Part Time Job at the Kennel [M lf F]

Started by Frost, November 30, 2015, 12:49:48 AM

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Part Time Job at the Kennel

A family run Kennel is looking for a part time employee, it is run by two brothers, one is fat and ugly, quite a letch and greasy looking fellow, the other is tall and thin, with a shady face, they have put an advertisement in the local paper -

'Part Time Kennel worker required, would suit a college student or last year of school for extra cash, times are flexible evening work, please enquire by calling the number below'

As you can imagine this story is going to be quite dark and very non vanilla, whichever poor young woman who will be employed with be subjected to the brothers and also the ones she looks after in the kennels.

Please check my On  and Off's and let me know if you are interested via PM

Open to further ideas and twists and slight changes to the above, so if this causes a stir in your imagination, stop by and say hello, I am not fussed what sex you are in real life as that does not matter, as long the character in the RP that you play is female :)




Still avail any willing to step in to the depths :)


*BUMP* as last partner decided to cease, please PM if interested!