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Author Topic: Yet another homebrew system feedback thread (update 2)  (Read 1103 times)

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Yet another homebrew system feedback thread (update 2)
« on: November 07, 2015, 11:07:57 PM »
A while ago I combined bits and pieces of systems I like and others I've been working in and glued them into a barely coherent whole. It is still a work in progress.
Don't be shy and comment away, preferably via PM. I'm looking for any and all suggestions. If anyone wants to test this out, please drop me a line.

* Update log:
1/12/2015 - reworked contests and removed defense stats.
12/1/2016 - tables reformatted, traits expanded on, fixed various typos, whee.

* Setting

The default setting is a boarding school, where students of various origins come together to be educated in whatever it is they need. Be it the occult, science, or needlepoint. However, the school is also a focus for various carnal activities. While the staff might not tolerate open displays of sexuality, exceptions are known to have happened. The dorms are segregated by sex, and situated on opposite sides of the campus.

The school is isolated enough that no interference from the outside is expected. There is a bus line connecting the school to the nearby town, the beat-up old vehicle making the hour-long round trip twice per day. The surroundings are deep, primordial forests and mountains, with a river and a small lake.

At night, students visit eachother's rooms with shady objectives. Or they explore the woods outside where monsters live. Some students are visited by monsters.

In all, it is a very interesting three years for the students of this school.

* Example characters

Just to tickle the readers' fancy...

Akamatsu Makiko (minor character)
Experience: sophomore   Nature: Self-harming   Cool: 7/7
Stats: Vamp=competent (1d8)
Stats: Blather=practiced(1d6)
Stats: Violence=struggling(1d4)
Reputation=struggling(1d4 )
Trait: Cute / +Blather while getting out of trouble
Trait: Airhead / exploitable
Trait: Crybaby / exploitable
Trait: Nymphomaniac / +Vamp when sex is involved

The Thing Beneath the Showers
Experience:Monster   Nature: Aggressive   Lust:10/10
Stats: Vamp=1d2 (horrible) Blather=1d2 (mute) Violence=1d12+2 (absurdly violent)
Trait: Patron (Headmaster)
Power base: Monster (Powers: Tentacles, Partial Desolidify)

The Quality Scale

Most things in the game will have their attributes represented by dice. The table below presents the notation used, from worst to best.

Rank       - die
Harmless   - 1d2
Pathetic   - 1d3
Struggling - 1d4
Practiced  - 1d6
Competent  - 1d8
Dangerous  - 1d10
Monstrous  - 1d12
each level of Monstrous adds +2 to the result rolled.

So to test something that is of Pathetic quality, one would roll a 1d3 and note the result. Obviously, a higher result is always more desirable.

* Creating a Character

Depending on their importance, each character starts with different abilities. Of course the more important ones usually start with higher abilities. You can lower one stat a level to raise another.

* Coolness is what matters in life. As long as you are cool, you have complete control over yourself. Mere wounds are healed by an overnight stay at the nurse's office. Its initial value is either rolled, or determined by the number in the parentheses, as detailed in the table below.

Other character types might not have something other than "Cool" as their driving force - for example, the tentacle monster hiding in the girls' showers is driven by "Lust". The mechanics guiding its loss, however, remain the same.

Character - Starting   - Starting
 type     - attributes -  Cool

Extra     - pathetic   - 1d4 (2)
Stand-in  - struggling - 2d4 (5)
Minor     - practiced  - 3d4 (7)
Major     - competent  - 4d4 (10)

Character attributes: 
* Vamp - how well you manipulate using your looks. Also governs seduction and looking innocent enough.
* Blather - from chastising over bad-mouthing to dirty talking. Oral presentations and taking tests use this stat as well - unless they are of a physical kind, in which case use the following stat...
* Violence - for restraining that special someone, or enduring a tentacle monster. All variations of physical trials are related to this.

Different levels of experience (or age, if you prefer) also matter. When engaging someone from a higher or lower experience "level", subtract the difference from your roll result. e.g. a sophomore challenging a senior would suffer a -1 to all his rolls. The time spent in the school also governs starting Reputation, as detailed on the following table.

