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December 08, 2016, 08:28:00 AM

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Author Topic: Steven U Fandom Rps. (F/F, mostly but Futa is also good.)  (Read 593 times)

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Steven U Fandom Rps. (F/F, mostly but Futa is also good.)
« on: November 17, 2015, 02:22:20 PM »
Ive recently gotten back into Steven Universe and my mind has been running with all manners of ships that could occur. I would prefer if one was familiar with the show at least enough to know the characters. Im such an addict to all the different crack ships that its hilarious.....though most of them seem to involve Pearl..but...well....
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Below are the ships I crave.

Ive recently gotten back into Steven Universe and my mind has been running with all manners of ships that could occur. I would prefer if one was familiar with the show at least enough to know the characters.

Below are the ships I crave.

Pearl and Amethyst
Amethyst and Pearl
They always say that Opposites attract. And these two are a perfect example of it, the neurotic yet graceful ballerina and the uncontrollable Party Girl. The two enter into constant arguments with one another but they also have their moments of being sweet upon each other.

Connie and Pearl

The bond between Master and Apprentice is a powerful and intimate one. A deep trust must be shared between both of them for the kind of training they do, swinging real weapons in preparation for the battles that are to come. Perhaps Pearl is all that fills Connie's thoughts and she can't contain her feelings anymore and has to admit it to her swordmisstress.

Or the two take on a more unconventional method of training, fighting nude in the sky arena, to get Connie more accustomed to such cold temperatures, which leads to the two seeking warmth for each other.

Pearl and Dr. Priyanka
PearlYanka 2

For those that dont remember, Priyanka Maheswaran is Connie's mother.
Not 100% sure what I want form this but I like the idea of a learned, world weary woman who has spent her entire life thinking she knew how the world worked. Who thought that she had seen everything life had to throw at her by being the specialist in a trauma center. But now she has suddenly had her world view changed. Not only is magic real, but so are aliens and her daughter has been spending an entire summer vacation with them. Not only that but of them actually taught her daughter to swordfight. These are interesting times to be alive for sure.

Perhaps she wants to get a physical examination of one of these Gems, both for science and her own personal curiosity. If the discovery of the century is going to be done, it might as well be from her and not some corrupt government official who would just dissect them all. It could be she is curious about Pearl's immortality and wants to know about some of the things that she has seen and done within her many centuries on Earth.

I'm also open to ideas for how the two could work well together, I love brainstorming just as much as the actual Roleplaying.

Jasper and Pearl
Pearl and Jasper

JasPearl 2

JasPearl 3 (fusion)

The Strongest of known Gems, a former Homeworld commander, falling for the most graceful of Gems. The caste system on Homeworld be damned! They were on an independent world, the old rules didn't apply. Pearl was all Jasper could think about, she took every moment possible to show off her strength and impress the graceful woman after joining up with the pack of rebel Gems. An officer like her with a Pearl? She would be punished severely if this were Home... but then again, they do call this the land of opportunity.... maybe its time to try and break those old taboos?

But how to impress her? There must be some feat of strength she can pull to win the maiden's heart. Still, she can hear the words of all those back on homeworld ringing in her ears.

Or Perhaps she knows that deep down Pearl longs to feel the familiar strain of a slave collar upon her neck. To be made to refer to her betters by their rank. Pearl has in more than one occasion slipped up and nearly called her "Commander" or "Officer Jasper." That programming and desire to serve still inside of her. Perhaps Jasper can be her owner, even if its when no one is watching them.

3rd Scenario: Jasper and Pearl in a fight against corrupted gems, with no choice but to fuse together. Afterwards Jasper seems to constantly find reasons to show up wherever Pearl is and suggests that they should train together.

Lapis and Jasper
Ever Been with a Navy girl?

"Out! I want out!" is all Jasper can scream, trapped at the bottom of the Ocean, watery chains keeping her from swimming to the surface, where she would have no doubt wreaked a terrible vengeance upon the Crystal gems, those no good traitors. Trapped beneath the waves there is nothing for her to do but struggle. But even her strength can only last for so long, and soon Jasper is left with only one option. Ask for Mercy.

Or we can set it where The three homeworld gems (Periodic, Jasper, and Lapis) have joined up with their rebel counterparts and Jasper seeks to make amends with Lapis, or misses relinquishing all power to the smaller gem.

PearlNet Dance 1
PearlNet dance 2

That sensual dance made me fall in love with this ship. I can see it working out rather easily, they are already the parents of the group , with Garnet easily fitting the stern and caring fatherly role while pearl is the neurotic yet well meaning mother. I think we could work something out and plus Garnet needs more love, all the love for Square Mom.

We could have the two of them trying to make up after the Sardonyx incident, sparring together to work off the stress or just talking it through, with Garnet revealing why she was so angry, how Pearl betrayed her trust so easily because she had her feelings clouding her judgement. There are any number of things we can go with. 

Pearl in Prison: An AU that I came up with a friend a while ago. It will have Human Gems and follow Pearl as she is sentenced to 15 years after she had joined a gang and accidentally shot a cashier during a robbery to prove her worth. (She thought the gun was empty and the other members who got caught sold her out. Now Pearl is being sent to Diamond Central Penitentiary, one of the toughest female prisons in the country. Within it she will find other human versions of our favorite characters and Human characters who fit into the setting.

Dr. Maheswaran is the prison doctor, Jamie is a volunteer who comes to try and help the inmates learn to handle their anger. Garnet is a prison guard, Sadie's mom is the cook, and so on and so forth. Though Yellow Diamond is the infamous and mysterious Warden of Diamond Central. Even Jasper, the toughest and most dangerous inmate, is afraid of Warden Diamond.

Inside Pearl will meet and befriend Amethyst, whose been in and out of Juvie and prison for as long as she could remember. She knows how to survive and is going help teach this bird girl survive as much as she can. I see this as an almost "Shawshank" like adventure, following Pearl and her relationships in prison as she tries to survive her entire term through the prison and maybe finds love in some way.
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