The Wedding

Started by Lady Sophie, October 29, 2015, 02:58:41 AM

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Lady Sophie

[My character]'s family an old one and is well known in the high society of the city. Due to risky financial ventures and the market crash the family is to be faced with ruin.
This bad situation of my family is the opportunity for [your character]. As a upstart you have no acceptation within the society but now you have the chance to change this.
Your suggestion to my father was that you invest into his company a big amount but of course you suggest that the fusion of your company with his one should be crowned with a familiar fusion. The deal was too alluring to deny so just a month later the wedding bells are ringing.

Story themes:
D/s, spanking, domestic violence, non-con

Your character:
Should show some kind of dominance with a 'darker' side (see above)

My character:
The young bride in a more submissive role

Your gender in "real life" doesn't matter, for the story you should be a male ;)

If you are interested, please drop a message, so we can discuss further details.

Lady Sophie

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