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Author Topic: Modern-day Assassin's Creed. [TS for GM/M] Updated 29/10/15  (Read 240 times)

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Modern-day Assassin's Creed. [TS for GM/M] Updated 29/10/15
« on: October 28, 2015, 03:42:02 AM »
Hello! With the release of the latest instalment in the series, I've had an idea based loosely on the dynamic between the main characters of Syndicate. Before I get into the gist of the plot, here are a few nitty-gritty details to take note of:

I am seeking either a writer who will play a male main character, or someone who is willing to take on the GM role for this tale, with a slight preference for the latter. All plot and character details, can be discussed and/or altered.

Characters: The character that I will be playing in this story will be a pre-op transgender, and I am seeking a writer to play a male character opposite her.

Writing and Grammar: I strive to add creativity and detail into my posts, and am seeking a partner with a similar mindset. Also while mistakes are bound to happen, I would prefer if such errors aren't the norm.

Setting and theme: The setting for this plot will be modern-day/realistic. And I'd like to see a good amount of action in this story.

NPCs: No good story can get by without supporting characters to develop the plot, and I expect both myself and my partner to create and play these characters as and when necessary.

Posting rate and length: I try to get my posts out in a timely manner, and usually am able to respond pretty quickly as I work with a computer. That said, life can get in the way sometimes and as such I think one or two posts a week is a reasonable expectation, though if you are able to post at a higher rate, it's more than likely that I'll be able to match you. Post length isn't that big of an issue for me, I favor quality over quantity, and a couple of solid paragraphs is more than good enough for me. As with the posting rate, I'll always try to match my partners post length as well.

Communication: Communication is key for me, and I'd expect to keep in touch with my partner frequently as things develop, to ensure we're on the same page.

Smut: I expect a good amount of smut in this story, as long as it makes sense and is justified. The plot will always come first for me.

Feel free to check out my previous posts for an idea of my writing style. Also, here a couple of links that you might be interested in:

My 'Ons' and 'Offs'

My requests thread

Modern day Assassin's Creed   

Inspired and based on: The Assassin's creed series.

*As this plot is based on an existing universe, I have included some basic background on the series, and how I will be adapting it for this plot.

The plot: With the release of the latest instalment in the series, I've had an idea based loosely on the dynamic between the main characters of Syndicate. Set in the present day, I would like MC and YC to be a sister/brother duo, and for them to be involved with the modern day equivalent of the Assassins and Templars. I envision them to be unaware of each other's allegiance from the start, and would like to explore that thread as it unravels during the course of the story. Being based on a canon series, I'd prefer if we use only the bare bones from the series as far as concepts go, such as the existence of both factions, so on and so forth. Anything else would be up for discussion. I envision the Assassins to be more of a ragtag-guerilla bunch, while the Templars more solid in their power-base with the multi-national giant that is Abstergo. By keeping details from the series at a minimum, I think this plot would be open to just about anyone, since we won't be using any canon details.

In terms of scale, I would like this to be a living, breathing world for both characters to inhabit, and thus any potential partner should be comfortable with playing NPC's, otherwise I'd prefer playing across a GM for this story.

Click the spoiler tag below for a brief synopsis of the setting I'd like to incorporate into this plot!

Plot synopsis
New York, present day. The players have changed, but the game is the same. Two sides fighting a centuries-old war. Templars against Assassins, it is a fight as old as history itself. over the years, the Templars have grown from strength to strength, with access to nearly unlimited resources drawn from their Abstergo Industries front. Only it isn’t just a front anymore. Abstergo has grown so large and powerful, with fingers in many pies all across the world. The Templars seek to make a better world, through domination of free will, and the Assassins believe that freedom must be preserved, whatever the cost. This is just another chapter in the never-ending war. Question is, who will YOU fight for? The Templar order, an organization bent on shaping a better world in their own image through total control, or the Assassin Brotherhood, who fight for every man’s right to free will, regardless of what they choose to do with it?
The Templars have the upper hand, with their massive resources, while the Assassins are scattered, disorganized and low on numbers.

Feel free to hit me up if this concept interests you, and I'd be happy to see if we can work something out together!

Further reading for people unfamiliar with the series:

Templars and Assassins
Templars and Assassins:


The ideals the Templars were founded upon were noble. The sought to create a perfect world, one where everyone lived in perfect harmony. But they realized to do that, they needed to have absolute control. It is in man’s nature after all to seek conflict, and that did not sit well with the Templar’s goals.

Since ancient times, the Templars have been slowly building up power, controlling human nature through whatever means they could, religion, war, slavery, and they built up a substantial base of power over time. As always, power corrupts, and greed always creeps it’s way into the hearts of men. Some Templar leaders began to use their power not to create a perfect world, but to further their own selfish means.

In the modern day, the Templars have grown to be a massive, sprawling organization, fronted by the global powerhouse Abstergo Industries. With its fingers in many industries all over the world, this front gave the Templars the widest reach it had yet, and they control several organizations, such as NASA, the FBI, BP, the US Federal Reserve, as well as Coca-Cola to name a few.

The Assassins:

The order fights for freedom, among other goals, such as peace, justice knowledge, and on certain occasions vengeance. In modern times, the Assassins dedicate their efforts into thwarting the Templar’s moves for complete control, and to reverse the upper-hand that their enemy has long held.

A prominent Templar once described the Assassin Brotherhood as being born of a ‘reaction’, as opposed to the Templars being corn out of a ‘realization’, the realization of the truths of society, of the evils of man. The Assassin Brotherhood’s cause is often to counteract the efforts of oppressors, and to reverse the trappings of society that certain people forced on others.

Character/background/plot ideas:

All details up for discussion, nothing is set in stone, to be updated as I think of more.


  • I envision MC to be mid-late twenties, and YC to be early thirties, lost their parents about fifteen years ago, possible additional younger sibling
  • YC could hold a position of power within Abstergo, and by extension the Templar order, while MC holds a more mundane job in the real world
  • Both characters should have a close relationship.

Background and setting:

I see this being set in the present day, in a large city, such as New York, and the Templar order in this world is much like their counterparts from the series, seeking to build a better world through order and control, while the Assassins stick to their tenets, and insist that everyone should have the freedom to make their own choices. I would rather not involve the more fantastical elements from the game, such as the Pieces of Eden, and keep things more grounded and realistic.

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Re: Modern-day Assassin's Creed. [TS for GM/M] Updated 29/10/15
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2015, 09:00:35 PM »
Added plot synopsis, further reading and character ideas sections.