Experience - starting Reputation
Freshman   - pathetic
Sophomore  - struggling
Senior     - practiced
Graduate   - competent
Faculty    - dangerous
Extreme    - monstrous

* Reputation is how the faculty and the outside world views you. This follows the same scale as other attributes. Gaining or losing this stat is purely on the whim of the faculty. It is used only in special circumstances, such as being blamed for something or appearing "above suspicion". This stat can be lowered and raised at the whim of the GM.

Example: Ellandra and Rinka are accused of breaking stuff in the chemistry lab. The Chem teacher looks at them with stern eyes. Both roll their Reputation rating, and the one rolling lower is found guilty.

* Nature is what you hide underneath your icy Coolness. Pick a character type from the following:

Aggressive "If I hurt them first, I won't get hurt."
Compliant "If I give in, I won't get hurt."
Constrained "If I control myself completely, I won't get hurt."
Denying "If I don't admit it hurts, I won't get hurt."
Extroverted "If they like me enough, I won't get hurt."
Self-harming "If I hurt myself first, I won't get hurt."
Withdrawn "If I do not let anyone close to me, I won't get hurt."

This describes your character's coping strategy - how he or she deals with stress and the prospect of harm. This is a role-playing guideline, and an exploitable Trait. Someone aware of your Nature just might use it against you. Beware.

* Contests

Contests are usually between two characters.
A character rolls the appropriate stat and posts the attack. Then its the other character's turn.
Rolling lower than the previous contestant results in the loss of a point of Cool. This makes the initial attacker immune to Cool loss. Backstabbing pays off, always.
If the roll is half of the previous roll or below, the loss is two points. A third or below, three points.
Matching rolls results in a standoff. No Cool is lost by the current character. The next Cool loss is doubled for each standoff condition, and the Standoff condition(s) are removed.
Some contests might need only one successful roll to pass. e.g. a math test needs a Blather roll with a difficulty of 4 to complete successfully. Failed rolls have the usual Cool-losing consequences.

Withdrawing from a contest needs two wins in a row.

You can limit the Cool loss your opponent suffers to an arbitrary maximum, even prevent it altogether.

* Different kinds of contests: Everything can be played as a contest. Yes, sex is a contest as well. The actions remain the same, and the person losing Cool first is "defeated". Having no Cool left has the usual consequences. Watch out who you sleep with.

* Once at 0 Cool, the winner can force you to remove one of your traits, or add a new one of their choice, subject to GM approval. Only one trait per scene, though, so it might take a while (and adequate resources) to make a strong-willed jock into a weak futa maid. Note that reaching 0 cool might mean different things in different contest types, but the end result is always the same, and defeat is always final... for the current conflict. Payback is a bitch.

* Cool is regained after a good rest. This gives you back all of your spent Cool. If you can't get a good rest, roll your highest stat and regain that many points of Cool instead, up to your maximum.

* Traits are the means to flesh your character out some more. You can pick as many as the GM permits, typically half the value of your Cool. Half of these (rounded down) will have to be disadvantages, marked with a -, or /exploitable. Advantages are, obviously, marked with a +, and a short description which stat they advantage in what situation.
Mechanically, traits force you to roll your relevant stat twice, but only during situations relevant to the trait; if you have advantage, use the better roll; if you have disadvantage, use the worse one.
You pick which stat the trait applies to and in what situation. Use common sense. GM will most probably not allow silly combinations.
Traits marked with (plot), (power base) or (power) don't usually give re-rolls. The GM will make up rules for them depending on the situation.
If supernatural material is allowed, traits marked as (Power Base) can be used as an excuse to buy (Powers). Without a power base, you can't buy (Powers). 
The following is by no means an exhaustive list. You are free to invent your own traits, subject to GM's approval of course.


A Tough character to re-roll Violence when toughness is needed, and pick the better roll.
A Sex-Trained vixen gets to re-roll Vamp during sex, and pick the better roll.
An -Asocial sophomore gets to re-roll Blather during a verbal confrontation, and pick the worse roll.

