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Author Topic: Plot-like Ramblings (M for Anybody)  (Read 408 times)

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Offline SoldadoMTopic starter

Plot-like Ramblings (M for Anybody)
« on: November 11, 2015, 03:34:14 PM »
This first post contains plot ideas for anyone who might be interested in playing in the world that I am building. Erotic RP ideas are in the second post.

See Second Post. I'm not currently looking for erotic RPs, though if you have an idea, I'm always willing to hear ti.
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Offline SoldadoMTopic starter

Re: Plot-like Ramblings (M for Anybody)
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2015, 02:23:53 PM »
This is where my adult plot-line ideas go.


Thanks to the wonderful people over at the impregnation and breeding thread, I have an urge developing for something along those lines. There are plot bunnies multiplying abundantly over there, so just have a look around and see what you like then perhaps we can talk about it. If I find something that I just have to have there, I may put it here as a plot.

Real Plot 1

Otherwise known as "The First Thing I Could Think Of: 1".

Awakening in a Sleepy Village

This plot is focused around a demon/evil spirit/íwhatever you want to call ití that was confined in a small village that was promptly secluded from the rest of the world. With no way to spread itís evil, the creature went dormant. That was fine until the modern world came on the slumbering village that had forgotten its original purpose. With a new outlet the demon awakes and begins planning how to escape the village.

Characters are very fluid in this. The creature could be any gender and Iím open to different interpretations of Ďdemoní so long as it is a malicious presence with a desire to spread. I prefer the other characters to be real genders ie, cis-male/female trans-male/female or any other gender, so long as it is something that occurs in the real world.Transformation of that gender could occur, since weíre dealing with supernatural forces, so long as it was a natural gender at one point in time. (This seems like itís getting picky, I apologize.)

The original idea is that there is a single Arche/Pale/Anthr/opologist who arrives to study the people of the village. This person is the focus of the creatureís escape plans.

This plot is open to a host of different kinks and scenarios, and Iím willing to discuss that ahead of time. It could get very dark or turn into a romance.

Real Plot 2

Angelica Paterna

This one I have done a couple of times, with varying degrees of success. I am willing to work with someone who is interested in re-working the plot, so feel free to pitch something.

The original plot was based around male pregnancy. A Goddess of a secluded temple takes a liking to a priest one day and decides to bless him with her child. The original setting is low fantasy (except that deity part) but setting is mostly irrelevant to the plot.

The plot has gone a number of different directions from there. Mostly, whatís important to me is that there is a deity and a pregnancy involved.

I am leaving this very vague on purpose. I have lots of details that Iíve created for other roleplays, but I want to re-work this idea.

Thatís all for now. Send me a PM if youíre interested in something, and please donít post in this thread.