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April 11, 2021, 01:52:28 pm

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Author Topic: (Interest Check) MektonZ, Mecha Survival Adventure.  (Read 376 times)

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Offline RalhendTopic starter

(Interest Check) MektonZ, Mecha Survival Adventure.
« on: November 08, 2015, 09:07:52 pm »

I am entertaining ideas of game-mastering a mecha adventure using a freeform system or MektonZ's skill based "Interlock System"
(Skill based system that uses a d-10 + bonus setup)

I am in the market for tactical simulation, political intrigue, plot twists, and epic fight scenes that would rival a tier-1 action flick.

The basic premise I have in mind is the following:

The setting will be an original, if generic,  type mecha adventure
The main story will center around a small unit of mercenary mecha pilots and their associated support personnel.
The genre will be a "Real Robot" type story, similar to "Full Metal Panic", and "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing"
The initial antagonists will be a colony that wants to fight back and declare their independence, the governments seeking to maintain control, rival corporations, and bandits.
Mecha will be Gundam-Wing Scale (average around 15 meters tall, at 10 metric tons.)
Things will be fairly realistic, but fudging the rules is an option if the story warrants it.  I want this to be fun, and not seem like a chore where the players have to walk on eggshells and type the right thing lest the be ridiculed.

Technology levels are advanced, but not over crazy:

Humanity has developed star-ships with basic FTL capability within the last few hundred years, and has colonized a few systems within 20 light years of earth.
Cybernetics are fairly commonplace, comparable to what is available in "Shadowrun" or "Rifts", with a few exceptions.
Mecha can use either standard cockpits or reflex based interfaces for piloting.
Energy weapons are fairly common but expensive when compared to conventional slug throwers and missiles. 

The technology to make Beam/Energy/Plasma based swords/axes/scythes/etc however do not exist yet.   
Likewise, the technology for energy shielding does not exist yet either.
(Both of these technologies may or may not be available as the game develops.  We would have to discuss it)

The game format:

There will be a list of missions available to the players to choose from.  They select a mission, we roleplay it out, collect the pay/salvage/rewards (Or if they lose, dip into their funds to repair the damages) and rinse and repeat.  This setup will allow players to come and go if need be, or if you need a break you can sit out one or two missions, and we can say your character is off doing something else. 

In addition to the main IC thread, I want an OOC thread where we can BS in addition to discussing everyone's ideas for what is going on.

I like to think I am fair and even-handed.  I want everyone to be open and respectful.  Should an issue arise, no matter how slight, I want to know about it so it can be handled.  I will not make a ruling until all of the facts are in.  I will respect you the same way you respect me.

If you like this idea, let me know.  It ought to be fun if I can get it off the ground. I look forward to hearing from you.
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