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Author Topic: The New Acquisition ~ A Femdom Tale {F seeking M}  (Read 384 times)

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The New Acquisition ~ A Femdom Tale {F seeking M}
« on: November 26, 2015, 03:46:42 PM »
~The New Acquisition~

It'd been a long week for Dennis Corbin. His father-in-law's company, Rising Tide, was being bought out and even though Dennis had been promised that his role would not change, he was starting to have his doubts. Dennis and his father-in-law rarely saw eye to eye and it didn't help that the man had done little to dispel any rumors of nepotism that had plagued Dennis for most of his career.

Dennis tried to shake away those thoughts for now. They wouldn't do any good here. He was standing in a small room, with pink walls and white carpets. Across from him was a plush couch with ivory trim. His skin prickled with nerves as he shivered in just his briefs. He anxiously thumbed the wedding ring around his left hand and wondered if maybe he should have left it in the changing area. He swallowed hard. He'd never done anything like this in his life.

In fact, he couldn't believe that he was actually here. Most of the guys he played squash with loved to trade tall tales about wild nights out with escorts or seducing a flight attendant or hotel desk clerk while on a business trip. But this was really night and day from that. Dennis almost closed his eyes to the shame of it, but quickly reminded himself that he was a respected business man of a very important company. He was entitled to blow off some steam now and again -- even if it was this strange. That was the whole point of this, right? No one was here to judge.

A door opened on the right. In walked a young woman perched on tall leather heels. She was wearing a leather high-waisted pencil skirt and a pink silk blouse. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a fierce looking updo. Dennis' body trembled. The young woman's big blue eyes seemed to swallow Dennis' very essence and for a fleeting moment Dennis thought she might be the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen.

Then panic set in. When Dennis had first visited The Silk Web -- the site that brought him down this rabbit hole -- all the women were older. That helped him rationalize this. It'd be like spending time with a strict aunt. There wouldn't be any guilt like after the time he had his assistant Layla put her pouty lips on his swollen cock. But this ... god, how old was this girl? Twenty-five at the oldest?

"Hello," she said. "I'm Ms. Herzog, but you will call me Madam for the duration, understood?"

Dennis nodded, but then seeing the look on her face, he muttered -- "...Yes, Madam."

She smiled, clearly pleased, then took a seat on the couch while crossing her legs at the knee. "Come kneel at my feet," she said. "Before we get started I want you to worship these heels and don't get too jealous, you'll be in a pair yourself soon enough."

Dennis' skin prickled, and he almost tripped as he fumbled down onto his kneels in front of this young woman. He glanced up as she casually lit a cigarette, and gently blew the smoke toward the ceiling, and then her foot hung out in front of him waiting to be worshipped.

Two Weeks Later

The memories of the things Dennis did with Ms. Herzog were still alive in his mind. He couldn't believe the effect it had on his life either. He seemed more relaxed, at ease, as if the fire in his body had been temporarily extinguished. But there's a bit of humiliation there too... if anyone knew what he'd subjected himself too.

He forced himself from his thoughts as his father-in-law continued to drone on about the future of his company. The old man had invited Dennis and his wife Sheila out for dinner to 'celebrate the future' but Dennis had spent most of the evening sullen and disconnected from the conversation.

"Oh here she is now," the old man said.

Dennis looked up and felt a bad jolt shoot through him. His eyes widened as a young blonde woman took a seat across from him. She glanced over. Dennis felt his breath shorten. Oh god it couldn't be ...

"I'd like you to meet Miss Natalie Beecham," his father-law-said. "She's going to be taking over once the merger is complete."

Good evening! Thank you prospective partner for taking the time out of your day to climb inside my head a bit. I hope I moved you in some way. As stated I am on the lookout for a longterm partner. Please check out my thread to see my interests and desires. I very much look forward to hearing from you!