Trait List:

+ Airhead. You don't pay as much attention to the real world as you should. In other words: You are an airhead.
+ Ally (Plot) You have a friend that helps you, more or less occasionally. Alternatively, the ally can be another PC (and good luck convincing him to help you) An NPC Ally can never have more Cool than you.
+ Asocial. The world just doesn't understand you. Or is it the other way around? Goes well with teenagers and misunderstood evil geniuses.
+ Authority. You are a wielder of authority, your word is law and power. It might be due to a position or power or sheer personal magnetism. This mostly applies in a chosen situation, but feel free to milk this advantage until the GM gets annoyed.
+ Babe Magnet / Boy Magnet. You attract the opposite sex like a magnet. There's always a handful of people behind you. While this is generally useful, it may become bothersome when you're trying to hit on someone else...
+ Bad at ____. Choose a school subject. Any tests involving it are at a disadvantage.
+ Bad Reputation. You are a super-villain, an evil owner of a megacorporation, etc. In addition to smooth talk penalties, you may be subject to rude words, silent treatment, stoning and others.
+ Crybaby. You are a sissy. Females can get over this, but if you are male, prepare to be humiliated for the rest of your worthless life, you girlie.
+ Curse (Plot). Something bad happens to you (change sex, change to a tiny cute animal, freak out, etc.) in a certain circumstance.
+ Cute. You have cute features (cat ears, fairy antennas) or look adorable in certain clothing (glasses, pigtails, school uniform). Alternately, you have cute behavior.
+ Duty (Plot). You have duties to someone and something. You can't neglect them in danger of losing money, life, or both.
+ Evil Nemesis (Plot) You have an evil twin, long-gone twin sister or somesuch.
+ Flunkies. There are always people around you to help with the more menial tasks, like cleaning, driving, doing homework for you... Others find them disgusting. Mostly. You might have to pay them, or they could be enamored classmates, or somesuch. These are different from allies in that you can't use them for anything even remotely dangerous.
+ Good Reputation. You are a famous singer, dancer, dancer and singer, or whatever it is that teenagers like nowadays. This gives you obvious bonuses at your smooth talk.
+ Hatred of _____. You just can't help yourself when faced with something. All the stops blow and you go all out! Might be dangerous in the wrong circumstances...
+ Innocence. You're too innocent for your own good. You might not be interested in sex (A rare breed indeed) or be interested in it, but unable to get it.
+ Intelligence. You are among one of the very very rare hentai characters that can actually think. Besides being useful in making giant robots and deadly weaponry, this gives you an obvious edge in the 'Wanna screw?' world.
+ Luck. You are simply lucky. Any rolls that involve your character can be re-rolled (simulating a lucky streak).
+ Nutcase. The wheel's spinning but the hamster's dead. This tends to spell trouble in relationships. This covers the usual 'general' insanities.
+ Nymphomaniac. You need more sex than the normal for a balanced, well-adjusted person. Whatever that might mean.
+ Old Age. You're getting old. What are you doing in this game?
+ Patron (Plot). You have someone or something that provides you with plenty of food, money, equipment and sex. OK, maybe not sex. This can be combined with the Duty disadvantage.
+ Secret. You have skeletons in the closet. If the secret gets out, you risk public ridicule, imprisonment, or worse. Pick your poison carefully.
+ Self control. You have some measure of self control. You meditate, bang your head against the wall, whatever.
+ Sexual Insanity. You have a strange sexual fetish or compulsion, called IT. IT is usually perverted and illegal, which doesn't stop anyone from wanting IT.
+ Sexual Phobia. You're afraid of sex. Maybe you were raped by your parents, maybe your parents gave you a strict upbringing. Maybe both. If forced to have sex, you'll go angry or run away. Maybe both.
+ Shemale. You are in the blurred line between both sexes, in the limbo of the Third Hentai Sex. You look like a woman, but you have some male... implements.
+ Significant Other (Plot) You have a person that likes you and bothers about you well-being. Oh, and you two hump like minks too.
+ Split personality. There is two of you. Or three. Or more! The more, the merrier - but you all share the same body. Shucks.
+ Strong. Your muscles are larger than normal people's. You can actually break more stuff than is sensible.
+ Tough. Zou are close to indestructible, at least when compared to normal mortals. Don't get cocky.
+ Unlucky. Some people just don't have the right star and you are one of those.
+ Unwanted Love Interest (Plot) Someone wants you, and wants you badly. You don't want them, but that's not stopping them.
+ Weak. Your muscle tone rivals that of cabbage, or you have a serious bodily disability.
+ Weakness to ___. You are particularly weak to a certain vice or temptation.
+ Weak-willed. Resisting others has always been a problem. This disadvantage is usually reserved for those broken toys you accumulate during play.
+ Weirdness magnet. Things tend to happen to you or near you. This is different from a curse that the Things won't usually be dangerous. The Pimp will love you for taking this disadvantage.

