Various Game Ideas (M/M, anyone?) (Still Looking!)

Started by Tsume, November 16, 2008, 06:48:56 PM

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So, I just recently re-involved myself with the community after a hiatus (start of college, woot!). Figured I'd ask for some game ideas, try to get back into the swing of things. The stuff I'm looking for basically falls into two categories: the disgusting, perverse, sweaty kind, and the clean, drama-driven kind.

The Clean

I Could Never Tell You [VAN]: A young man returns home for his ten year high school reunion, only to find out that the bully that made his life a living hell has fallen into abject poverty and misery, resulting in the loss of his home and rejection of his family. In some moment of either extreme pity or idiocy he extends a helping hand to the bully, offering him a place to stay while he puts his life back together. But is there more to the past between the two of them than our young man knows?

Would probably end up becoming sexual at some point, but definitely a lengthy progression.

Hero Worship[VAN (Possible NC/BON)]: An ordinary young man lives in a world of superheroes and supervillians, where spandex and explosions are generally regarded as ordinary, and the exploits of the various supers are chronicled on the morning and evening news, just like sports. Our young man happens to be deeply infatuated with the whole spectrum of it, one man in particular: a powerful superhero/villian, whose secret identity remains . . . well, secret. (A hard thing to do, in modern times.)  One day, the young man makes a friend, a new kid at school. After being invited to said friend's house one day, after school, the young man discovers that his new friend's father might not be the most . . .'normal' of parental units.

I'm pretty freeform with this one. Romantic triangles can happen, or it can be a relationship exclusive between the normal/villian, or the normal/son. The "friend" character could even be a daughter. (Though with that route, any romantic feelings will probably remain unrequited.) Kind of would like to see the father be a villian, as it would make things more interesting, but hero is do-able.

Hatred Doesn't Begin to Cover It [UN]: When Todd was young, his parents abused him. When he was older, he ran away, and never came back. When he was a man, he lived with the scars of his treatment every day of his life, moving from failed relationship to failed relationship, from broken career to broken career. Now, at age 28, he receives notice that his parents have passed away, and he's needed back in his home town. So homeward he goes, accompanied by his current boyfriend, a warm, protective police officer who might have his own share of demons to cope with. When they arrive, it's to find the town draped with fog, strange creatures shuffling through the darkness. Welcome to Silent Hill.

The Filthy

Mythical Creature Preservation Center [NC-E/EX]: It seems that Dumas drew the short end of the stick, when it came to life-paths. Kidnapped off the street, taken into some uncharted hellhole and experimented on, his insides re-arranged in order to make him . . . fertile. God knows why they didn't just pick up some girl, they sure as hell aren't telling. Now, with his re-arranged insides, he's given a briefing on what his lot in life is, now: he's currently stationed at the NAMCPC (North American Mythical Creature Preservation Center). His role will be "host", meaning that his job will be to "accommodate" the various beasts, carrying their young, birth them, then move onto the next one, cycling through the various species until his body either breaks, or he's birthed 250+ offspring.  Great. Just great. Couple in the fact that his charges run the spectrum from Orcs, Ogres, and Beastmen to Dragons, Golems, and Minotaurs, and it looks like he's got his work cut out for him.

"Is This What a Human Female Looks Like?"[NC-E/EX] : After humanity finally made the jump into space, and established connections with other life forms, it would then come to wonder if such an action was the wisest thing to do. As it turns out, it wasn't. It left them open to be preyed upon by all manner of vicious creature, their slimy, putrid bodies far stronger, their technology far advanced. And, upon seeing the pink, soft forms of these new creatures, knew that they had struck gold. Now, any space-faring human runs the risk of being ambushed, and dragged off to some space brothel far out in the inky black, to be used by all manner of monster. When Otto, a young colonist, is intercepted whilst traveling between Athens, the Mars Colony, and Earth, he thinks he has little to worry about, being male. He is quickly proven wrong, as any soft, pink frame with orifices will suffice for these depraved space creatures.

Don't Worry, Pet [NC-E}: For an Orc, there is no mark of power than having one's own, personal human pet. But lately, what with the electric fences being thrown up all over the continent, sequestering the human lands from the Orcish lands, poaching is becoming harder and harder, leaving the number of Orcs with human pets even lower than before. But what's this? A human that's strayed past the fence, for one reason or another? This is an opportunity that any reasonable Orc (or Orcs) wouldn't dare to pass up.

Soo . . .yeah. I think you can tell which are which. If any of these interest you, shoot me a message, or reply here. And feel free (actually please, please do) check out my Ons & Offs, to find out what I like.

Thank you!


Four More Ideas, two for "Clean", two for "Filthy."


BRPD: Doesn't have to be directly related to Hellboy/BPRD (though if that's wanted, it would be loved, absolutely). More like, taking place in the same world. Perhaps another division of the BPRD, or a group of ordinary humans trying to deal with the ancient, primordial evil that HB deals with on a regular basis.

