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Author Topic: 2 story plots for one on one or 3some (fantasy / scifi)  (Read 523 times)

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2 story plots for one on one or 3some (fantasy / scifi)
« on: November 05, 2015, 07:32:51 AM »
Looking to start at least one of these two games with another player or players.  Both stories are set as 3some stories, however can be adapted as solos. Read bellow and let me know.


Medieval Fantasy Setting. 

A war rages on between heaven and hell.  For billions of centuries angels and demons have been fighting, not quite sure for what, however the wars seem to claim no victors, just pain and agony.  YC is a demon, an assassin of hells army, one of the best truthfully.  MC is a knight of heaven, right hand to the leading force against the darkness.  One battle however changes everything.  You're about to assassinate me, you stop, your mothers voice halting you, but your mother had died from your demon father years ago.  My Character turns, gripping his sword and begins to thrust forward towards you, but halts, almost as if God himself stopped the blade.  They make eye contact, hearts race.  The battle continues on for hours before no side retains victory.  As night falls on earth, the playground for the war, we seek each other out through the darkness, love is a hard thing especially between rivals.  Soon enough we begin to meet in private more often, talking instead of battling, researching other options, and of course love making. On the eve of finding out an ancient relic might be able to halt the war and bring peace, we are found out, in the midst of love making.  You are auctioned back to your side for enslaved angels, since they know you to be a princess of darkness.  I am however stripped of my wings and sentenced to a never ending life on earth in misery without any memory of who he was or what he was.

Years pass, and all is forgotten between the two of them. Her father, a grand duke of hell has punished her as well.  She has been sentenced to the lowest form of demon servitude, collecting souls. Years pass once more, and MC has learned to live off the land, a ranger of sorts, only traveling to town to trade hi trappings for other things.  Yet as he enters the town, she sees him, what will she do? what was the artifact?  will he remember her?

As for the third character, she could be someone from the town caught in between, maybe a soul you were trying to take.  That is if we add a 3rd person, if its solo we can just do the two of us.

Story 2:

The year is 2013 and everyone is relaxing from the threat of the world going to shit in 2012.  No one notices the shooting stars though, that streaked across the sky.   Radar didn't pick the mass up from outer space as it grew closer and closer.  That's when the power went out, everything electrical died and became obsolete.  Riots and pillaging starts, marital law sets in, then the darkness.  Its almost as if the sun went out and night became a permanent factor on earth.  A week into the darkness is when they arrived.

So this story is about how we in all our differences come together, fall for each other and sacrifice ourselves for one another.  I'm looking for two eccentric female writers who find the end of the world interrupting their weekend.  I'm looking for different walks of life coming together to fight for the world or to just survive.  There will be dark horror and scifi wrapped up into this. Both plot and sexuality will have an equal role in the game.

A young (16-24) female from a rich high class family.
Your goals, your car, your world its all paid for.
You have a wild side but never acted on the thoughts.

A young (16-24) female from any walk of life
you're the best friend who drags girl one to the concert
you're the wild side girl one wishes she had (and you hold a crush on girl 1)

A young (16-24) white male who lives on the streets.
I'm forgotten by the system, seen as a hoodlum and a con artist.
I sing in a band, have tattoos, ride a motor cycle.  I am the wild side.

If you only like the 2of us, we can formulate it to be the 2 of us in this game :)

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Re: 2 story plots for one on one or 3some (fantasy / scifi)
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2015, 07:43:22 AM »

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Re: 2 story plots for one on one or 3some (fantasy / scifi)
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2016, 01:58:15 PM »