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Author Topic: R's Decadent Thoughts/Plots - M for F  (Read 593 times)

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R's Decadent Thoughts/Plots - M for F
« on: November 22, 2015, 02:13:30 pm »
I will have a mix of things in this new request thread. Scene snippets that might be the start of a roleplay or in the middle or to even work as inspiration for something completely new. I will have sensual, kinky images with captions or pairings that inspires me. Lets talk if any of these looks good or interesting to you. Send a PM.

Claiming The Captain
"Push out" he growled and her whimper was mingled with the other half of a moan. She was still almost entirely dressed, only the bottom part of her shipsuit pushed down barely enough to free her toned perfect ass cheeks, shaped by the active duty of two decades of naval service. Captain Alana Evans was a classy redhead with beautiful curves standing 5 feet 8 in her bare foot, an extremely good ship captain but also expert in martial arts. It was no wonder that she was usually in full control of any situation. It only made her fume in outrage as the young alien prince trapped her against himself and her own desk. "Stoppp ...", she hissed as a slick finger pushed against her tiny virgin anus, the puckered sphincter muscle trying to resist the shameless penetration. Despite her beauty, she wasn't a typically sexual creature and this wasn't a violation she had ever thought possible specially by a male half her age. "Nooo", she whimpered, her face flushed in a combination of outrage and embarrassment as the fat finger stretched open her sphincter muscle and he growled, "snug, virgin ... captain's ass". A sharp burst of pain accompanied the penetration yet captain Evans found herself mortified at the flush of pleasure that her loins at the intimate violation.

"Its for your own good Captain, I need to stretch and lube you for whats to come", he whispered leaning over her letting her feel the warmth of his breath on her nape. She trembled remembering what he had done in the last five minute and her face flushed even darker. Her mind replayed back the scene as his finger slowly wormed up her snug ass tube until he just held himself knuckle deep, letting her feel him slowly claiming her. She remembered how he had gone behind her, easily bending her over the desk with brute strength and using force cuff to lock her hands on the desk and ankle slightly spread against the desk. He could trap her even further but he seemed to relish the physical intimacy of holding her more. She had cursed him when he went for her ship bottom, promised foul retribution and prepared for a violent penetration when he had spread her cheeks. Yet what had followed was even more degrading. The first sloppy hungry kiss on her anus shocked her to the core and made her moan at the lewd surprising pleasure. His long slightly rough tongue had attacked her viciously and she had been shocked at the jolts of pleasure spreading to her loins at the lewd tonguing. His tongue feeling rough and very long as it slurped her and to her shame she could hear herself whimper and moan as the tip wormed itself into her wanton hole. She had known that what he planned for was much worse than she had imagined yet nothing stopped her neglected pussy from warming up and the feel of her wetness shamelessly running down her thigh only made her turn crimson and angrier.

The finger pumped her for a few times stretching her open as the captain bit her lips to stop herself from whimpering yet she did whimper ... a whimper of fear as she felt a fat knob being slid against her tiny virgin orifice. "Relax ... your lil anus was made for this", the prince making the lewd claim with his traditional arrogance. "Stoppp ... its too big", she moaned as the sharp pain shot through her as he pushed and the ring stretched open and she could feel the knob sliding inside her. "such a perfect ass ", his voice husky and hungry with anticipation as he gripped her tightly in one hand and the fingers of the other dug in her ass cheeks as he started to slid himself in, slowly inch after inch ... each push making her whimper in pain even as she felt her eyes widen in surprise as the pain got mingled with the sense of a sharp pleasure. Captain Evans could feel herself moisten and then find herself dripping as he pulled back and pushed slowly stretching her open and taking her ass deeper. Then she felt something teasing her wet lips and realised he was trying to get her excited by fingering her. Yet it was softer and thicker and she gasped, "WTF", as something started to spread her lips, "I don't need a toy too ... you are already too big", she hissed. "Ohhh .. you are in for a treat Captain", he chuckled and he gave a push knowing that her ass had stretched enough to take him.

An alien (humanoid mostly) prince on board a human military/diplomatic ship.

The Collector
The young man sitting on the comfy leather couch was lean and fit but not gym fit, the slightly longer unkempt hair giving him a ruffled look as he arched his body up slightly, his face raised to ceiling, eyes closed and teeth biting the bottom lip for a moment as his fingers tightened in the silky dark strand, holding her tightly as he felt her try to swallow making him gasp and shudder. He looked down and watched the beautiful image, Melissa George the gorgeous trophy wife's face buried in his lap, her hand pushing against his thigh to get herself free even as she suckled and swallowed shamelessly milking him with her mouth.

