Do You Think the Fae are Sexy?

Started by Modern Fairy Tale, October 28, 2015, 04:55:14 PM

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Modern Fairy Tale

I have had a lot of new ideas regarding the Fae.  Now these arent 'new new' ideas... Im not making fairies really aliens from Venus or anything... just a new twist on their concepts but very much based on old world thinking.  I would really love to do some world building and experimenting with my ideas. 

Now I have done this before regarding werewolves.  I had a lot of fun and really got to pin down a lot of interesting ideas and see how they played out.  The following link is to that thought experiment.;all
I want to catch lightning in a bottle once more, but this time completely regarding fairies and goblins and the world they come from.  Think Labyrinth but way past the muppets and the well padded Bowie.

What are some of my ideas?  I read a new supplement for the FATE Core system called 'Frontier Spirit'.  Its about a 'Firefly' like colonizing effort, but what most interested me is its breakdown of spirits... what they are and how they interact with each other and the world.  This became my founding idea... the 'Genius Loci'.  In FS, a spirit is an unknowable being on the other side of a dimentional barrier... unable to be seen or interact with our world.. its so remote.  They can influence 'facets' or pieces of local smaller spirits with make up a rough colony organism within a pocket dimension intersecting with ours.  Each facet represents an aspect of the spirit and the location which the spirit is making contact for.  Each 'needs' something which represents the aspect.  One aspect may be soothed and nurtured by the reflective patterns light make off the waters.  If development had to drain a river or lake and such couldnt be seen... a medium could bargin for a possible substituion... a holiday or a decoration... maybe banners with stripes of blue and white which can almost remind one of how light can ripple of the surface of the water.

Now lets take this into context on our world.  Special locations are linked together by ley lines and have a Loci... a deep spirit bound there which interacts through a troop of Fae.  Ive created a plethera of Fae archetypes... a grid of sorts to describe each one based on philosophy and elemental kingdom.  So Brownies/Bogies or the Green or Sidhe or Chimera/Manticores or animal elemental spirits would be selected to require one paticular action or taboo from the location.  Each very different from each other physically and mentally and yet wordlessly communicates with the others of a troop and they together embody and bind this place together.  Travel outside of this glen or whatever is hazardous... the real world is quite harsh and alien to these beings.

Now some teasers.  A Fae, no matter what kind, can step into our world but they are made up of very different matter than our world... the are made up of Aether... whereas the rest of our world is made up of the elements.  Being comprised of as much idea as matter, they are mutable... acting as exceptions to our laws of physics.  They cannot go against thier Geaes or thier word.  They can become a 'thread of fate' in our world entering our homes through the smallest of opening and entering our dreams.  If they interact with us in our dreams... they create a Drama... and grow stronger... pulling a little of the dreamer's life force into thier own so they can become more 'real' in our world.  They can be blocked though, if one knows thier nature.  If a Fae is seen closely by a mundane... unshielded by illusion a concussive force of cold light and chaos explodes between them causing problems for both Fae and mundane.  Some Fae have lost thier Loci.  They are scarred... wandering our world cursed and bitter.

Where could all of this go?  What if your girl is a conservationist... and is walking through an endangered forest when she 'slips' into a Fae realm.  Some of the Fae who confront her represent kind and gentle aspects, but perhaps this place has been deforested once before and Unseelie aspects confront her as well.  What happens from there?  Can she talk her way out or will she be enslaved for Humanities crimes?

Another one?  What if the story of Carmilla were retold?  What if instead of a vampire, she is an Unseelie Sidhe.  Still alive today and barely aware of the over a century which has spanned since whenever that totally true life Victorian classic was written.  She lies and manipulates.  Ends up staying with the main character.  Other girls start weakening... losing thier grips on reality... Carmilla only gets more confident and stronger.  Until the main character begins to suspect the truth... perhaps because of a recent book report and a troubling, recurring dream.

Do you dream of Fae?  Would any of this interest you?  Let me know your thoughts.  Thank you for your interest.

PS I will have non-d20 gaming statistics on everything about the Fae, in case that is of interest to you.

OOC references
She again rubbed a match on the wall, and the light shone round her; in the brightness stood her old grandmother, clear and shining, yet mild and loving in her appearance. "Grandmother," cried the little one, "O take me with you; I know you will go away when the match burns out; you will vanish like the warm stove, the roast goose, and the large, glorious Christmas-tree." And she made haste to light the whole bundle of matches, for she wished to keep her grandmother there. And the matches glowed with a light that was brighter than the noon-day, and her grandmother had never appeared so large or so beautiful. She took the little girl in her arms, and they both flew upwards in brightness and joy far above the earth, where there was neither cold nor hunger nor pain, for they were with God. 
Hans Christian Anderson in The Little Match Girl