Would anyone be interested in doing a light, sexy Pathfinder game with me?

Started by DreamSailor, November 21, 2015, 09:19:54 PM

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I have some experience with D&D in general (like 3.5), but I've been really wanting to get some more experience with Pathfinder lately. I'm thinking something fun and casual, and not necessarily longterm. The emphasis would probably be on smut, action, and general RP, rather than deep or profound storytelling.

Basically, I'd play a beautiful young adventuress, out to right wrongs and explore the world. But this world is full of all kinds of perverts and horny beasts and monsters, all eager to get their filthy hands on me! :o So the cost of losing fights would typically be rape/forced sex and so on, instead of just death. I don't really have anything more specific than that in mind at the moment, but hit me up if you're interested and we can talk about all the details!


Sounds like lots of fun - my problem is that I'd also want to be the adventuress, rather than the "perverts and horny beasts and monsters"! But I'll certainly be reading with interest (unless you need a co-captive) ;-)
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