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Author Topic: Treasures I've got lying around right meow. {WIP}  (Read 703 times)

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Treasures I've got lying around right meow. {WIP}
« on: November 12, 2015, 08:19:24 PM »
Here are some roleplaying ideas I have and want to try maybe.

Greek mythology/ or other mythology.
I would like to play a female demigod who is unaware of her heritage, she always assumed her father died before she was born. She is kidnapped the night before her wedding, a wedding she never wanted. She was never normal as a child and people thought she was cursed, her mother's husband forced her into a marriage, pretty much selling her. The being who kidnaps her is a God, maybe Hades or Pan, or your own character, but he does it for revenge. Revenge turns into lust, maybe more.

The Knight and his Princess Whore.

The Knight takes a vow to protect his best friends sister no matter what happens, his friend happens to be the Crown Prince. There had been rumors of rebels out to dethrone the Prince and sabotage the Kingdom, so he readily agreed. The only problem was that he wanted the Princess so getting close could get messy, he never planned on his friend dying. With the Kingdom thrown into chaos the only choice was to run with her to keep her safe, but how? He decides to disguise her but he doesn't know how since everyone knows what the Princess looks like. While at the local inn he accidently comes across the best way to hide her, to disguise her as a common whore. He looked around at all the real whores and noticed nobody paid them much attention and if they did it was usually after a few pints. Nobody would expect her to be the princess wearing her hair down and less than respectable clothing, they could seek refuge in whore houses until he got her to safety. A slow sexual tension builds between them into it explodes into a red hot passion. The Princess becomes his little whore, she has always had a crush on him and now was her chance to prove she was worth it and get what she wants. Jealousy of the whore throwing themselves at him causes her to lose her inhibitions and become what he wants. Will it end poorly for them?

Serial killer admirer.

She is an innocent girl next door type and extremely socially awkward. She lives in the middle of nowhere Tennessee and can't wait to leave, the only ties she has is the strange aunt that raised her after her mother overdosed. When the opportunity arises she takes it, she was awarded a full ride for any school of her choice because of her exceptional grades. She manages to make it through medical school on scholarship from the generous donor, a scholarship she doesn't remember signing up for. Now she is the medical examiner for a small local hospital in Illinois, which she enjoys.
Suddenly there is someone stalking her, sending her weird gifts and letters. Then the body parts start to show up…

Priest or human trafficker?

Newly wed Brides start to go missing after their wedding receptions, the only link being that all the couples found their officiator online. The police have no leads and there are no witnesses, something isn't adding up. The FBI are brought in and put in charge of the case, they plan to go undercover and catch the bastard themselves. The only problem is that they don't have a female agent for the operation, but they know where to get one. She was one of the detectives on the case before the Feds stole it and will do anything to help out, except be that arrogant agents fake bride or will she?

Thief or spy?

She's a professional thief she can crack any safe and bypass most security systems, sometimes by dumb luck. She started young after being kicked out of her home and having nowhere to go. She adapted and learned from other vagrants and vagabonds how to steal and break into houses. The older she became the more cocky she became and sloppier. She was still celebrating her recent score and was on a high, she managed to steal fifty thousand dollars. She couldn't believe her luck, she figured she would have to pawn some jewelry and maybe get a thousand bucks. She was unaware that the house she broke into belonged to the President of the local Motorcycle Club or that he had cameras in his house. He was coming for her…

The Firefighter and I

She volunteers to be in the Firefighter's Ball auction, well more like forced by her best friend or bane of her existence depending on the day. She has to dress up and be auctioned off for a date, something she didn't want to do. She was shy and socially awkward, she'd probably faint right there on the stage and have to be tended to by a firefighter. At the ball she is hit on by the most cocky man she ever met, he's gorgeous sure. But he is a dick, he infuriates her beyond belief. She's up on stage being auctioned but she won't meet anyone's gaze, so she doesn't even know who won her or for how much. It's him… what happens now?

Bought & Paid For

The men outnumber the females four to one, all females that are born are sent to a special school to be groomed and sold to the highest bidder. She's headstrong and always causing trouble,she's trying hard not to be sold. The headmistress is at her wits end when it comes to her and tries to find someone to buy her when she is approached by a man looking to buy a fiery spirited girl. He enjoys breaking them, the harder they fight the more fun he has. Will she bend to his will or be defiant until the end?

Naughty. Nsfw
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more disneyish
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last disney

Obviously I might have a thing for some naughty twists to disney/ grimm tales. Some of the pics are kind of straight forward.
Ariel A siren who lures ships and pirates to their deaths, or lures the in for fun. Perhaps she caught by a sadistic or cruel pirate captain.

Sleeping Beauty. Bondage! Forced sexual servitude. .perhaps I should lay off the Anne Rice novels... She's drugged and traded off secretly? Sold into slavery to pay a debt? Unaware of what happens while she's asleep? 

Cinderella Poor servant girl taken advantage of? Sold to pay off a debt? Tries to sell herself to the best bidder so to speak. Sneaks into the ball and causes trouble..after being caught she's taken prisoner?

Snow White Is being hunted down by the huntsman, once caught he has his way with her and locks her away in a whore house to service others? Or in a dungeon..."The seven dwarfs" take her in and unleash her inhibitions and she explores sexually? Lots of fun stuff..

Pocahontas.umm...well I don't like the whole noncon with this one, it's a bit too accurate, aye? Perhaps she's kicked out of her tribe, finds safety with the white settlers..but it comes at a price..

Rupunzel. hmmm...bondage? Kidnapping..Falls in love with her captor? Submits to them..

Tinkerbell or the others.. Who doesn't love a spoiled bratty fairy that they can bend to their will?

Belle Beast of a man? Controlling, dominating? Perhaps he's an actual supernatural beast of some sort? She's unwillingly betrothed to him? Falls for him eventually, but only after submitting. Sold off?

GoldilocksBear shifters? Big burly lumberjack men? She comes across their cabin after being lost for hours in the woods, the men haven't been around a woman in awhile and take payment for breaking in?

Red Riding hood Wolf shifter? Kidnaps her? Can pretend to be the woodsman? Takes her in the middle of the woods, he wanted to eat her alright..

Ahhh soo many ideas, I'd be up for your thoughts and ideas as well!

More too be added soon!

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