A Masquerade Ball. (F looking for M)

Started by Lady Aura, October 28, 2015, 05:45:49 PM

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Lady Aura

As a warning,  the writers sex does not matter to me, just he characters.

I am looking for a game that has no real plot, just a set of characters and a setting. I want to see where this could go whether it be a long term game, or a simple one shot.

Here are the details of the game.

Place: a high end ball, in the middle of London.
Time: Early 1900's.
Who: A royalty and a commoner. The royalty could be either the princess, the queen, or a countess, or some other well known title. The commoner could be anyone who was at the party, but would normally never get an audience with the female.
What: I see this as MC is dressed up to hide who she is, bound to see what people really think of her or just to get away from the mundane life of her class. YC can't seem to take his eyes off her, as with every other guy, single or taken. He has to talk to her, get to know her.

Do they have an instant connection? Does she look down on him? Do they find out later that they are sworn enemies, bound to hate each other for some stupid reason? Do they find out that they were truly betrothed? There are so many options that this could go, however, I want to let it go where it goes without any real planning or plotting. Some would be needed, yes, but I don't see this having an end result as of yet.

My character:

That is her hair, dress and mask for the ball. And that is her.

I am looking for: A male character.  Age range 20-35. From a common lifestyle, or something of the like.

This is a vague idea, yes. However, there is tons of potential in it. And if there needs to be a plot of some sort, I can work with you in making one.

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Lady Aura

Current RP Status: Not taking any more RP's