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January 21, 2017, 07:57:51 PM

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Author Topic: A romance between Gods. (F for M/F)  (Read 232 times)

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A romance between Gods. (F for M/F)
« on: November 29, 2015, 10:30:59 AM »

Name: Romance of the Gods.

NOTE: I am also okay with Amalthea's opposite being a demon lord or Female Godess/Demoness.

Content: Romance, supernatural, Dieties, more to be discussed.

Scenario: The universe is full of ancient powers and almighty beings, ones that have existed long before the multiverse, and will exist even after it expires, and will be there when it is reborn to once again assume their prospective thrones. There are only two things that can kill these ancient gods, goddesses and demons. The First being another god or demon of equal or surpassing power kills them or ,destiny forbid, the mortals whose belief and worship helps power them to stop believing in them. When the mortals forget about a god completely, they cease to be and this can injure the universe in some ways, for it leaves an opening for other gods of the multiverse to enter an expand. the Elder beings such as Cthulhu and Dagon are famous for doing so.  But even when they are destroyed, new ones are made to replace them when the universe is reborn.

But! Our story is not about that, instead it is about two of these ancients who have been at odds for nearly all of eternity, falling in love and the possible reprocussions of such a thing. One of these Gods is Amalthea: Goddess of Light and Prosperity. OR whatever good thing the mortals assign to her now. She does her best to care for her followers and help nurture them to the point they can stand on their own, she even once went to war with Plagueis, God of disease, for daring to spread a plague upon her people.

She reigns in an eternal realm of light. A mighty castle where her throne room is at the top and all her worshippers may look upon her glory and where she may light their way. Up above the heavens she sees from time to time the realm of the God (or is he a demon?...she always forgets) Thalmor: God of Chaos, Madness and general disorder. He lives to play funny and cruel jokes upon the mortals and other gods, sometimes even going to war just for the sake of it. He's a trouble maker of the highest degree, but never truly caused trouble for her. Until one day where  singlehandedly invades her realm, disarms her army,  and breaks down the doors to her throne room, tying her up to her own throne before falling to one knee. The Mad God then proceeds to tell her that he did all this for one reason, as he pulls out a diamond ring and with a laugh he says.

"To ask for your hand in marriage!"

....surely he jests??

Setting: Magic, deities, other realms.

Requirements: Someone to play the God of Disorder/mania/chaos. In some ways I picture him a lot like the glorious and great Daedric Prince Sheogorath but since you will be playing him, its up to you how the character works. Perhaps he really is that insane, maybe he is just tired of being alone and looked at like an idiot. Maybe he just plays the fool and is more powerful than the other entities give him credit for.

Maybe he wants to make a play and rule over all of the underworld realms and is more like Hades form Hercules, a smooth talker with a proposition for Amalthea.

I would also love to discuss it with a partner more indepth as to what kinds of kinks could be present and such.  :-) Would the other gods be happy? Angry, feel threatened, by this new union? There are so many ways we could play this.

Other info: We can go all out with this rp, they are two beings of infinite, phenomenal cosmic power. Limits are for Mortals.
 What would happen to a goddess of light when getting morning sickness?
Why This of course.
Makes sense since her child is the product of the God of Chaos/madness/randomness and disorder. Would an orgasm from Amalthea cause a sun to go supernova? What about from Thalmor? These questions we must seek answers to.