Power base advantages:

+ Cyborg (Power Base) You have been reconstructed with partially mechanical parts. Your senses are enhanced, and probably weaponry has been inserted in you (owie) as well.
+ Hybrid (Power Base) You are not fully human: You are a catgirl, a fairy, a triton, a succubus or whatever. This earns you a few helpful things, and can be used to justify Powers. You may specify your own alterations.
+ Magical Affinity (Power Base) You have an natural affinity with magical stuff. Also, you are easily noticeable to other supernaturals.
+ Monster (Power base) You weren't a human to start with. Weird experiments, otherplanar horrors or simply horrible things all fall into this category.
+ Mystical Knowledge (Power Base) You're initiated into the ancient art of the Ninja (or any other mystical group.) This eearns you a place in their hierarchy.
+ Psychic (Power Base) You have a natural psychic talent, or received special training. Owned by paranormals and psychic ducks.


+ Armor (power) You have natural or unnatural armor, and as such, you take less damage from attacks.
+ Body of _____ (power) You can turn your body into a strange substance. This this earns one of these powers while in altered body: Flight, Desolidification, Invisibility, Partial Solidify.
+ Energy Blast (power)  You can unleash a long distance blast of energy, matter, poop or whatever. Always hits, unless the Pimp is annoyed.
+ Enhanced Attack (power) One of your attacks does more damage than the usual, due to claws, big hands, etc.
+ Enochian Rituals(power) The light side of Vile rituals, operating by the same rules, but dealing in healing, protection etc.
+ Extradimensional Travel (power) You can freely travel to the shadow world, the Umbra, the astral plane, or your special dimension.
+ Healing Light (power) With a flash of blinding light, your hands become able to to heal the wounded, refresh the exhausted, and cure the sick.
+ Indestructible (power) Trough some twist of Fate, or your own design, you have attained a form of eternal life. Perhaps you just live very, very long, or can't be killed in an ordinary way. Work it out with the GM.
+ Perception (power) You are blessed (or cursed?) with extraordinary perceptions. You might see the extra sensory input as a shadow over the world around you, or perceive it only in dreams.
+ Pheromones (power) Your body can generate chemicals that make you more attractive to the opposite sex, as well as to dogs, squirrels, moose, etc. Doesn't work to attract people: You need the Moose Magnet, I mean, Boy/Babe Magnet advantage for that.
+ Procurement (power) When you're with empty hands, you can call an item from Hammerspace, which lasts until the scene ends. This power costs one Potency per level.
+ Regeneration (Always on) Through genetic manipulation, otherworldly influence or pure luck you have ben blessed with the ability to regenerate wounds, lost limbs (yes, even that limb). However, you will not return from the dead... at least not in the form you were before death. Works only for actual wounds, not for otherwise lost Pot.
+ Shapeshifting (power) You can morph into something else. You keep more or less the same mass, but you can change your body as you see fit. In addition, as long as you are morphed you can draw from an additional, inner reservoir of Cool, as well as gain an appropriate amount of powers.
+ Speed (power) You can move somewhere else really really fast, due to teleportation, speed, or whatever. Owned by every other anime villain.
+ Summoning (power) You can summon creatures from Beyond.
+ Tentacles (power) An all-time favorite. Sprout tentacles from your body. Wherever they are positioned is up to you.
+ Vile rituals (power) The ability to perform effective rituals dealing with curses, death, disasters and similar nastiness. A mark of the truly studious dark mage. This enables you to emulate any other power, advantage, or disadvantage in these rules, provided you have at least the same points in this power as the one you want to emulate, and spend a bit of time and resources on the ritual itself. The GM will provide you with details based on the individual ritual, but be warned that most of them are long, risky, expensive and demand some sacrifice. Typically this will produce an item with the desired power, or may imbue the caster or another person with the power.
+ Weaponry (power) The province of gun bunnies and combat minded characters. All your attacks do extra damage, due to your ability to produce weapons of all sizes from Lord-knows-where. Better than Enhanced Attack, specially since you're not bound to a single attack form.

* Equipment

Let's face it, we all love equipment tables. However, I haven't gotten around to building one for this game yet! So this is only a taste of what might be available.

