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Started by DeviantWolf, November 13, 2008, 09:26:07 PM

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Alright I will be keeping this updated as often as I can with what I am up for and open to at the time.  In this first post I'll list my pairing interests and general scene ideas.  In the post below this when I have plots I will post them there.  Feel free to PM if you see something that sparks your interest or even have other ideas as I am usually open to new things.

I prefer role-play by post but am not opposed to RPing over either Yahoo or AIM.  Just know that I tend to get busy with other things at times so RPing in posts is easier for me and will win out over messenger unless I'm REALLY in the mood for non stop action.

All of my pairings are M/F with me being the male player unless noted.

General Pairings:
(My role in bold)

~Very Interested
Were Creature/Were Creature
Were Creature/Human
Demon/Angel OR Angel/Demon

**Other mythical pairings also available.  To many to list really, just ask.**

~Some Interest (Let's talk)

(I prefer to play original characters just based in the worlds the books take place in.)

The Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan) - Never done a WoT RP but have wanted to.  If you know the world let's talk
Anita Blake Series (Laurell Hamilton) - A lot of my Were RP's are loosely based off of these books with a mix of my own ideas

(Again I tend to like to play original characters just in the worlds the movies take place.)

Silent Hill

Other Notable Ideas:

Hockey - I know enough about hockey to play a hockey player.  I've never played myself in a league but I've played with friends.
Zombie RP's - A lot of options here.  No I don't want to go at it with a zombie.  But you and me could take out a few zombies between some adult RP
Stalker RP's
Kidnapping RP's
Human Trafficking RP's
~~ I'm loving what you wanna wear ~~
~~ I wonder what's up under there? ~~
~~ Wonder if I'll ever have it under my tongue? ~~


~~ I'm loving what you wanna wear ~~
~~ I wonder what's up under there? ~~
~~ Wonder if I'll ever have it under my tongue? ~~


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The whole Demon/Angel idea sparked my interest.
If you would like to do one like that with me, and you're not completely overloaded, just PM me. =]
Usually submissive but also sometimes dominant in RPs. ;]
PM me if you want to RP. I'm open to ideas. ♥
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