Supernatural adventure anyone?

Started by TheLivingWonder, November 16, 2008, 08:33:47 PM

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Ok, I accidentally made this into a poll so...uhmm ignore that thread. :P

I have this rough outline for a story that starts out as a run of the mill criminal investigation, and then sort of evolves into this whole other world of supernatural elements. As the story progresses it gets darker and darker, and in turn, the sexual elements become more extravagant and "other-worldly."

I'd be playing the lead female character who'll be doing all the investigating (probably a journalist) and I want someone else to play as the other characters, elements, and situations she'll face throughout her journey into the underworld.

The sexual part of the story can develop however the other person sees fit, and I'm up for anything so long as it doesn't fall under my list of reds I'll post below.

GREENS: Men, herms, monsters, multiple partners/penetration, excessive cum, seduction, trickery, humiliation, name calling, impregnation, captivation, light consumption (swallowed or held captive inside something, but not eaten)

YELLOWS: enslavement, transfiguration/modification (character is tattooed, branded, or altered in some way shape or form)

REDS: Toilet play, excessive violence/mutilation, kids

Yellows will probably have to be discussed a little bit before hand so I can ensure it's alright, but I'm pretty much up for anything. Wink Hopefully I get some people interested in my idea. Cheesy