Aaron Walker, the barely twenty year old heir to one of the biggest financial empire was a man of expensive taste and endless hunger. He lived a charmed decadent life yet lived it in avoiding limelight. His few trusted minions and contacts and of course the ladies visiting his bachelor pads knew of his taste and he compensated generously for that. He was a very arrogant man, wanting whatever he wanted and claiming whatever he wanted despite how impossible it might look.

He relaxed his grip on her hair, letting her pull herself free off his cock. The thick veiny shaft was slick and frothy with saliva and precum and proudly erect. He rubbed the slick knob against her cheek watching her breathing harshly and looking at him with a hint of anger. The woman still wore her beautiful gown and he knew she was bare underneath, dripping for him like always.* His lazy smile was arrogant as he met her slightly fuming gaze. "You love it so why pretend Mrs. George", he teased, "why don't I show you. I'm gonna make you cum by fucking your mouth", he whispered the lewd words knowing how much those dirty words would effect her.

He didn't even let her say anything in indignation as his fingers gripped her hair again and he slid between her lips as Melissa helplessly opened them and engulfed him in the moist hot cavern of her mouth. He moaned and thats when the phone rang. Irritated he pulled the phone and looked at the caller id and muttered something ineligible as he accepted the call, "Jeffery what is it again?", his voice showing the irritation. Jeffery was a capable sort of person, for that matter he had handled the contact with Melissa herself yet he was a worrier. "I told you, you don't have to worry about what she does or not, she will happy do everything I like once she plays with me a little ... they all do you know that Jeffery, you have dealt with enough of them for me", Aaron said arrogantly even as the words made Melissa punch his thigh with her fist and looked up to glare at him.

"Just sent her to my place and I will handle the rest Jeffery. I don't have the time to hold your hands now. For gods sake Jeffery, you told me Melissa didn't like to you know use her mouth and I'm buried in her throat right now. Just sent her in", he cut the line as he finished the sentence even as Melissa growled at him angrily and he pushed her face down all the way once again. "You are such a shameless cocksucker now aren't you Melissa", he moaned in the husky voice that the ladies loved and groaned as Melissa blushed and sucked him hungrily.

The young (20), very rich and very perverted heir of a business empire who loves to collect conquests.

The Rogue And the Lady
"You are not to pursue her", Katherine Winton said pointing her slim gloved finger at him, pinning him against the wall with her glare. They stood on the circular walkaway that separated the garden from Lord DeMarco's mansion. The countess was talking about her charge, her beautiful unmarried niece and the man he glared at was none other than Lord Henry Paddington, the scourge of every matron of the ton. The handsome but shameless rogue.

The man who was the victim of the said glare didn't seem to cower from the charge but smiled at her maddeningly. "Relax my lady", he said, "she is a beauty alright but my taste doesn't really run toward virginal beauties", he continued his shameless tone, "I am generally inclined toward something different". His eyes flared as he said that and his unrestricted gaze roamed over lady Winton. She was tall for her gender, beautiful with lush curves which the stunning cut of her dress showed the perfection. Her angry outburst only adding color to cheeks making her more alluring. His gaze returned to hers after a daring look at her full breasts, something that would pucker up her nipple despite herself. His frank interest was as vulgar as reputed and he wondered how she would react to that.

But before she could react to anything he moved, grabbing her arm in one hand and turning them around so that her back was on the wall, trapping her with his presence. "And even in the rare cases I have pursued such an innocent beauty Lady Winton, I have never taken anyone's virtue. His hands acted with complete impunity as the slid down the side of her body before her shocked self could react, a whimper coming out of her mouth as outrage flushed in her eyes as his hands slid toward her back. Katherine hissed as his large hands grabbed her ass something no one had ever dared. "A passionate woman can take care of her man without losing her virtue my lady", he whispered with a lewd grin, cornering her further as his body brushed against hers, shocking her further with the hint of his desire as his words finally penetrated her brain. Lady Winton might be inexperienced in many things but she had heard of rumours of what perversion men are capable off and as if hearing her thought the outrageous rogue whispered, "you have the most delightfully perfect bottom lady Winton", as his fingers dig in and he squeezed her ass cheeks.

The rogue and the widow who thought her niece was his target.

