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Author Topic: Children of Dionysus [Hack/Slash Inc - Survival - Horror - Freeform]  (Read 1262 times)

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Based on Hack/Slack Inc.

Welcome to a world where psychotic serial killers take on an all-new meaning.  Combining horror, suspense, drama, action and mature content all into one package,  this is the tale and journey of one group of individuals from different walks of life coming together with one thing in common:  they survived!  What did they survive, you ask?  The dreadful reign of terror that plagues Fells, Mississippi.  How they survived is determined by you.  With heavy hearts they will all combine their respective skills to track down the threat for their own reason.  Are they avenging the death of a loved one?  Is this what they believe to be the logical course of action?  Has the experience simply turned them into a bloodthirsty, vengeful person?  Or is something lingering inside of them they aren't aware of...?

The Setting

Fells is the seventh largest city in Mississippi and the county seat of Harrison County.  The first permanent settlement in French Louisiana was founded at Fort Maurepas and referred to as Old Fells, in 1699 under the direction of Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville, with Louisiana separated from Spanish Florida at the Perdido River near Pensacola (founded 1559 and again in 1698).  In 1763, following Great Britain's victory in the Seven Years' War, France had to cede French Louisiana east of the Mississippi River, except for New Orleans, to Great Britain, as part of the Treaty of Paris. At that same time, Louisiana west of the Mississippi, including New Orleans, was ceded to Spain as part of the Treaty of Fontainebleau.  British rule persisted from 1763 to 1779, and then Spanish rule from 1779 to 1810. Despite this, the character of Fells remained mostly French.  In 1811, Fells came under United States of America control as part of the Mississippi Territory. Mississippi, and Fells with it, were then admitted to the union in 1817.

Fells began to grow. It became a summer resort, with the advantages of close proximity to New Orleans and ease of access via water. Summer homes were built by well-to-do farmers and commercial figures. Hotels and rental cottages came into existence to serve those who could not afford their own homes.  One of Fells' most known features has been the Fells Lighthouse, which was built in Baltimore and then shipped south and completed in May 1848.  In the early stages of the Civil War, Ship Island was captured by Union forces, which led to the effective Union capture of Fells as well. No major battles were fought in the area, and Fells did not suffer direct damage from the war.  In the postbellum period, Fells again emerged as a vacation spot. Its popularity as a destination increased with railroad access. In 1881, the first cannery was built in the town, leading to others soon joining the location. Fells grew again, and as different ethnic groups came to work in the seafood factories, Fells gained a more heterogeneous population.  During World War II, the United States Army Air Forces built Keesler Field, now Keesler Air Force Base, which became a major basic training site and site for aircraft maintenance. The Fells economy boomed as a result, again bringing more diverse groups to the area. By 1958, the first Jewish synagogue had been built in the town.

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast with high winds, heavy rains and a 30-foot (9.1 m) storm surge, causing massive damage to the area.  Commenting on the power of the storm and the damage, Mayor A.J. Holloway said, "This is our tsunami."  Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour was quoted as saying the destruction of the Mississippi coastline by Hurricane Katrina looked like an American Hiroshima.  On the morning of August 31, 2005, in an interview on MSNBC, Governor Barbour stated that 90% of the buildings along the coast in Biloxi and neighboring Gulfport had been destroyed by the hurricane. Several of the "floating" casinos were torn off their supports and thrown inland, contributing to the damage.  Reconstruction to Fells' waterfront is still an ongoing process but the vast majority of the damage has been repaired.  Meanwhile, the city of Fells is rapidly implementing plans to allow the redevelopment of commercial properties south of highway 90.

