as long as I can remember, I have a great sense of humor and prefer to have a long conversation before an RP is started so all the details can be kinked out. Speaking of kinks...

O/O's: O/O's Topic, O/O's Detail.

I prefer to RP over PMs or Skype just because im a shy soul and don't much like the idea of something so intimate/ personal being somewhere EVERYONE can see.

Unfortunately I am a bit of a workaholic, not by choice mind you but, eh, a girls gotta make a living right? My schedule is pretty...iffy and I work over nights so most of the time my posts are going to be written from my phone so please, please, PLEASE don't be upset over my grammar mistakes, my phone is a dick sometimes.

My favorite part of the role play process is literally building it, I love plot and character designing, so please fan girl with me as we go on this adventure of making our babies! Most of my characters will be drawn by my self, I am a artist so I love doing that kinda stuff! I can either be a slow RP-er or a fast one it depends on how much in love with the RP I am or if I am currently busy with life... It happens I am sorry but I promise I will reply as fast as I can.

lastly, for the love of GOD if you are going to disappear and you know you are going to, TELL ME!!! so I can adjust my self, sometimes I fall in love with rps and it will break my heart if I am left in the dark like that.

So with all that out of the way, let's move on~!

Samples of writing:

Quinn's voice rang through out the cavern, in the pool Quinn walked across what looked like the cave they were currently in, she looked younger, her hair not as long as she looked maybe a teenager in human terms and before her took a golden clad dragoness, Quinn paled in comparison to the beauty of the former queen. She looked in her early forty's but there was no comparison, the women turned to face her daughter and smiled." my dearest cub, is something the matter?." her voice was thick with a accent but it bleed warmth into every word, it made you feel safe.

Quinn hesitated before approaching her mother and got to her knees in front of the queen, the golden dragon didn't even flinch at the display." I fear for you health mother...." Quinn admitted and glanced up at the queen before looking down quickly, leaning down the queen gently tilted her head up and smiled." I know my sweet but fear not, you know as well as I that all must end eventually even I so please do not trouble your soul to much on it." That answer didn't satisfy Quinn in the least and the young dragon couldn't contain her emotion and tears swelled into her crystal blue eyes, the queen did seem surprised at that before she her self lowered to the ground and tool her daughters face into her hands." speak to me love...." she soothed and pet Quinn's cheeks, Quinn had to take a moment before she sniffled and leaned into the queens touch." one wished to hear of their mother talk about their death..not even me..I love you far to much!." she argued to the golden queen whom simply smiled and leaned forward and kissed her forehead." shhhh my love I know...I know but my words are true, death is only the beginning my love, I know it will hurt when I pass but it is what nature calls for, even we must die." Quinn frowned before letting out a shuddering breath and nodded.

The queen stood and walked to her throne and sat down gracefully and smiled at her daughter who was still sitting on her knees before her." Listen to me Quinn...I want you to keep close eye on the world for me, I feel the winds shifting and magic turning to others purpose, promise me that you will do your part in this and make sure no harm comes to the humans." Quinn looked up quickly in surprise but her mother put a hand up to silence her protest." hear me...humans do not have magic like us my love, they are quite literally defenseless against us, they are mighty in number but even if one dragon that is a adult decided to attack they are doomed." the queen let out a sigh before readjusting her self in her seat." protect them, like they are our own, even from the selves if you have to." her voice grew stern as Quinn's expression softened and she closed her eyes and let out a sigh and nodded." yes mother" Quinn stood and turned and walked toward the entrance of the cave.

The pool rippled and the scene disappeared and was replaced by another, Quinn who was much older in this image, she looked about the age she was now, standing on a cliff side staring down at the battle raging below her and she sneered dangerously as dragon and human clashed together. Quinn was covered in blood, whether it was human or creature was impossible to tell but she backed up and leaped off the cliff and shifted mid air into a utterly massive dragon that flapped her wings, her blood coated scaled glimmered into the light as she flew over the battle, below her was the red dragon, the betrayer of her kind and killer of the queen.

Quinn roared loudly which shuck the ground off the battle below, it effectively knocked most of the humans before her down, Quinn slammed her body into the red dragons and they fought tooth and nail, she was two sizes bigger than him but he had raw strength to counter her size but the white dragon used her size against him and her serpentine body wrapped around his and she latched onto his throat. For what seemed like hours the two fought heavily with each other, using magic and force, eventually their body hit land and the humans were not ready for the two giants as they collided together. Quinn managed to her her paws on the red dragons mouth and pry ed his mouth wide open, throwing her head back she roared and her throat glowed a bright blue color, looking down as blue gathered in her open mouth she aimed her self before a massive stream of fire flooded down the other dragons throat, effectively the red dragon stopped moving and eventually the fire eat through his neck and decapitated him. throwing his head away Quinn slammed her paws onto the ground and roared loudly in victory which made the ground rumble at the intensity of the sound, spreading her wings she blocked out the sun for the humans before her before taking off into the air, leaving the dragons body as a trophy for the humans.

The pool rippled again and the image disappeared  but this time the pool went still and offered the human no more scenes of the past.


One Full Moon Ago
M/F, Sire Werewolf(M)/Newly turned Werewolf(F), or Monster Hunter(M)/Newly turned Werewolf(F).

Based on the backstory I have for Black, my oldest werewolf character. I love her to bits and I want to give her story more pull.

Nonetheless I'm open to ideas.

I Won't Be The Last
M/F, Human Hunter (M)/Unicorn Sentry, Susa (F). Or another Magical Being (M) / Unicorn Sentry (F).

Unicorns have been hunted to near extinction just for the magic embedded in their horns, or simply those looking for bragging rights by bagging such a rare beast. For Susa it is a dangerous time and she has taken up the bow to keep her people save, she learned fast and while her magic is focused on healing she is fierce due to the horrors of humankind.

Open to discussion.


When At War
M/F, Alien or Human(M)/Quinn, alien (F).

Plot for Quinn, she's a semi aquatic alien from a largely water based planet which is at war with another species - to be discussed. She is apart of what our planet equivalents to a nunnery, however her species refers to it as "The Rookery".

The idea for this plot is that our character's could be star crossed lovers (pun intended) or YC could be one of her species.

Open to hashing.

All Working Parts
M/F, Creator or New Owner(M)/Lambent, android (F)

Build to be nothing more than a tool, Lambent's model was a hunter android - tracking down law breaking humans and aliens. Taking jobs far too dangerous for others. However our story may not take this turn, as all her "parts" are functionally human.

Ready for RP discussion.

Well with all that finished, I hope something caught your attention. If so don't be afraid to send me a PM!
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Offline unisaxTopic starter

Re: Unisax's Roleplay request M/F, M/M ( F seeking M)
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2016, 07:20:45 PM »
New characters!

The dragon queen,  this is the queen in reference to the sample writing I did. - m/f ( possible Knight or perhaps another dragon)

The demon/ succubus - m/f

Online Captain Maltese

Re: Unisax's Roleplay request M/F, M/M ( F seeking M)
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2016, 07:36:23 PM »
Hey, I browsed the wanted section and saw you mention a demon/succubis story idea. What did you have in mind there?

Cpt Maltese