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Author Topic: Aces & Eights Imaginarium!  (Read 1976 times)

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Aces & Eights Imaginarium!
« on: September 22, 2014, 09:28:52 PM »
My last request thread was far too lengthy and honestly was mostly just a repost from my O/O's. So hence forth this will be the place for simply my game ideas. Read my O/O's and My Role Play Preferences before contacting me. That has all of my information on what I like to post and what I want from a writing partner. Private message me rather than posting here.

Green = Really Craving
Blue = Craving
Red = In Discussion
Purple= Taken
Struck Thru = Not Currently Taking Interest In

Story Ideas

Sixguns and Death Dealers: Western Sword and Sorcery Dark Fantasy. Extreme for violence, gore, drugs, black magic, and sex. M for F or Futa.

A world where the Wild West meets Sword and Sorcery in a violent, glorious mess. Sorcerers playing high stakes games of poker with demons for power, bandits with sword and sixgun in hand riding down a train belching smoke and char from it's demon engine, savage beastmen and their primordial monstrous masters in the hinterlands, and through it all a bounty hunter wearing a horned helmet armed with axe and gun rides.

Heavenly Styles: Eastern Wuxia Fantasy. Pairings and rating up for discussion.

I've been replaying Jade Empire lately and it has enkindled in me a desire to play in a similar setting. So a fantastic Chinese myth inspired land with exotic martial arts, esoteric sorceries, Taoist alchemy, a Celestial Bureaucracy watching from the Heavens, and animalistic demons meets airships and strange steampunk machinery. Action packed martial arts battles and Eastern mysticism work for me and I'll hope they'll work for someone else too.

Storywise I am fairly open. Pairings and erotic content wise as well. This can be a high flying adventure packed with romance or it can be a dark take on forced love between a father & daughter in the midst of upheaval against noble decadence. I'm up for pretty much everything.

Long Hard Road Out Of Hell: MC (my character) is a sorcerer in the modern day. Dealing with demons, binding souls, and Lovecraftian monstrosities. Old school dangerous sorcerer. Arrogant and powerful but he made a mistake. He brought in friends. A brother and sister orphaned by violence. He let them in. Treated them like family. Taught them his secrets. Shared everything with them.

Till the day they put a bullet in his head and sent him to Hell.

This is where YC (your character comes in). You can be a fellow damned soul or a demon or a native of hell. Whatever you want but whatever you are you are one of his co-conspirators in exploring and escaping Hell. Reluctantly or enthusiastically is up to you. For whatever reason is up to you.

Basically I want a darkly fantastic story full of black magic, demons, and sin while clawing our way out of hell. This will be an Extreme story. I expect a certain amount of sex and violence and perversion. How much and what kind will be discussed by me and my partner.

Sex and Magic: Fantasy. Could be Urban Fantasy or just plain ole'Fantasy. Feminine Male for Futa. NC-Exotic at the very least.

MC is a sorcerer of the old school variety. Summoning demons, binding monsters, and arcane sciences. Power and wealth are his without challenge as the powerful of the world come to him for information and aid. The bindings and taboos of society mean little to him. And through it all he has been ravaged by his desires. A libido that has gnawed at him all his life. Driven him to sample the delights of men and women and more but to never know satisfaction. In the end all the lovers failed to satisfy him. That is when he turned to demons.

YC is to be the demon he summons to satisfy him. The first encounter may well be between master and servant and be a ball of lust and black magic but where it goes from there is up for us to discuss. Demon conspiracies? Lovecraftian threats to the world? The intricate traditions of a demon wedding? I'm flexible.

Based off of the following comic:
A lovely comic full of ideas and potential plotting

The Werepocalypse:

This is our world after the End of Days but a very particular End of Days. Sometime soon a disease makes it's way into the world. Most die within days of contracting it in a very Masque of the Red Death fashion. Some survive but they are feral. Animalistic and strong like PCP addicts. It takes months before they learn the worst thing about the disease. Some don't die. They don't become feral. It turns them into shapeshifting monsters. The old myths of the werewolf and the bearsark come to life in a thousand bloodthirsty forms.

At first they couldn't determine why one died, another went feral, and another became a monster but eventually they learned. The violent at heart went feral and murderers became monsters. This was the death knell of the old world. Brother turn against brother out of fear that one might be a monster or to ensure that if they would become a monster if the disease came to them. Paranoia and lust for power and violence ruled the day.

In time new powers came to be. The most potent of the monsters became lords of their own domains. Giving protection in return for service or worship and worse. Some bred with men and created monstrous abhumans. Snake people and bird headed hunters and black eyed shark people that bred true. The world became a very different place. A little bit Lunar Exalted and a little bit Fury Road.

Now this is just a setting. It's just one I find interesting with a lot of potential for different kinds of stories. If you have an idea for it send it my way and we'll talk. Now I do have one basic idea for it.

The Snake God: Post Apocalyptic Sword & Sorcery. Pairings M for whatever. Shapeshifters & Scalykind involved. Extreme for dark themes, violence, black magic, and potential sexual content inappropriate for anything less.