Key Locations
  • Hard Rock Casino & Hotel is a casino and resort located in Fells, Mississippi. The resort was constructed in 2005 and originally scheduled to open on September 1 of that year.  However, a couple of days before the scheduled grand opening, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, destroying the casino and damaging the resort.  The newly restored facility is built on "more storm resistant" cement pilings rather than the former floating barge as originally mandated by Mississippi law, and features seven restaurants, including a Hard Rock Cafe, Ruth's Chris Steak House, close to 500 hotel rooms and suites, a full service spa, a nightclub, over 1400 slot machines, 56 table games, a poker room, outdoor beach themed pool with cabanas and swim-up bar, and a Hard Rock Live performance arena.
  • Ohr-O'Keefe Museum Of Art is a non-profit art museum dedicated to the ceramics of George E. Ohr, the self-proclaimed "Mad Potter of Fells". The museum is named for ceramic artist George E. Ohr, as well as Annette O'Keefe, late wife of former mayor Jeremiah O'Keefe, Sr., who was instrumental in donating money and raising funds for the completion of the museum campus.
  • Fells University of Prestige belongs to a chain of private for-profit, nationally accredited, post-secondary institutions located primarily in the southeastern United States. As a proprietary institution, it offers classes, certificates, diplomas, and degrees related to specific professions, such as health and medical, information technology, business, office management, psychology and criminal justice.

Game Information

Fells, Mississippi recently faced the terror of two alleged serial killers and the body count has just hit thirty plus.  Local and State officials did their best to find the culprits and encouraged everyone to stay at home or to travel in groups.  A curfew was issued to help prevent more deaths and many of the victims families were placed into protective custody at secure locations.  It was unknown if the killers were working in unison or independent but the investigation warranted full deploy of law enforcement.

The first killer made his debut at a local psychiatric hospital during a breakout involving seven mentally-ill and unstable patients.  The event was orchestrated by a formerly renowned brain surgeon, Robert Stanley.  He was charged with three accounts of murder, multiple aggravated assault charges, reckless endangerment and more but found clinically insane.  The reason for this sudden insanity remains a mystery but it occurred during a surgery where he killed the patient and his two colleagues before running out of the hospital, cutting or stabbing anyone who got in his way.  For years, he was under State care in the psychiatric hospital until three weeks ago when he and six other patients assaulted staff and escaped.  Together, they ran rampant across the city of Fells, assaulting citizens in public areas and tallying up a total of 7 deaths.  All but Stanley have been found and detained and now face life sentences in a prison for the criminally insane.  Stanley is still at large.

The second killer, who experts have turned to the FBI to investigate, follows the patterns of a 'Revenant'.  The government began to take notice of these creatures prominently during the 1980s.  Killers with strange powers or abilities that seem tougher and harder to kill than the average human.  After many investigations, they came to realize there was something consistent in their bloodstream which were traces of an unknown element named 'Black Ambrosia'.  This particular 'Revenant' left water damage and damage that matched high-speed winds.  The victims were usually drowned, battered and bruised from being thrown around the area or impaled by objects caught in the wind.  Unlike Stanley, the Revenant was found and killed by an unknown benefactor.  Eyewitnesses claim to have seen a grotesquely large man and a young woman dressed very provocatively carrying weapons and engaging a ghostly image.

Days have passed since the report of the Revenant's death and Stanley's disappearance.  The city is still on high alert but productivity and business has started its usual grind.  Where does your character fit into all of this?  Your character will be a survivor to one of the two killer's reigns of terror.  Were you a victim to a murderous psychopath's orchestrations, recovering from some lacerations or a beating?  Did you survive the ghostly apparitions abilities to toss you around with high-velocity winds and nearly drown?  That is up to you.  The game will begin with our characters gathered at the local police department to await questioning into the ordeal.

  • Each Character must be 18+
  • Each Character is not required to be born or raised in Fells, so long as they are in the area during the attacks.
  • This is a Freeform Game but there will be a small system implemented for any combat encounters and for 'Moral Compassing'.
  • Each Character will have traces of Black Ambrosia dormant in their blood but be unaware of this;  This is for the 'Moral Compassing', where certain actions a character takes may have them lean more towards becoming a Revenant themselves.
  • Characters can die but I will not be strict with this consequence.  This is also a survival game afterall.
  • AceFlyer and I will be the Game Managers of this game
  • We are looking for 3 - 4 other characters;  Each Character must fill a 'role' and 'class'.  Examples based on our characters will be listed below.

