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Author Topic: Lingo's Pairings and Idea (Seeking M for plot-driven stories) (Zombie Boy)  (Read 283 times)

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Online LingoTopic starter

Lingo's Pairings and Ideas

Hello there, and thank you for looking at my search thread! I have a few vague ideas for stories that I was hoping would inspire a fellow writer to brainstorm. As the title suggests, I am looking for stories that are heavily plot-driven, not focused primarily on smut. Of course, these stories have opportunity for such situations to occur, but I ask that they are put into the story in a way that makes sense to the plot and characters' desire and motives. Essentially, I prefer a balance of 70% plot and 30% smut. While the descriptions you see here are vague, I will gladly further explain any ideas I have for the plot, and greatly welcome your own twists on these stories, or even a reversal of roles. Before I list my ideas, I'd note a few important points,

1. Your RL gender is irrelevant here; I welcome all writers!  ;D
2. I prefer descriptive writing and character exploration. By all means, make YC as rich as you'd like. Pictures (Real life, please) are preferable, but not mandatory.
3. Continuing above, I myself enjoy writing descriptively and multiple paragraphs. I do not like imposing word limits on myself or my partners- naturally, some scenes (introductions, etc) inspire me to write pages, others (like exchanging dialogue) only require 2 paragraphs. All I ask is that you give depth to your posts, and I will try my best to give you something equally engaging.

Now, onto zee plots, yes? 

Inspiration/Face-claim: Zombie Boy, Rick Genest
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Modern setting- although a place with vast segregation of the haves and have nots and conservative values, similar to a current victorian era? MC is a conservative, sheltered girl who has recently moved out from under her wealthy parents’ scrutiny. YC (Zombie Boy) is from the other sideof town with an appearance that would make her parents faint. Occasionally, he covers these tattoos to better blend in with society, for whatever reason. On one of these occasions, the two meet, and a mutual attraction develops. For the first time, YC is ashamed of his ink and worried of what MC would think, or if a relationship with her would be possible. His fear of showing his uncovered skin to her, the blossoming (or floundering) of their relationship, are all aspects I’d like to explore.

A Loyal Customer.
Inspired by American Psycho
Modern setting. MC is a college student working at the local café to pay for her education. YC is the charming, handsome man who often comes in on his lunch break. Attracted by his success and looks, MC develops a small crush on her acquaintance and chats with him whenever ready. But something sinister lies under the perfect façade YC projects. For this story, I’m thinking along the lines of him being a serial killer, or perhaps her stalker? Strong themes of horror in this story. 

Artificial Intellgence. A Cyborg Romance 
Futuristic, sci-fi setting. A driven researcher is given a grant to craft a cyborg so lifelike in both manners and appearance, it rocks man’s idea of humanity. YC is his son, failed in his father’s expectations of excellence, has tried to carve his own way in life, away from his father’s shadow. MC will be the finished product, the hideous electronic monster, who YC views as a cheap mockery of the human experience. MC takes a liking to YC and persists in communicating with him. Whether YC destroys MC’s purposes for existing, or she makes him questions his own ideas, will be later explored.

The Figments of My Imagination.
Modern, isolated setting. Based closely in nature. YC is a esteemed fictional writer, staying at a holiday home or small lodge far away from the city. MC, a woman who is an eerily similar in appearance to the woman he has just killed off in his novels, admits to being lost in the relative wilderness and wishes to stay at his home or in the lodge until she can locate the group she was traveling with. This story will resemble a ghost story and focus on the abstract.

The Good Doctor’s Aid.
Modern setting. Dealing with several flashbacks and multiples NPCs. MC is a celebrity athelete who suffered head trauma and a messy leg injury in a recent tournament. Suffering from amnesia, she cannot recall the past two years of her life, including her relationship with her boyfriend, entry into athletics, and college graduation. YC is the head of psychiatrics in the hospital and a long time fan of the young athelete. MC was orphaned at a young age and has no other family to help her. YC is given the task of helping restore her memory but instead decides to mold her mind so that she reciprocates his infatuation.

Unfinished Business.
Modern setting. YC is Death embodied.  He takes human form to ease the transition for those who are to meet their untimely death. MC is a young twenty something stuck in a dead-end job, single after a painful breakup, and living a lonely, uneventful life.  Despite her unhappiness, she asks YC for a chance to let her improve her life so she leaves an impressive mark before leaving this world. 
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