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Author Topic: Mechanical Consequences (System ideas, mostly F lf GM, but some others)  (Read 1026 times)

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Offline ExisDTopic starter

Heya and welcome to a bunch of various ideas and characters that I have for system games. Most are fairly brief since I think that most writing should be collaborative and a good number of plot elements shouldn't be written in stone at the beginning.

That said, if you like any of the ideas or want to discuss ideas of your own please send me a pm rather than posting in the thread. If I'm currently writing an idea or something similar, send one anyway. A different start and different twists make for vastly different stories and most of these are plots I'd be happy to play out multiple times.

~General Info~

When writing I tend towards smaller posts. Normally 1-3 short paragraphs. That said, I will try to match what someone else does in terms of length and description. It just might take longer for me to respond, especially once new word count creeps towards one thousand.

I'm also much more comfortable writing for female characters, especially if detailed sex scenes are involved. When I GM this loosens up a bit, it sort of has to to do anything. However, don't expect a lot of super detailed descriptions for male, human characters(monsters I can go hog wild with). I'm trying to work on this, but progress is slow.

Likewise, pretty much any character I play is going to be gay or bi-leaning gay. That's not to say that M/F scenes shouldn't happen, in many cases they'd be necessary for the kinks in the ideas and also logical in terms of settings, but romance is much, much less likely. Again, something I'm trying to work on.

Lastly, I'm a very distract-able person whose schedule sometimes fills up with very little warning. I'm also not great at guessing when I'll have more time. So if I wind up vanishing for a few days, please send me a reminder. Often I'll check PMs on my phone in the middle of the day, but can't effectively post from there with the exception of very short replies.


Why system games?

I find that they make it easier to come up with some types of stories and resolve conflicts. Having a number to represent how strong or smart someone is allows for good guesses about chances of success. This makes it much easier for me to write action descriptions and, depending on where we decide roll resolution happens, not end every post very vaguely. It also leads into one of my favorite things: consequences.

Actions, especially those who directly affect others, should have both good and bad consequences. I've found that temporary bonuses or penalties in mechanics scratch this itch of mine very well. Systems that allow for advantages/disadvantages even more so because they help enforce that certain things do matter along with how they do.

That being said, the list of systems I'm familiar with and happy to play online is: DnD 3.5/4/5, d20 Modern, Star Wars d20, Pathfinder, GURPS 4e, World of Darkness, Exalted 2/2.5/3, Shadowrun 4/5, Warhammer Fantasy 3e.

~Plots, Ideas, and Characters~

I have particular systems in mind for most of my ideas and characters, but they aren't locked in normally. Though sometimes the setting and system are almost inseparable(Exalted and Shadowrun) so switching would be harder. A few of these are based on characters or group games that never quite got off the ground. Others are new. Again, even if I'm actively writing for an idea I might still be up for starting another version.

MMO Trouble

Looking For: GM
System: Any
Primary Kinks: Prostitution, NC, monsters, exhibitionism, humiliation

This idea centers are a virtual-reality MMORPG. The game was designed with two ideas in mind: put as few restrictions, including physical ones, on the PCs as possible and  that sex should be fun.

The developers made a wide, magical world with open PvP, nasty monsters that are happy to abuse anyone who they can catch, a robust economy, and every sexual act always felt pleasurable. Players being players, promptly turned it into a hellscape. Guilds dedicated to raping and pillaging were formed almost as soon as the game was announced. They would rove around, looking for people to kidnap back to their wretched hive cities where the only rule was who had bigger and stronger numbers. If you annoyed them, they'd leave you stranded in the middle of monster infested territory, naked. The monsters were more than happy to join in, sex is always fun afterall.

My character was one of the mid tier members of one of these guilds. She used the game as a vent for the rest of her frustrations. She had a shitty job, difficult major, and lack of any good relationships irl. In game she was a vicious Dark Knight who was one of the better combatants in her area, but too much of a jerk to have good friends.

For a long time this was perfect for her. Then her account got hacked.

One of the players she'd humiliated struck back. If they just deleted everything she had it would have been irritating, but she could recover. Instead they reincarnated her character into one of the classes she would never have picked. Reincarnation set you back to level one in a new class with passive benefits based on all of the classes a character had gone through. It also took much longer to level up with each additional life.

My character had been playing the game for a while and she had put everything into one character. One character who, after the hack, is now a Whore. A support/tank class based on having sex. Healing from a kiss or oral, buffs from longer sessions, and a tease skill that distracts an enemy. They have the HP to take being fucked by the biggest, roughest enemies in game, but no offensive power of their own.