Character Sheet

== Basic Statistics ==
Meaning of Name:  
Origin of Name:  
Birth Place: 
Birth Date:
Current Residence: 

== Physical Characterisitics ==
Eye Color: 
Visual Aids?: 
Hair Color: 
Hair Style: 
Distinguishing Feature(s): 

== Psyche Assessment ==

== History ==

== Sexual Information ==

== Game Information ==
Group Role: 
Weapon of Choice: 
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Re: Children of Dionysus [Hack/Slash Inc - Survival - Horror - Freeform]
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2015, 11:00:38 AM »
Model: Taylor Momsen
== Basic Statistics ==
Name:  Seren Danescu
Nickname:  None
Meaning of Name: "Star"
Origin of Name: Welsh
Nationality:  American
Ethnicity:  Indo-European
Birth Place:  Constanta, Romania
Race: White
Birth Date: June 30, 1996
Age: 19
Occupation:  College Student; Vlogger
Current Residence:  Fells, Mississippi

== Physical Characterisitics ==
Height: 5'3"
Weight:  120 lbs
Build:  Ectomorph
Skin: Fair
Eye Color:  Light Blue
Visual Aids?:  Contacts
Hair Color:  Platinum Blonde
Hair Style:  Loose and Unkempt
Distinguishing Feature(s):  Copious amount of Eyeshadow
Piercing(s):  Left Spider Bites,  Right High Nostril, Lobes
Tattoo(es):  None

== Psyche Assessment ==

Seren is pathologically convinced she will not be inhibited by her autism and refuses to make it a defining feature in life.  Due to this conviction, she has shaped herself out to be a fiercely independent young woman with a difficult time accepting help she feels isn't warranted.  Her interest in psychology stems from a dormant fear of this ever happening and she believes if one is to overcome the problem, one must understand it.  Thus, she falls into the DIY lifestyle and somewhat keeps her distance from all but a select few people.  As a means to encourage others from associating with her too closely, she adopted the personification of a scandalous individual.  Unfortunately, she is not aware that the beliefs she researched and began using in this behavior has become more deeply interwoven into her actual personality than she believes.

== History ==

On June 30th, 1996, Seren was born into a fisherman family that owned a moderately successful business on the Black Sea.  Quickly, they noticed she became silent suddenly, indifferent to social overtures and even self-abusive by the time she was two years old.  At that time, she rarely even spoke more than two words and rarely responded to her name.  They also noticed that she would not release her stuffed bunny rabbit.  Concerned and unsure what was going on, they took her for examination and she was diagnosed with Autism.  Most of Seren's childhood was defined by this diagnosis as a result.  She was placed in special programs for disabled learning and scheduled into various therapeutic activities.  Early intervention reduced the impact it would have on the rest of her life.  Years later, she began to notice she was treated different from other kids and began to ask questions.  The truth - or realization - that she was different made Seren enter a depressive period where she became more withdrawn than usual but took an immediate interest in learning all she could.  Through her studies and answer-seeking, she was introduced into the world of psychology.  Psychology allowed Seren to understand her condition on a deeper level.  She listened to other stories of people with autism, read on articles and it eventually began to branch out further into other topics such as depression, anxiety and the impact such things have on children.  In effect, Seren became scared and convinced herself to not let autism control her life. 