+ Bondage Sybian. This infernal machine has inescapable restraints, and you need to pass an number of Violent tests (usually 10) with a difficulty of 4 before it lets you go. If you run out of Cool, you pass out. You did place it in a conveniently hidden place, right?
+ Shades. If worn by an appropriate character, these grant +1 Cool. No, you can't stack these.
+ Huge Sword. Gives +2 to all Violence rolls in combat. However, it's damn conspicuous.
+ Course exam answers. Gives +4 to the rolls used to pass an exam. However, being found with these is bad.
+ Break'er Cream. An insanely popular commodity in the dorms.This powerful aphrodisiac forces a female to lose 1 additional Cool per turn of sexual intercourse. Even if there's no sexual intercourse, the victim still loses 1 Cool per dose per post. The version that works on males is known as Break'im Cream. A tube usually holds enough for 2d6 doses.

* Experience

Defeating someone with higher Cool earns you an increase of 1 Coolness.

* Courses Available

Core courses (all also available as Comprehensive and Honors):

+ Languagues & Other Modes of Communication
+ Math & Non-Euclidean Geometry
+ Science & Para-Science
+ Hidden History & Social sciences

Elective courses:
+ Fine Art
+ Music Appreciation
+ Service Learning
+ Skills for Health
+ Nutrition and Wellness
+ Life Skills
+ Physical Education
+ Reaching Your Academic Potential
+ Achieving Your Career and College Goals
+ Drivers Safety
+ Psychology
+ Health and Medical Sciences
+ Veterinary Sciences
+ Computer Literacy
+ Finding Your Path
+ Introduction to the Occult

* System

Courses have a fixed difficulty that is rolled against when taking the exam, as follows: Core 4+, Comprehensive 6+, Honors 8+, Electives 10+. Exams typically take place at the end of each semester. Passing this gives cumulative a +1 to future rolls against the same or similar courses. The stat used is generally Blather, however feel free to be creative.

* Starting scenario - Week 1 in school! You play as a newly arrived female student in the school. All rolls are Conflicts as usual, and Cool loss applies. Use these tables for guidelines. All scenes should be short - 4-5 posts per player. The first week consists of 5 days and 4 nights, followed by Friday night. Roll on the following tables for each.

Daytime - first week: Roll 1d6.
1 - Flash quiz. Roll 4+ Blather to pass.
2 - Hazing squad. Roll stat tests against 4+ until you accumulate 4 successes.
3 - Lost in the hallways. 1d6: 1-3: meet the Thing Beneath the Showers 4-6: a lone student masturbating.
4 - Helpful instructor. Spends the day showing you around and explaining - gain +1 to one future roll.
5 - Hallway execution. A group of students hanging a bound, gagged freshman. 4+ Violence to save her while they disappear. 1 in 6 chance it's a real hanging.
6 - Headmaster. Roll 4+ Vamp or Blather. Success gets you invited to a punishment session. Failure gets you escorted back to class.

Nighttime - first week: Roll 1d6
1 - Seniors pay a visit. Violence conflict against a Competent (1d8) Senior with 5 Cool. Loss incurs a reduction in Reputation.
2 - Romantic snuggling. Someone mistakes you for their partner and slips into your bed during the night. You can keep up the illusion or shoo them away.
3 - Fire drill. Seniors barge in and force everyone outside in their nighttime garments. This night won't be restful.
4 - A quiet night. +1 to one future roll.
5 - Nightmares. Wake up drenched in sweat. 50% chance the nightmare was real.
6 - Headmaster inspection.  Roll 4+ Vamp or Blather. Failure nets instant caning (4x Violence rolls against 4+)

Friday night: Roll 1d6
1 - Seniors ask you out to town. It's an offer you can't refuse.
2 - Seniors kidnap you to their dorm, to release you on Sunday morning after a day of gentle loving.
3 - You run from the seniors into the woods. They catch up eventually.
4 - You escape into the woods. But there are wild beasts, and fun ensues.
5 - You witness other girls in your dorm suffering the above, but remain miraculously spared.
6 - If you had a headmaster encounter, he comes to pick you up, and you stay with him until Sunday morning. Otherwise, re-roll.
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Re: Yet another homebrew system feedback thread (slightly updated)
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Le bump. Please see the above post. Thanks!