Image Inspirations/Character Appearance Potentials:
Out of game



Other potential kinks
None of these are necessary, but I think they could add to the game:
Pregnancy, oviposition, large insertions, inflation, breast expansion, cervical/nipple penetration, public use

A New Runner

Looking For: GM
System: Shadowrun

In the year 2050, Mika Himura grew up in the relative lap of luxury. Both of her parents were upper management at the local Evo Corp branch. They'd given their children the best that they could. From conception to adulthood they were lavished with technology and tutors. Unfortunately for Mika, that didn't quite work out. As the youngest she was used to seeing her elder siblings go off to become scientists, managers, doctors, and cyber security professionals. She knew that she could never match them in those fields and there were precious few other options. In the end she decided on magic. It was outside of the norm for her family, but her parents were supportive. For the first two years of schooling at least.

Mika had assumed that it would come easily, it never did. She was good enough to pass practical tests and thanks to how many friends she'd made her homework was fine. Of course she'd made those friends through spending most of her time drinking, sleeping around, and spending whatever was in her bank account on them. She tended to just go along with whatever anyone else was doing no matter how bad of an idea it was and all too often wound up footing the bill.

That summer she was cut off. Her family had enough of her failure and the constant expenses. They didn't bother telling her directly. Instead their bank sent her a message. She was now responsible for everything she'd spent over the past two years with the first payment being due a month after it sent. She drank so much that she didn't remember any of the week.

When she came to the young elf knew too things. First, what she'd been doing wrong in her studies. Throughout college she'd been trying to learn traditional magic when she should've been focusing on her own body. Second, all of those genetic modification that her parents had paid for had done something strange. Her body had changed in ways that no one had expected thanks to the stress. In some ways she was better, in others much worse. Most importantly, she gave off an aura of terror that made all of her friends flee in terror.

Left with nothing save her magic and the clothes on her back; Mika needs to find her way through the city while keeping ahead of the debt collectors. Thankfully she had a few ideas. She knew some about how corporation worked and had run into some very shady characters over the past two years.

Image Inspirations/Character Appearance Potentials:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

No Attacking When I'm Transforming

Looking For: GM
System: Any
Primary Kinks: NC, monsters, F/F romance

I've always liked magical girl stories. They have so much potential for a lot of fun thanks to all of the dynamics. Monsters, teammates, and ungrateful people being saved. both mundane and supernatural responsibilities collide while the girls try to balance them and keep themselves secret.

My main thought for this one is a girl whose life hasn't exactly been great. Her city is poor and violent, her family broken up. Despite all of this she still tries to be a force of good in the world, never giving up even when things go badly. Unfortunately, wanting to believe the best in everyone tends to leave her ripe for abuse from humans and monsters alike. Thankfully she has at least one good friend on her side. Who she'd like to have become more than a friend at some point.

Also, all of the problems inherent in trying to obey genre conventions when her enemies don't.

Image Inspirations/Character Appearance Potentials:
Normal mode


Other potential kinks
None of these are necessary, but I think they could add to the game:
Pregnancy, oviposition, large insertions, inflation, public use

Breeding Her Own Army

Looking for: GM
System: Exalted 2nd E
Primary Kinks: monsters, oviposition, pregnancy, NC(with my character 'giving'), large insertions

Faina, the Queen of the Ravenous Forests, had very little personal combat skill. However, she had figured out how to pass on some of her supernatural genetics more easily than most other Exalts. With eventual conquest on the mind she travels the world combining as many things as she can with her own power to birth an army to rival the Realm.

The idea can fit well with Lunars, Solars, and Infernals. I'd want quite a few custom charms for the reproduction aspect, but she would be a relatively low combat-high social character in general.

Image Inspiration

I Dare You to Go into the Dungeon With...

Looking For: GM/Partner to take turns running adventures
System: Any
Primary Kinks: Exhibitionism, forces cloths wearing, orgasm denial

A pair of adventurers have been successful, very successful. So successful in fact that they've run out of appropriate challenges. Without a thrill in their lives they came up with a new plan. Taking turns giving challenges that the other has to complete the adventure under. Whether a naked run, needing to seduce the princess at the end, having a toy in the entire time, or just doing the entire thing drunk: any dare must be accepted.

After all, the other one is following along, unseen. whether a cloaking device, invisibility ring, or anything else. the current adventurer can always tap out if things get too tough. Provided they can take wimping out that is.

Other image ideas


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