Not A Woman!?! (Looking for Futa, any player gender)

Started by Cynadea, November 16, 2015, 12:18:22 AM

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Looking for someone to play a Futa for story. I've tried ages ago, but my partner did not stick. I will refer to the Futa as female here, but depending on what the partner decide, the Futa could also identify as male. It's just easier for me to refer to her as female because of the breasts... Although the story revolves around a futa getting comfortable with her sexuality, this would not be a constant smut story.. Also, make sure to read my O&O, the link is both in my signature, and in the mini profile (click on "my thread").

My character is a woman. She is openly bisexual, arguably pansexual. She happens to visit places that your character goes to. Maybe they are attending the same college, so they would meet on the campus a lot. She's not shy, and while not exactly popular like someone socially prominent, she talks to a lot of people and she's not shy.

Your character would be living with the stigma of being neither male nor female, but both. The appearance of normal-sized, well-formed breasts make using guy shower room impossible and the well-formed cock hiding a vagina behind its balls prevents them from using women shower room openly. She would also carry the stigma of previous encounters, maybe even having to transfer college because her condition became public and life became hellish. Basically, her she would see her condition as a curse, not as a gift. She would still be a virgin, having yet to find someone who's accepting her enough to go all the way, and with whom she feels comfortable enough to.

There is a few scenarios that I could see being played here, but I'm open to suggestion.

1. Your character has a crush on mine, mine notices and thinks she's just a closeted lesbian until they kiss and she feels the lump of a hard on against her.

2. My character and yours have to work on a project together. She invites your character for a sleep over and in the morning, my character catches the tent in her boxers because of her morning glory.

3.Because of her crush on my character, she decides to go to the gym at the same time than mine. Mine notices and keeps her company until shower time comes. Showers are stalls, your character knows this, she thinks it's fine, but my character notices that she forgot her shampoo and absolutely not shy about her body, invades your character's stall to borrow a bit of shampoo... and oh my!

4. My character somehow learns what happened at the previous college, invites yours over for dinner, and after the meal, reveals that not only does she know, but if your character wants it to remain a secret, some things must be done and it involves stripping naked. (the consent would have to be dubious, at the worst. I wouldn't do full rape in that situation)

I will take only one of these scenarios. The Futa needs to be a multi-dimensional character and not be all and only about the smut. If it turns out this way, I'll drop you faster than a hot potato, consider yourself warned ;)

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Partner for this story is found.

Thank you all for the interest!

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Ons and Offs ~ Idea thread