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Author Topic: Fallout Fandom Craving. (F/F and F/m or F)  (Read 696 times)

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Fallout Fandom Craving. (F/F and F/m or F)
« on: November 10, 2015, 01:23:02 PM »
4 Idea present.

So ive got the fallout fever with the release of Fallout 4 (which I think might be my favorite out of all of them, so far) . *Positively glowing bright green* And so ive been craving an adventure out into the wastes again and make it a better place for mankind, while killing every last raider I come across.. So come with me if you like and lets go and see what adventures we can come to.

Idea 1: Fallout Rose of the wasteland. (Mostly Craving this idea at the moment.)

Might change the name of this idea. I tried this one before but it sadly didn't last long. Hoping to try it again as well as a F/F pairing instead of M/F as I originally had.

This scenario would follow survivors of a vault that is having problems with overpopulation, which was something planned by Vault Tech. But instead of succumbing to infighting or starvation, the Vault instead developed a new tradition. Every few years they would have a lottery to select two Vault members to be sent out into the wasteland (to die) to see if it is habitable enough for the other Vault Dwellers to make it outside. But in recent years it has become nothing more than a ruse by the Overseers, afraid of losing their power should the people find out the truth. They have kept up a lie for generations that the world outside is deadly and use the lottery as a way to get rid of those who cause too much trouble, leaving them without the supplies needed to survive and thus keeping their little kingdom perfectly safe.

The Current Overseer, Thomas Kingsley, has become the worst of all with his abuses. He has been taking in more of than his fair share of resources than others. Having parties with the heads of the other sections of the vaults and using his position to simply abuse others, always under the guise of doing what's best for them.

Our characters would be Jasper Graves and Rose Mitchell. Jasper is a female Vault Security officer who took her job as serious as possible. The Law was everything. Constantly training and getting herself stronger for the day the Vault might need her or incase the Radroach infestations got worse than normal. She knew the law manual by heart and she has so far been the only one to have actually called out the Overseer on his shit multiple times, especially when she found out that one of the water purifiers had been modified for him to have a personal hottub, while others were not even allowed to use the restroom after certain hours to ‘Conserve water’. She was ready to go all out and take him down, until she learned that the other Vault Officers had been bought off, and she was now all on her own. Of course the Overseer brushed this off, as just another one of Officer Grave's over exaggerations and has been eagerly awaiting the time of the Lottery to come, so that he could ensure Jasper was on the ticket this time. 

The other poor soul kicked out into the wastes was one meant to ensure that Graves wouldn't survive long. Sadly she was the vaults only redhead but sacrifices needed to be made, lest an angry mob rip the Overseer to shreds. Rose Mitchell, the Vaults resident archivist, who kept the Vault computers and records in check. She had no survival skills, was the first to run at the very sight of a Radroach and had never held a gun once before in her life. The redhead was antisocial and preferred keeping to computers. Which also meant she was constantly fixing the records and files whenever the Overseer changed them to hide his actions. So by sending these two out he is killing two birds with one stone. Or so he thinks.

With Jasper's strength, and courage, paired up with Roses's brains and knowledge of prewar tech, the two might just actually survive, and maybe even come back to kick the Overseer in the teeth.

I am thinking that while the two head out into the wastes, they eventually come across a vault tech Bunker that was made for a VT CEO or US congressman but the owner never made it in time. Thus Allowing these two a safe shelter to survive and thrive in the wastes and go on their own heroic adventures together.

I think this could go in any place really, the Capitol Wasteland, The Mojave or over in Boston.
Not Mandatory but its an option.
Mental image I have of Jasper

Jasper Version 2

She could supplex a Deathclaw...just because she can.  8-)

Id much prefer to play Rose than Jasper since I am not the best Dom.

*Extra note: If one wants to go down a Futanari route, perhaps Jasper was always considered a 'Mutant' from an extra part that she had.


Idea 2: I don't have a name for this one but it would follow an APC driver from the liberation of Anchorage who becomes part of the Enclave's project to preserve some pure strain of humanity. She is reassigned to a military base with a Vault underneath and after the bombs fall her vault seals her in a cryo chamber along with others. But she is rescued from it early before the enclave can claim her by either the Brotherhood, NCR, or a third faction we can create for the sake of the story. Hell maybe the Mothership Zeta Aliens are invading and the wasteland needs an old world soldier to help fight them or teach the people ways to fight or use old pre war tech.


Another possibility is that my character is a
Pre war Fighter ace
and maybe she does end up being re awoken by the enclave, and we can explore a better side of the usually hated organization while they spread out into the wasteland.

Idea 3: Our Love, is hotter than Uranium Fever.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I just saw this and apparently in Fallout 4 there is an Interracial Lesbian couple, that live close to your character. I am unsure of what I would have planned for them aside from them either making it into the vault for one reason or the other. Or them having to survive out in the post nuclear world with only each other to depend on as things get tough. But so long as they are together, they can face anything.

Idea 4: The Return of the Silver Shroud.

Rumors have been going around the radioactive watercoolers all throughout the Commonwealth, that there is a new costumed hero out and about, trying to make some difference in the wastelands. They come and go like a shadow, leaving the calling card of the Silver Shroud among the bodies of those they targeted. So the rumors spread and the radios tell the old and new tales of the Silver Shroud.

The rumors soon turn to tall tales, of the Shroud beating up supermutants, saving children from wells, being either the most handsome man in the world or the most beautiful woman. No one has been able to get too good of a look at the Shroud so speculation is wild, and every anonymous act of kindness or heroism eventually ends up being pinned on the Silver Shroud. Still some believe that they are just a myth, something being hyped up to give people hope and used to blame the random occurences in the wasteland. Even after all the actions attributed to them, no real proof of the Silver Shroud existed.

Until she fell from a rooftop and landed on a dumpster. Injured and exhausted from a fight with a group of Gunners. She barely has the strength to crawl away and the Gunners are about to catch up to her. But before they can, the injured woman is pulled to safety. When she awakens she will find herself being tended to by something worse than a pack of raiders, a Fan.

edit: Perhaps there have been multiple Silver Shrouds and they just tended to die off for some reason or another, but there was always another person there to find the costume and put it on. Making it more of a symbol than a flesh and blood person.

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Re: Fallout Fandom Craving. (F/F and F/m or F)
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2016, 10:11:57 AM »
*Air raid sirens blare and the call to go to the shelters is given out, just as a Tactical Bump is coming in*