Nagrenda has existed since the fall. A great serpent who has survived by cunning and charm and predatory skill. He was one of the first to declare himself a god and call worshippers to him. One of the first to breed the abhuman Serpentfolk. A great snake god ruling from his temple in the jungle but that was years ago. A great battle with another god silenced his reign. He disappeared and his people scattered into the jungle. Some say he died that day along with the challenger. Some say he fled the lands of his defeat. His people say he sleeps and waits for his time to come again.

But all say that the Snake God's temple is a place of magic and wealth. The kind of place legends are made of. Now you set foot there whether looking for treasure or to learn about history or even to take shelter on the road but whatever the reason you find that the Snake God is very much alive and you just woke him.

Dragon Wants

Fire and Death: Fantasy. Dark themes of extreme violence and sexual content. Meant to go dark places. It's kind of the point with this one. I want this to be bloody and incredibly violent and sexual. I want this to be a venting game. Cathartic. And, yes, neither character is meant to be a bastion of mental health or morals.

I will play a dragon and not just a dragon in a world of dragons but the dragon that strikes fear into the hearts of men. One that lays waste to cities and kills the heroes that comes to stop him. His name is spoken of fearfully in tales. Sleeping for centuries till someone was stupid enough to wake him. Maybe someone decided to make a name off of him and slay him while he slept. Maybe a thief stole something precious from him. Whatever the reason he wakes up in a less than pleasant mood and decides to go all Smaug on a town.

YC is a woman there and she sees the whole thing. The fire and the death. And she isn't afraid. She's turned on. Excited by the power and the destruction. When MC notices this he decides to talk to her directly and comes to appreciate the idea of company. What I want to see from this is a Bonny and Clyde or Natural Born Killers kind of deal. Only with a dragon and lots more fire.

Alternate Setup - YC was the one sent to kill him. The great hero meant to put down the monster that everyone knew lived in the mountain but no living man had seen. Only what was found there was something far more interesting than simply a slumbering monster...

Genre Wants

Listed under my O/O's

Fandom Wants

The Pits of Tyr: Dark Sun is D&D setting that I feel D&D never did justice. It was written as a dangerous struggle to survive in blasted wasteland full of raiders and monsters and immortal sorcerer-kings. A place where crowds roar for blood to be spilled on the desert's sands as nobles watch from sheltered balconies. Exotic weapons, larger than life personalities, and deadly beasts fill the arenas.

What I am looking for is a writing partner - male or female - to take up another role in a gladiator stable in the city of Tyr. A fellow gladiator preferably but other roles could be filled. Just someone with whom I can write a tale about life and death on the desert sands with black magics and deadly fights. A violent story yes but a real story. How much sex is involved - if any - will depend on the writing partner. If you have any questions about the setting let me know.

Diablo: Based off of the video game series. Male for Male, Female, or Futa. Probably Extreme for sex and violence.

A dark, Gothic fantasy setting full of bloody handed demons, light winged angels, and magical artifacts. Add a classic good versus evil storyline to well developed lore and you get something really interesting as a setting. I'd like to find a partner to play through the storyline of the games from D2 on. Bloody handed, dark adventures with two of us - and maybe a few other adventures to kill off dramatically over the course of events.

Other Wants

Vampire the Masquerade -

Magic the Gathering -

BDSM Experiment -

Pictures Begging Plots:

If any of the images strikes a cord with you let me know. I find all of them inspirational.

Taken Story Ideas
Warbound: Fantasy. M/F. Inspired by the animes Lord Marksman & Vanadis and Akame ga Kill but is not necessarily anime in style. It begins with two countries at war. The who, the what, and the why of the war is entirely up for discussion. The exact kind of fantasy is up for discussion but the base idea is as follows. YC is a commander in her country's armies and one of their greatest warriors. Trained from a young age and weaned on the war. Isolated by success and title and respect. MC is a young commander of a small detachment of the other country's military. Someone seemingly insignificant but possessing skills on the battlefield that make him YC's equal or near equal in battle. They meet when the rest of the army he is marching with panics and retreats from battle leaving him and his men to try and hold the line. YC defeats MC one on one but is impressed by his skill and his bravery and takes him prisoner - only to give him the choice of serving under her.

What I am envisioning for this idea is a passionate relationship born on the battlefield while both deal with the war and the political fallout of a two enemies becoming allies. Well... more than allies. A story about passion and war and overcoming resistance. What this idea is not about is femdom. MC is supposed to interest YC because he is her equal or as close to it as she has ever found. There can be some moments of bondage but it is not a D/S scenario.

Nightfall: Cyberpunk in a demon haunted city. Dark. Extreme for violence, gore, and freaky sex. M/F. This idea is based off of conversations with Kismet.

In the past - before the demons and before the endless night - the cities weren't like this. History tells vague tales of sunlit streets and everyone living on the surface. Demons were things of myth and legend. Then it happened. Nightfall. Man overreached themselves and opened Doors In The Night and they choked the skies black with ash and dust till humanity had to take shelter in underground shelters. Ilon was one such shelter. As time passed and people bred they started building upwards. Pushing the poor out of the safety of the Lit Districts and into ash choked night.

