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June 13, 2021, 12:57:17 pm

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Author Topic: Empty Earth M looking for 2 or more f -(bi)-interest check  (Read 384 times)

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Empty Earth M looking for 2 or more f -(bi)-interest check
« on: November 04, 2015, 02:28:11 pm »
This story will include pregnancy, male on multiple female, female on female , older female coming of age male.. open to dom male -sub female
Looking for two females to kick start the story but if there is enough interest I'm happy to have as many female characters as interest allows-mine will be the only male character.

Four years ago the world instantly depopulated less than 1 in a million people were left on the planet, in the US only 400 people remain, some are still alone in the world, most however have managed to
 find others and formed new families, and in two cases, Northern California and in Georgia communities of at least 100 people.

Our characters found each other in the first few days and have managed to build themselves a new life on a farm which also happens to be close to a major distribution center so plenty of supplies (with an expiry date) , while the grid is down the farm generates its own power supply via solar and wind power. Its not been easy, its a lot of hard work and there is always more to do but we have made it work.

There are threats of course, packs of feral dogs roam the countryside, cities are rat invested and wild life , including wolves and bears, have been able to expand their territories.

Our small family is about to experience a fundamental change when my character comes of age and his expectations for his role within the family and with each lady moves form being a kid to being a man. The ladies have formed their own intimate relationship and while they have known that the day would come when my character would want a more adult relationship with them , its still something that they have to get their head around -some will no doubt be looking forward to the day, others may not. 

Looking for more than a line at a time

There will be smut and by the nature of the story it will include male on multiple female , as mentioned in the plot outline the females have all established an intimate relationship with each other . The story will focus on the day to day challenges of making this new life work while looking at the impact in the established all-female relationship as my character coming of age.

I would prefer female characters be written by female writers

I'm quite a visual sort would like at least one photo to represent your character (actual person)

Age of your character is open but early twenties to mid thirties would be best. My character will be 18 UNLESS everyone is happy for him to be 16

What happened to all the people ....well there is an explanation, happy for that to remain a mystery or to be uncovered at some stage by our characters

There are two communities in the United States they have managed to make contact with each other and are beginning to look for other people, what are characters don't know but the communities do know is that they are a lot less men than women, there is no one older than 40 . In one community men are in leadership positions , in the other they do as they are told ..its just a question of which community finds our family first(please note this encounter is planned as a mid term event I'd want all the women of the family to either have one child to my guy or be pregnant when one or both communities find them).