Claiming The Black Widow
Tony Stark was a man who worked for a man who was known for his fast cars and glamorous women and scandalous parties but it was also true that he played even harder. He was a brilliant scientist and even bigger of a genius engineer as proved by the loads of red-orange colour suits downstairs. There had been some recent hush hush rumour was that he was working on something even bigger and groundbreaking though most people would say you couldn't top making the 'Iron Man' and privatising world peace. Yet the possibility of his new project had caused for some sniffing around from competitors though no one had succeeded in any infiltration. It did help that most of the really special stuff of Stark industries happen right in the basement lab.

But none of that mattered in this moment as Stark received the call from his new secretary the super competent and uber sexy Natalie Rushman, Jarvis patching the call through to his bedroom with a view. "I'm a bit busy Ms. Rushman so why don't you cancel my appointments", he said shaking his head for Jarvis to cut the line. He was back in the game before the line was cut and who wouldn't be. Ms. Everhart might be very vocal in her criticism of him but that didn't mean she wasn't attractive to him and Stark looked at her with a arrogant smile hanging off his lips. She was on all four on the edge of the bed in her high heels, ripped panties and dripping her desire. He gave her no time to prepare as his fingers dug in her ass cheeks and his arousal slick from her mouth was thrust in one powerful thrust that made her whimper a sound that cut through the lines to the lady on the other side. Stark didn't really care. She was his secretary and she would have to know what kind of man he was to take care of him.

It was another regular night for Stark and he would be thoroughly satisfied along with his lady friend and the next morning would have him wake up in a room reeking of sex as he left the naked reported sprawled on the bed and stumbling to get some coffee and work on the new inspirations buzzing in his mind. Sex seemed to always energise his creativity in all direction and Stark was going to take full advantage of that today. He called Ms. Rushman as he flopped down on the stool and opened up the design, "Ms. Rushman, would you please take care of the guest in my bedroom, breakfast, car etc.", before again abruptly cutting the line already slipping into the work mode, his fingers and mind both swiftly turning the design around and around trying to figure out how to make it work.

"Yeahh...yeahhh...yyeeaaaahhhhh!! Aaaahhhh......aaaaaahhhhh!!" Natasha moaned without restraint into Alex's mouth as he invaded her mouth with his tongue once more and increased the rate at which he was pounding her pussy.

She'd just about reached her peak when Alex mentioned her black suit. It took a second for the words to sink in, and then it was already too late. Just as Natasha's eyes shot open in shock, he rammed his shaft into her so hard that it lifted her up on the tiptoes of the one foot that she still had on the ground, and all of the built up pressure in her cunt suddenly exploded in a tremendous tidal wave of pleasure that was followed by several more like it.

Natasha feebly tried to free her arms, but she was powerless, all of her strength having been sapped for the few seconds that it took for her climax to run its course. All she could do was stare in shock and fury as her hips and stomach thrust out rhythmically towards Alex without her control and her pussy spasmed desperately, milking it while he shot his thick hot load deep inside of her womb. Natasha's face contorted with agony as she tried to resist, tried to force her own release back, but she couldn't stop it...nor could she stop the way that her pussy was leaking its juices all over Alex's balls.

She couldn't believe it. Alex had been playing her the whole time while she thought that she was doing it to him. And as hypocritical as it may have been, Natasha was livid. As soon as the involuntary reactions to her orgasm had passed, she immediately broke free from his grip on her wrists and her leg and punched him hard in the face without thinking about the directive to leave him unharmed.
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Re: R's Decadent Thoughts/Plots - M for F
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2015, 02:25:02 pm »
NSFW images and captions. The images are shown as images and not as links hence the spoiler.


She just wanted to tease and use him, the class nerd to work on her assignment. She loved the thrill of power as she pushed his face under her dress. That was a while ago when he gave her three orgasm so powerful that they left her breathless and weak at the knees. Then he spread her cheeks and despite her whimpering protest tongued her anus and gave her two more anal orgasm.

So she rode him now just like he wanted her to moaning and creaming his virgin cock. And when he whispered that he had always fantasised about taking her forbidden orifice she knew she would give him her anal cherry too.

It was finally time for him to play with both of them, not just the mother but the daughter too.

Who is he. I can be interested in both a gentleman caller for the mother or the daughter's classmate.

Lexi have had a peek of him (her bestfriend's father) in the shower last week during the sleepover. This time knowing that he would be alone she had sneaked in. I will be very appreciating of someone eventually wanting to play Lexi's friend too.

She had swallowed her step son twice but she was sure she could get him hard once again to a 3rd belly full.

Alexis had never sucked anyone so passionately. But sucking her young step brother aroused her like nothing else.