This is when the demons appeared. Stalking amongst the poor huddled masses before working their way in with the rich and powerful. Taking control. Drinking the heartsblood of people and taking their shapes and bits of their memories. Burrowing into the infrastructure. Ensuring that the masses have no protection against them. Feeding at will among the millions above.

YC (your character) is a member of an underground group who hunts the demons. Why she joined is up to you but it has to be strong reason. Something that drives her to risk her life every dark day. What she doesn't know is that her best friend and partner of several years - my character - is one of them. A demon. And he doesn't hunt his fellow demons out of a sense of right and wrong. He doesn't do it to protect people. He does it because he eats the demons. Among a race of flesh eaters and monsters he's the criminal.

Retired Story Ideas
Jungle Queen: Sword and Sorcery. M/F. YC is a myth to most of the known world. The legendary queen of the seemingly endless Dengal jungle. Fabled for her beauty and spoken of in awed whispers for the powers she is supposed to possess. To command the beasts of the endless green - to influence the hearts of men. Some even say a great beast acts as her guardian. A King to her Queen.

As is the nature of men someone wants her. Maybe a king wants her as his bride. Maybe a high priest wants her as the greatest of his sacred prostitutes. Maybe her sacrifice will allow a dark god passage into the world. Whatever the reason a great expedition is formed with the sole goal of capturing the jungle queen. MC is a hunter - maybe the best hunter - brought on to actually find her once they reach the Dengal. A warrior bearing the scars of endless hunts and battles but weary at heart. Hard drinking and hard whoring but skilled in a way few men are.

But the expedition didn't count on what the jungle would do to him. What she would do to him. Once there - once he meets her - he forgets about the expedition's plans. He wants to be her king but to do that he must defeat the current King. A beast of legend. All the while they must deal with the expedition's other resources. Black magic and foul tactics.

Inspired the novel Tooth and Claw by James Silke (I'll take obscure Sword & Sorcery for 500, Alex!) and the following Frank Frazetta artwork.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Wolf Feeder: Fantasy. M/F. The cold wooded shores of his home have welcomed Bodfarr Wolf-feeder home from his long journey. Three years has his trip lasted amongst the rich lands of the south but his dreams have always led him back home. Back to the dark haired woman he left behind. Back to the people he left behind. Berzerks. The fiercest warriors of the cold kingdoms. Warriors. Madmen. Shapechangers.
Amongst his people he finds himself face to face with the world he left behind and out in the dark drums have begun to beat. The savage Bolverk have begun to muster again and sound the call to war.

This does not have to be historical. In fact I prefer it not to be. A heavily Norse inspired fantasy epic. YC would be the woman he left behind. Why he left her behind, who she is, etc are all up for discussion. Is she his childhood friend? A valkyrie? Or something more taboo like YC being the foreign witch who brought him into this world? I'm flexible. All that is set in stone is that he's a berserker who's coming home to a country on the verge of war. Want to do steampunk Vikings with rune carved airships? That can be accommodated.

Strange Allies: Inspired by... no idea really. Dark Fantasy. M/F. My character would be a mage (of whatever variety but probably necromancer or an old school Elric styled sorcerer) who was imprisoned some time ago for crimes against the crown. Maybe he was genuinely a criminal or maybe he was dicked over by the old king. Whatever the case something forces the new queen to come to him for help. Releasing him and securing his aid.

I want to play a classic arrogant sorcerer/mage type. More Elric of Melnibone or Thoth-Amon than Gandalf. Powerful and dangerous. Who the queen is, what kind of country she runs, his history with the crown, and even the nature of the crisis that forces her to come to him are all up for discussion.
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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium! (M for F)
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Real Fighting is taken. Strange Allies status has been upgraded.

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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium! (M for F)
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Added Hunter's Mate, Nightfall, and the Jungle Queen.

Removed Highlander from Fandoms.

Marked Strange Allies as Taken.

Added the Pictures Begging Plots (or PBP) section.

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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium! (M for F)
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Updated. Added 2 new - if rough - story ideas. Added a list of Genre preferences.

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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium! (M for F)
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Added Character Wants section.

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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium! (M for F)
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Updated Character Wants and added 2 new PBP entries.

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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium! (M for F)
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Added Warbound.

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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium! (M for F)
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Monthly *bump*

Added Wolf Feeder and Bloodbath.
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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium! (M for F)
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Added Fire and Death.

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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium! (M for F)
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Updated idea statuses.

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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium! (M for F)
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Monthly update

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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium! (M for F)
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Updated Fire & Death's status.

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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium! (M for F)
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Mass update. Old stories removed. New one added.

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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium! (M for F)
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Added Long Hard Road Out of Hell.

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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium!
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Added Sixguns and Death Dealers, Sex and Magic, and Diablo.

Retired Jungle Queen.

Unretired Nightfall and Fire & Death.

Linked my other Interest Threads.

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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium!
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Moved Nightfall to Taken.

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Re: Aces & Eights Imaginarium!
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Adjusted craving levels. Added Heavenly Styles and the Werepocalypse.