With the help and shared interest of her cousin, Antoinette, Seren began participating in more social situations.  Most of their time was spent at the local music store.  There they listened to music or spoke to others that shared interests.  Through the experience of talking to others that had interest in various genres, she discerned how important the artistic composition of music was to people giving birth to an interest into learning more about the way others thought.  Her newfound appreciation for this discovery further drove her into the study of psychology but focused more on social situations and through that research, found the art of cold-reading.  Through practice, Seren was able to begin learning more about an individual based on their own interests, appearances, and actions.  She began to understand the people around her on a more intimate level while redirecting conversation away from topics inquiring about her.  Seren kept a journal of her experiences, documenting what she learned every day during her studies and eventually determined what she wanted as a career.  Upon passing her Baccalaureate and graduating high school, Seren began to look towards higher education.  Already convinced her major would be psychology, her interest was drawn to Fells University of Prestige in the United States.  Offering what she was looking for without the hassles some may face in more populated regions of America, Seren took all the necessary steps and sacrificed her home and life in Romania.  She gained admission and took the first plane out, shortly entering Psi Chi and another local psychology club.  After the first year, her grasp of the English language had become stronger and she was offered an intern position at a mental-health institute thanks to her history of autism.

== Sexual Information ==
Role:  Submissive
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Ons:  Artistic | Shaved Body | Attitude | Short Hair | Being Tied Up | Wearing Collars | Being Gagged (cloth) | Dark Characters | Risky, Public Sex | Rough Sex
Offs:  Dry Sex | Fisting of ANY Orifice | Moderate to High levels of Pain | Torture of Any Kind | Scat | Watersports

== Game Information ==
Group Role:  Psychologist
Weapon of Choice:  Edged Weapon
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Re: Children of Dionysus [Hack/Slash Inc - Survival - Horror - Freeform]
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2015, 01:20:56 PM »

Model: Melissa Clarke
== Basic Statistics ==
Name:  Valeria Scarlette
Nickname:  Val, Ria
Nationality:  American
Birth Place:  Fells, Mississippi
Race: White
Birth Date: June 30, 1997
Age: 18
Occupation:  Student
Current Residence:  Fells, Mississippi

== Physical Characterisitics ==
Height: 5'7"
Weight:  125 lbs
Build:  Mesomorph
Skin: Fair
Eye Color:  Light Blue
Visual Aids?:  None
Hair Color:  Black
Hair Style:  Straight and Combed
Distinguishing Feature(s): Very Thin Scar Around Neck
Piercing(s):  Ears
Tattoo(es):  None

== Psyche Assessment ==

On the surface, Valeria is the model Catholic daughter. She's polite and well-manned. She excels in school, and playing the violin and piano. Everything she tries she seems to excel at...because her very rich, very religious, very conservative parents demand no less from her. But at every turn, she fulfills their expectations, or comes close enough that they let it slide. Not enough that they ever forgave small things of a girl being a typical girl, like getting her ears pierced, or smiling a bit too much when working with a boy on a class project.

But those kinds of pressure pushed onto a girl from near birth and on through the rest of her life have taken a toll. With the more hard-line style of religion her family practiced, every minor infraction was punished. Being scolded, and threatened with an afterlife of suffering whenever she didn't meet expectations, whenever she wasn't perfect, pushed severe self-confidence issue onto her, and a depression that was never treated because of the shame it would bring to the family. Everything was handled behind closed doors, with the family...and eventually culminated in an event that left her with the scar around her neck.

The two primary stabilizing forces in her life are her brother, older than her by ten years and the "black sheep" of the family, due to his decision to run away from his crazy, controlling parents and join the United States Marine Corps. (he makes sure to stay in touch with her through email, and visits when possible on leave), and her priest, who has been a source of comfort and relief from the more extreme practice her family prefers.

== History ==

There isn't much to truly say of Valeria's past. Born as an accident into the Scarlette family, a "old blood, old money" family that had seemingly been in Fells, Mississippi before the state even existed, her life has been completely planned out for her. She attended the best private school, and was given the best tutors and caretakers that her family's money could buy. A yearly plan was put in place for her, for her parents were certain that they had been blessed with a prodigy--she had to learn concert piano by five, and violin by six. At seven she was enrolled in ballet, and while she had actually enjoyed dance, as she started to have fun she was quickly pulled out of it as the family elders were scandalized at how "showy" the women dancers were, with their flexibility and nimbleness. Instead then she was placed in singing classes, and has been a permanent staple of her church's choir since she had been old enough for the priest to allow her to be there.

