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September 28, 2022, 09:43:54 pm

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Author Topic: Sci-fi/fantasy Roleplay. (Seeking one-on-one with female.) [UN]  (Read 1172 times)

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Sci-fi/fantasy Roleplay. (Seeking one-on-one with female.) [UN]
« on: November 16, 2008, 10:07:30 pm »
I have returned after a long absence due to my real life situation and have decided to shake the rust off and attempt to get something going again.  So, to get the creative juices flowing again, I have decided to put forward an idea.  Hoping to see if I could possibly find a lady comfortable with what it is I have to propose.  Mind you, this will be a cooperative roleplay that will take your input, ideas and thoughts of direction into account.  I intend to be open to discussion outside of roleplay about the aspects and helping in any manner I can to ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience while being open about what I would like to see.

As for the current idea i'm building on for my return:

I would like to attempt a Sci-fi/fantasy roleplay.  With what i've thought about so far, it will be more sci-fi laden that fantasy as it will have high technology (Star wars based) but with far more room for expansion and not simply limited to.  This will not be a Star wars RP by far, it will incorperate more, I only wish to build off a technology field i'm comfortable with and can be helpful with to anyone that likes that they see written so far.

Possible plot:

A young male freighter captain, likely in ownership of a small freighter which was inhereted as one of the last legacies of his family.  Running the ship himself with perhaps some assistance from artifical intelligence that helps to maintain the deteriorated ship.  Making a living off what was would be seen as questionable dealing he constently finds himself making a few new enemies and perhaps a few 'fair-weather' friends where ever he makes dock.  He has few aims in life other than surviving day to day and perhaps improving his ship when the money is available.  This lack of thinking for tomorrow means he ends up all over colonized space and beyond where pirates, thugs and perhaps some planetary defense forces lay claim.  Needless to say its a very hazardous situation and not a desireable way to earn a living.  He has his ship, his freedom and thats all he thinks he needs.  However, one day he picks up a passenger and likely not to his knowledge who has 'greater plans' and vision for this aimless nomad that plies space lanes and more importantly the freedom that his ship would offer.  Little do the both of them know that the adventure has just begun and each one of them might have more trouble following than either one of them are capable of handling alone.

This is merely a shell of my thoughts right now and poorly developed.  However, it does give an idea to build up and if i'm able to find the right person it certainly will.

Now, for the final part that might possibly be the killer to all my creative ramblings up above.  I'm going to be honest with the type of female character i'm after for this roleplay.  It would be a nice change a pace to have a female shapeshifter type for this roleplay.  Able to fold and expand her body and mold flawlessly into forms she focuses her mind on.  Giving her obvious advantages, but also possible disadvantages as well.  It would also be obvious while certain organizations and persons would be out for her.  A form limited telepathy allowing her to read the emotions and desires of those she would focus on would also be something to consider.  It would make her an ideal manipulator, as brute force, while effective can be rather dull when used over and over.  Clever, manipulative, seductive and very good at playing on her talents.  Also, I have a very strong attraction to very tall(up to giantsized proportationed) women.  I do very much enjoy a female character able to grow taller and can enjoy being the much bigger one of the relationship.  It allows for some very interesting situations and struggles to adapt to them.  If you are not comfortable with this line of thought, I understand it does take a 'special' kind of person to be able to do so without any beef.  My character is by no means a doormat and will resist on occasions, but I mix things up when it comes to the whole idea of the male should always be taller.

Now that i've gotten the basics of my thoughts down, i'd like to say that all this can and probably will be discussed in depth with the one I find, if I find the right lady.  I like to be descriptive and detailed with my plans, much more so than what i've listed here.  I simply wanted to give a prompt about what you would be getting yourself into before you dropped a message here or in my mail box.  I do hope you've enjoyed reading this and I will be happy to try and elaborate more should I find someone willing to try.  Please do not be intimidated and i'm glad to be back once more.  Give me a shot if you feel up to it, I put a lot of effort into my roleplay ideas and am always open for talks on MSN when on.  Hope to hear from a person or two soon and grow somemore ideas.
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