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May 23, 2018, 11:38:51 PM

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Author Topic: Interest check - Lost... or Are We?  (Read 433 times)

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Interest check - Lost... or Are We?
« on: November 15, 2008, 03:17:36 PM »
I'll admit it, I probably don't have the organizational skills to run a multiplayer game, but here's an idea I'd like to throw out there.  I saw a bunch of views when I posted it in Games Wanted, but I'd like to get some actual feedback, here or by PM, so I thought I'd make things a little clearer.

I've been told it's similar to the TV show 'Lost', which I've never watched.  (Heresy, I know ;) )  It's actually more based off of a manga I started reading but lost the link to, as well as the title. :P

The idea on the surface is VAN, with a possible element of BON, as the players would be 'trapped' in the situation.  I'm not averse to NC or EX, but it wouldn't start that way.

The Story:

The players wake up in the middle of some kind of ocean accident, either on a ship or a downed plane.  Everyone that they see on the vessel escapes.  (If there is a captain, he/she would be a GM character, who is 'in on it,' but under strict orders not to give the players more information than they need.)  They each have a pack with them, containing some personal items, and some items that they don't remember ever owning.  The thing is, they can't remember either packing their bags, or getting on the ship/plane.  They must depend on each other, even if they wouldn't usually associate with their fellow survivors.

Sex might occur.  Conflict will probably occur.  Random weird and incredibly unsettling things should occur.  It would be fun if some of the weirdness was able to be suggested privately to the GM, but I can see where that would likely get terribly tangled.

The Story Behind the Story (highlight for spoilers) :

Earth is screwed.  Either through natural or man-made catastrophes, it's been discovered that the human race is in danger of being wiped out.  The characters have all been selected in some way - not necessarily for the right reasons - to be part of an attempt to keep the species alive.  They were cryogenically stored, and 'sent' to where there is at least a hope of survival.  This could be through space travel to another planet, or through simply waiting until Earth has healed (and the previous 'humanity' is long gone).  The captain (if he/she is seen) was awakened early and got the characters onto the vessel to seek out a suitable place to start over.  When the sinking occurred, there was no choice but to wake everyone and get them into a life raft.  The land they find probably isn't the best place, but at least it's above the sea-line.

If there is enough interest (yeah, I'm an optimist :P), there could be several small (I believe the manga had them around 7-8 in a group) groups that may or may not eventually meet up with each other.