Her grades had no choice but to be perfect, as it was planned out that she would graduate top of her class, and two years early at that. Every moment spent out of her classes was spent with home tutors and instructors, and when they were done with her it was often straight off to the church for religious and bible studies. She was raised up on the core tenants of the Catholic faith taken to staunch extremes...Her grandfather saw her wearing a short skirt that cut off an inch above the knee once, and paddled her hard enough she couldn't sit for several days. When she was fourteen, the few friends she had convinced her to get her ears pierced, and cut her long hair along with that, two acts that had her grandmother and mother all but convinced their child was becoming a spawn of Hell, had her pulled out of that school and forbidden to see her friends again, and locked in her room until they could get a priest in to perform an exorcism. Yes, she had those people for parents. It was in this time span she tried to commit suicide.

Thankfully for her, her local priest, one who knew her, got involved, and calmed matters down, and helped her through her issues. Or, was starting too, as the whole dilemma was a black spot on their prestige in her parents' view, and they did their best to sweep it under the rug instead of seek her proper counseling.

She would manage to complete their plan, and graduate two years early. Being accepted into the Fells University of Prestige, which conveniently had a requirement for new students to live on campus, she was finally granted room to breath, out from underneath the eyes of her parents, even if they made sure to check in on her often and ensure she kept up her "spiritual health" and insisting she took as many credit hours as the university could be convinced to allow her to take. Her first year left her very overworked and on the verge of exhaustion, though the university's safety nets caught her, and prevented that from repeating her second year. Still with no declared major and working just to try and figure out who she wanted to be.

== Sexual Information ==
Role:  Submissive-Switch
Orientation:  Homosexual (Not Out, In Denial)

== Game Information ==
Group Role: Logistics and Supply
Weapon of Choice: Edged Weapon Hidden in a Blunt Weapon

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Re: Children of Dionysus [Hack/Slash Inc - Survival - Horror - Freeform]
« Reply #3 on: November 24, 2015, 08:29:57 AM »
I'm interested.

Just a question though -- is it a sandbox game?

Offline Diesel HeartTopic starter

Re: Children of Dionysus [Hack/Slash Inc - Survival - Horror - Freeform]
« Reply #4 on: November 24, 2015, 08:31:20 AM »
I'm interested.

Just a question though -- is it a sandbox game?

Yeah, it will be but to a limited capacity since it's tailored more towards a small group of people.

Offline Ixy

Re: Children of Dionysus [Hack/Slash Inc - Survival - Horror - Freeform]
« Reply #5 on: December 01, 2015, 06:53:31 PM »
I am very interested in this setting and scenario.  The community setting and surreal/supernatural blend yields well to storytelling options, but keeps a small group in the 'pressure cooker' to build relationships-- trust, co-dependence, attraction, jealousy, resentment... all the good stuff.   I have a couple ideas for characters that could pan out well, I hope, depending on what players and ST would prefer.  If it's ok with you, WardenIce, I'd like to send you a couple shorter writeups and let you make an assessment based on your interest before poring over one or the other for too long?

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Re: Children of Dionysus [Hack/Slash Inc - Survival - Horror - Freeform]
« Reply #6 on: December 01, 2015, 07:21:45 PM »
I am very interested in this setting and scenario.  The community setting and surreal/supernatural blend yields well to storytelling options, but keeps a small group in the 'pressure cooker' to build relationships-- trust, co-dependence, attraction, jealousy, resentment... all the good stuff.   I have a couple ideas for characters that could pan out well, I hope, depending on what players and ST would prefer.  If it's ok with you, WardenIce, I'd like to send you a couple shorter writeups and let you make an assessment based on your interest before poring over one or the other for too long?

That would be splendid!