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April 26, 2018, 08:12:06 PM

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Author Topic: Fallout Roleplay Wanted - Lone Wanderer/Moira Brown, Courier/Cass, (M) OC/(F) OC  (Read 249 times)

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Offline prawdamerlinTopic starter

Hello Elliquiy community! This is my first thread ever, I've been a longtime lurker here, though I have experience roleplaying over skype and forums, and have gone to the usual places for those. What was I thinking? Good question. I don't know, but here I am, looking to start off with a bang.

First, before I get to the meat of this roleplay request, I'd like to state that the primary focus of this roleplay will be story and romance. Not smut. There will be adult content, given these are mature games we're talking about and the wasteland is not a pretty place, and I do enjoy roleplaying out the lovemaking scenes, but am also willing to fade to black. The focus will not be on these scenes, however, nor is there likely to be many kinks involved. The focus is on the plot (whether it be running through game content storylines or something unique) as well as the interaction between the two characters, leading into a romantic connection that may or may not survive the harshness of the wasteland.

Second, I am willing to play multiples and take over the primary storytelling. Assistance in this would be helpful, willingness to contribute to the story, play some NPCs, lighten the load but is not crucial. I do hope to work out a cooperative storytelling experience but I don't mind 'DMing'.

Now, onto the pairing concepts.

Lone Wanderer / Moira Brown 

This is my preferred pairing. Fallout 3 was the game that got me into the series and no future installment has had the same emotional connection with me since. Fallout 4 is an excellent game, though I haven't had a chance to go through it entirely so I'm not comfortable roleplaying in it just yet, and I do like Piper. But Moira is such a positive, charming character I pretty much instantly wanted a romance option mod, and there was one that was created a few years ago but it kind of fell flat for me. She's cute, incredibly positive, charmingly quirky, and is a ray of sunshine in the darkness of the capital wasteland.

Roleplay could involve the Lone Wanderer coming back to Megaton as a base of operations, little vignettes at different parts of the main storyline. Alternatively, could bring Moira along for the ride, perhaps to research her second volume 'first hand'.

Courier / Cass 

Alright, I fully admit it. I have a thing for redheads, clearly. I do really enjoy Fallout New Vegas, and while I don't get the same atmosphere from it as I did with Fallout 3, the storyline is certainly more interesting and involved, and more exciting locales in general. And the number of memorable NPCs. Cass was sort of an easter egg NPC for me. I didn't realize she was recruit-able during my first playthrough, but on my second I found I really liked this character. So different from Moira, like night and day. She's foul-mouthed, aggressive, quite the handful, but she's got a soft, vulnerable side to her that I could relate to as I revealed more of her backstory. No romance in New Vegas either, sadly, and the NCR ending was a carrot stick then a giant middle finger.

Probably best way to handle this would be, what if she followed the Courier the first time they met? Go through the storyline, focusing on their interactions, perhaps throw in some changes to make things interesting. Would love to bounce ideas off for this one.

OC / OC 

Options are damn near limited with this one. Set in the Capital Wasteland? The Mojave? Some other place? Wonder what Canada is like after the bombs fell? What about some other place in the US?

If any of these interest you, please feel free to PM me or reply to this thread. Thanks for reading!

And remember, War... never changes.

Offline Akumamika

I would be so up for this! Completely new to the games, my brother let me play fallout three recently so I could take a look. Instantly hooked. Not gotten super far yet but I'd be willing to give an rp a shot with oc/oc :D