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Started by shovelbum4u, November 29, 2015, 11:20:36 AM

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I have no idea why this story appeals to me so much. I have tried it a number of times with various degrees of success. Although the story almost always starts out the same, I find it very interesting to see what twists and turns it takes after that. I am completely open to changes and suggestions, so let me know if you are interested.

In the story I play two different characters, Richard and Aaron.

Richard: In my 50s standing 6'1 with a lean athletic build. The athletic build comes from the copious amounts of exercise I did my last 10 years of marriage to my ex wife Rachel. The term "prude" could not have been more aptly applied to anyone else in the world. We slept in separate bedrooms, and Rachel would only have sex with me on our anniversary. Because of my lack of other physical activities, I had religiously exercised to get all that pent up sexual frustration out of my system.

After being married to Rachel for 25 years, I filed for divorce. As a senior vice president of a fortune 500 company, rich would be an apt word to describe my lifestyle. And the "old money" socialites that Rachel was a part of turned their noses up at my wedding to my new wife (you) so soon after my divorce from my first. After you moved in, my life could not have been better. I could care less about what my ex's friends think, but what about my son Aaron. He is only 16 years old, choosing to stay with me so he wouldn't have to switch schools. What does he think about his father marrying someone so soon after divorcing his mother. Marrying someone who looks like you do.

Aaron: 16 years old is a very confusing age. Trust me. I have the typical problems of a 16 year old geek would have. But the one problem that trumps the rest is my new stepmother (you). Don't get me wrong, she is nice enough. Always polite and talks to me. The problem is that 1. she is closer to my age than my fathers. 2. her looks. I mean she is amazingly hot. and 3. her favorite past-time seems to be having a lot of sex with my father. And while we live in a mansion, the screams, moans, and squeals of sex echo throughout the house. No to mention that my room is right next to theirs. I go to sleep almost every night to the sounds of loud fucking issuing forth from the room nextdoor.

My stepmother's other favorite past time seems to be messing with my head. There is always these innuendos. And the way she dresses.... leaves little the imagination. As my stepmother I know I am obligated to think about her a certain way. As a boy of 16 though... although I try not to... I think about her another.

The Stepmother: I am very much in favor of you being in control of your own character. What she looks like, how she talks... all that is up to you. In my head, I see her as being young and extremely hot. And while I don't think she necessarily will have sex with the Aaron character, I think she does enjoy messing with his head.

Anyway, that is the basic set-up. If you are interested, please let me know.