Every Man For Himself: Mark Rowland has two sons. His wife, beautiful woman that she was, passed on during the second birth, leaving him to raise the two boys. Ever since, rule in his house has been nothing less than military. Waking up at 5:00 am, going to bed at 10:00 pm. Chores, chores, chores. And that doesn't say anything for punishment. When a good buddy of Mark's passes on, leaving his only son, a generally apathetic 17 year old, behind, Mark of course takes it upon himself to give the boy shelter. But living under his roof, means living by his rules.

And that could be a problem.

The Filthy

A . . .Pokemon Game?: Yeah, I know. I shouldn't. But I want it. Let's say . . . Adrick never much thought about girls, or boys for that matter. He was too busy. Leaving home at age 12 to embark on his Pokemon journey, he has spent the last 6 years training, catching various Pokemon, and doing his best to become a skilled and loving trainer. Then, things change when Machop evolves. Then Charmeleon. The Larvitar. And suddenly, things are complicated, as he's got a bunch of strong, male Pokemon in their prime. Hormones and all.

Wouldn't mind this one being a little more complicated than just sex. Exploring this kind of taboo in the Pokemon universe, the feelings of guilt and perversion associated with the act itself . . .
Talking Pokemon are acceptable.

Fervor: The country of Dilann is run by a sadistic, obese dictator, whose sexual appetites are acknowledged to be some of the most perverse, and whose torturers are renowned for their ability to turn strong willed men into cock-hungry bitches, unmanned and dehumanized. Isaac Wells, a freelance photojournalist, manages to weasel his way into the ghastly facility. But all is not as it seems.

May be back with more later.


A few of your ideas interested me. I'll send you a PM tomorrow though. :)
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Always looking for more love.

I bring you two more ideas (that no one will probably take me up on. :P).


The Hills Have Eyes: First, let me point out I never saw the movie. I have only the most loose idea of the plot and what happens therein. That said: Thomas Jennings is what they call an "urban explorer." He thrives on old buildings, ghost towns, the remnants of human civilization. So when he hears that there is an entire town out in the middle of the desert, abandoned, and still intact, he can't help but pack up his things and go to investigate it.

What he finds, though, are a bunch of visious, psychotic, hideous mutants with long un-satisfied lusts. And he's in their territory now.

Behind Bars: Eli is facing every man's worst nightmare: life in prison. Life in prison as a blond, waifish young man of only 21. So when he's taken to his cell only to find that his cellmate is six foot four and built like a brick shithouse, he's pretty sure that his life is over. But all is not as it seems with this guy. That hard exterior belies a surprisingly gentle nature. And, given the attitudes of all the other bad asses on his cell block, Eli's best chance for survival might be to offer this gentle giant a trade. Protection for . .  .favors.


A Few More Ideas


Who You Callin' Freak?: Yeah, everyone says it when they're a kid. "I wanna run away, and join the circus." But few of them actually do it. Levi, as a kid, desperately wanted to leave his dull, boring life in the dust, and join up with some show, any show. As long as it would take him far away. Sadly, nothing ever came of it. Now, at age 20, walking into the Big Top, he has little idea that he's life is about to become radically altered by a chance encounter involving whiskey, a crowbar, and the the Circus' own Strong Man.

Leather Wearin' Jerks: Rick hated March 17th. He hated it with all his heart and soul. You see, Rick worked at the local filling station, doing general cleaning and stocking work. And in the quiet town of Traibem, March 17th was the day that the biker gangs rolled through town, on their way to the big rally down south in Austin. And these big, aggressive men, all decked out in leather, sitting astride their great metal monstrosities, did a damn good job at intimidating the hell out of the kid, without fail, year after year. That is, until this year. Where a new leather wearin' jerk seems to have joined their ranks. And he's going to be gettin' Rick into a subculture he would never have even considered.


Fallout 3 [VAR]: Ever wonder what happens to the poor wastelanders that get captured by raiders? Or slavers? Or mutants?  Seems like excellent fodder for some crazy hot RP. No specific plots in mind just yet, but if you'd like to explore something in this setting, let me know.

The Dangers of Anonymous Sex [EX]: Fredrick Densey had a dirty, dirty secret. He's a pervert, who for the last two years has been driving down to the local truck stop to blow some random trucker in his rig. He never goes any further than that. Lately, though, his trips have been becoming more and more frequent. And someone has noticed. Maybe that explains the strange smelling rag that is placed over his nose one night, while he's cruising. Maybe that explains why he wakes up in an empty warehouse, chained to the floor, naked. Little does he know that he's about to become trained in the most shockingly depraved acts, as the new entertainment for the world's seediest underground slave trade.

In the Penal Colony: This one's already been posted up. Just thought I'd mention it here, in case anyone hasn't checked it out. Here's the link:

Deliverance: An new spin on the old classic. You know the drill: Camping. Rednecks. Rape. But say the hero doesn't get saved. That the rednecks drag him back to whatever hovel they crawled out of. A depraved life as their abused sex pig ensues.



I'm not sure which ones are and are not open anymore . . . most of my RPs have been down for a while, so . . . any interest is welcome!!


Bump again. Still looking. Taking all comers . . . wait. Heh-heh. I get it.

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